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How to Cut 2×6 For Truck Bed?

How to Cut 2×6 For Truck Bed?

Many truck drivers cut their 2×6 dividers because several truck beds include this dimensional pattern. As a result, it is convenient to handle, and you can cut it within 15 to 20 minutes. 

In addition, they are adjustable near the tailgate and make the luggage accessible.

Moreover, you can attach small boards with a 2×6 cutting for making a drawer system. 

In these procedures, you can attach 2 to 3 small wood pieces vertically with nails and washers.

How to Cut 2×6 For Truck Bed? You can cut 2×6 for truck beds by taking measurements of slots and using cardboard square cut for making a layout. Then, select a suitable board, and mark it according to the cardboard template. Furthermore, cut the wood half inch less than the two slot lengths, adjust the layout, and trim them with a jigsaw in circular shapes.

The wheel well supports the 2×6 cuttings during high-speed conditions and bumpy roads. In addition, the bed separators of dry and clean wood are desirable. 

Moreover, the ready-made 2×6 cuttings are not effective for bed cargos. They do not adjust in all pickups and require trimming from edges. 

Take measurements of bed slots

The truck comprises multiple slots on the cargo section. They are available in the form of pairs on either side of the pickup bed. 

The measurement of slots distinguishes them, and you can access the appropriate cutting procedure. A few of them have different dimensions than 2×6. 

In such situations, check the size of slots according to their width and height. Then, add a colored paper patch on one side slot for future identification.

Use cardboard and make a layout

The cardboard pieces are suitable for measurements and precise data collection. You can use any food cardboard box and cut it into a square. 

People use these materials due to their flexibility and precision.

In addition, you can cut and alter them without any challenge. 

However, a square shape material is suitable for better insertion.

Also, select a material with appropriate thickness because excessively thick cardboard cannot fix inside the slot.

Now, follow the top side pattern and make a layout. The slot is round from the top side, and you can mark the cardboard section.

Use sharp scissors and cut the edge in a round shape. Check it inside the slot round and trim it accordingly. Then, take the size of the lower side and cut the cardboard in that particular shape. 

The square piece with round edges provides an appropriate layout for a 2×6 divider for a truck. Then, pull it from the narrow passage and keep it aside.

Select wood piece

You cannot use thin plywood material for making a pickup bed divider. In addition, thin plywood is flexible and cannot withhold the surrounding material.

The hardwood boards are available at different stores. But, selection requires professional skills, and it prevents adjustment problems.

You should select it according to the type of wood and make sure it does not contain any moisture. The presence of wet wood is miserable for the truck cargo.

Also, these wood boards can break anytime with a minor amount of force. In addition, the presence of holes in the middle and sides of the wood is not beneficial for these procedures.

Select a plane and thick wood board. You can purchase it without any authentic dimensions because they are not available according to bed divider sizes.

Mark and cut the wood

The slot template is beneficial for the appropriate dimensional calculation. Use the template on either side of the wood board. 

Now, adjust the template on one wood end on the right side.

Understand the side portion and mark it in a circular style. Use a permanent marker and make a significant marker.

The deep marks prevent the wrong cutting conditions during such procedures. Then, follow a similar activity on the other edge of the right side.

Mark the edges one by one and cover the whole wood board. But, the size of the slot also defines the height and length of the 2×6 divider.

Use a measuring tape or a digital instrument. Now, measure the slot length and keep the wood half-inch low than the actual value.

The loop and slots of the truck bed cannot adjust a similar size divider. So you have to keep it small and fit it appropriately. So mark the wood board half-inch less and leave it for some time.

The electric jigsaw method is beneficial for cutting the wood precisely.

However, the edges have circular ends that require slow-cutting patterns.

Adjust a machine on the board and trim side from the upper section. Then, flip the wood and trim the spot from the lower section.

Follow the activity for both sides of the wood board. In addition, use a giant electric cutter and start cutting the long wood piece.

Adjust it to one side and make an instant sharp cut. Then, pull it forward and cut the second piece.

Detach the excessive wood piece and follow the template pattern.

Adjust the similar cardboard piece on this spot and mark them. Then, cut them with the jigsaw and change the edges in the slot layout.

Check adjustment

Take the help of a friend and carry the 2×6 board. Keep it flat on the pickup truck bed for some time. Then, clean the slots and prepare them for divider adjustment.

Carry the divider and flip it in a vertical direction. In addition, adjust one side inside the slot and push it inwards. Then follow the similar activity on the second side.

However, take your friend’s helps for instant and non-problematic adjustment of the wood divider. Check its adjustments by slightly pushing the bed divider.

In such circumstances, the 2×6 cutting does not change but sometimes moves. It happens due to different truck bed designs, types of pickup, and wood properties.

In such conditions, use washers, and attach the wood divider with the slot.

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