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How to Keep Truck Battery From Freezing?

How to Keep Truck Battery From Freezing?

Batteries are the necessary components of every truck for proper idling and to start up. During winter, it becomes difficult to start the truck due to the freezing of its batteries.

How to Keep Truck Battery From Freezing? You can keep truck batteries from freezing by using the battery blankets to wrap and turn on the block heaters. In addition, check the electrical system and recharge the battery to mix its fluid properly. You should also disconnect them when they are not in use. Moreover, you can also avoid trips in snowy areas and always park your trucks inside the garage to prevent corrosion.

You should take regular care and proper maintenance to prevent this issue.

Prevent from corrosion

The battery terminals contain iron or aluminum material in which rust comes early and cause an issue when you start your pickup during cold days.

The corrosion will occur when electrolytes come on the surface of the terminal. In addition, the rust will also accumulate on iron surfaces during cold weather.

The rust surfaces due to cold weathers are because of high humidity levels these days than usual. You should prevent the batteries’ surface from corrosion which is an accumulation of white material around them, and it also blocks the electric current from passing through them.

The resistance to the flow of electric current will cause an issue in idling, and you cannot start your vehicle. Instead, you should use home-based detergents like baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing soap to clean the terminals.

Use battery blankets

These blankets are the better option when you live in an area where the temperature is freezing.

This cold environmental condition will freeze your batteries, and you cannot start the truck due to this issue.

In addition, the extreme weather conditions also freeze the fluid of the batteries; they become dry and ultimately damage them.

They provide insulation and keep them warm during winters, and you can easily idle your vehicle any time.

You should use these blankets and pack them for better insulation. After that, you should connect them with a power supply to provide enough heat to maintain the temperature.

Disconnect the truck battery

Many people leave their batteries in their trucks when they are not in use. Then, they complain that when they turn their vehicles on after some weeks, they are causing an issue and cannot start.

The problem comes because they get blocked and cannot provide enough power or electric current to turn on the vehicle.

You should resolve these issues by adequately disconnecting the battery from all systems when they are not in use.

In addition, you should also remove their terminals and place them inside of your repairing room. It will stop them from freezing during winter days.

Moreover, you should also connect them and their terminals again when you need them.

Park in the Garage

People park their pickups at different places according to the adjustment in their homes. They also complain that they face issues when they park them outside their homes in open areas.

The issue comes due to cold days because the battery freezes in this weather and cannot provide power for idling.

Many of my friends also complain that they stop their pickups outside the home, and when they start them in the morning, they cannot idle them.

It is better than living in areas where the temperature is low; you should adjust the parking inside your house.

You should not park them in an open area because cold and snow will come directly on their surface.

You can keep them in your garages if they are covered and shade; otherwise, you should avoid open-air parking.

Use correct oil

The quality of oils used for different vehicles also matters a lot. Some people use high quality means high octane oil, and others use lower quality.

When you use low-quality oils, it can freeze the battery and its components. When you spend a night in a cold area during your tour, it can thicken the oil due to cold weather.

You should reduce this problem and keep the battery from freezing by using high-octane oils.

You should also change the oil because it thickens when they become old and cause an idling issue.

Block heaters

Block heaters are the significant parts of pickup trucks during winter because they can keep the oil, engine, and components warm.

Many vehicles have pre-installed block heaters, and sometimes you have to install insulation. You should turn them on during the winter season to avoid issues during the trip.

The battery freezes during winter when you don’t turn them on, and your vehicle can also stop between the roads, which is harmful during nighttime.

You should also keep them on during freezing nights so your vehicle is in a running position due to good insulation.


Sometimes, the battery freezes because you cannot recharge them 1 to 2 weeks before their placement.

The recharging is necessary to keep them in a running position for a longer time. You should also check that the fluid and electrolyte levels must not be below.

If you don’t recharge them before using them, then the sulfuric acid and water cannot for a good mixture the water get separated from it and cause freezing.

In addition, you should also check the charging if you want to park your truck for one or two weeks. Then, if they are running low from power, recharge it, place it in your vehicle, and disconnect from the system.

After this, if you want to start it again, connect it with the power supply and its terminals.

Check electrical system

The electrical systems often fail to supply enough power for their proper running during the winter season.

The wires’ insulation layer is also damaged due to cold temperatures, and they cannot supply enough electricity to the other components.

In addition, the freezing of the battery fluid breaks the electrical connections and resists the currents from flowing from there.

When facing the issue, you should also check the terminals with enough power supply.

Avoid trips in the cold area

Many people have fond of enjoying trips during winters to enjoy the snow falling and cold weather. It will be enjoyable for them but can also cause the issue.

The low temperature will cause the battery and its terminals to freeze and become dead. So you cannot start your truck there.

You must avoid trips during these seasons to prevent any harmful situation.

In addition, the vehicles’ tires are also unable to maintain stability with the roads due to snowy weather.

Turn off accessories first when starting the truck

People often also think that their battery is freezing and cannot idle their vehicle. This condition commonly comes during cold days because of the blockage of these components.

You should first turn off all the accessory components before starting the vehicle. For example, you cannot turn on the radio stereo of the power system.

First of all, turn on your truck so the battery gets enough power supply to start the pickups. If you follow this technique, you can start them with little effort.

Use regular blankets 

The old blankets are also present in our homes that are mostly not used often. Many people have their homes in areas where the temperature remains cold.

They feel difficulty living there, and their trucks remain blocked this season. In addition, their apartments are also not that big which have extra parking space.

They have to park their vehicles outside the garage or outside their home. They use old blankets to keep their batteries from freezing in this condition.

If you do not have block heaters in your trucks and cannot purchase the battery blankets, you should use this method for better insulation.

Do not use old batteries

Sometimes people don’t want to change their batteries when they become bad. Instead, they prefer to purchase the used ones because they come in lower price tags compared to new ones.

Many of them also go bad after some years because they already fault them. In addition, some of them also freeze after some use.

I recommend preventing the blockage issue by purchasing the new ones from the markets. You should also buy the ones that have a high quality so they can last for a long time.

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