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How to Tell if Tacoma has Tow Package?

How to Tell if Tacoma has Tow Package?

Many people are unaware that all the latest models of Toyota Tacoma have a built-in tow package. Also, several pickup truck users cannot identify the hauling facilities due to a lack of instructions. 

I have mentioned several ways through which you can identify this package. In addition, several features indicate the presence of this facility, and you can find it by approaching the following spots and gadgets.

How to Tell if Tacoma has Tow Package? You can tell that the Toyota Tacoma has a tow package by checking the presence of a hitch on the rear side and identifying the push button for towing near the air conditioner panel. Also, find the transmission cooler and trailer sway control. Moreover, the availability of an integrated brake control system indicates towing package.

However, all models of Tacoma pickup trucks have built-in towing specifications due to manufacturing standards.

In addition, the 2001 to 2022 models of Toyota Tacoma have advanced tow package in them by default with several identification points.

In addition, the package includes the engine cooler and advanced brake systems.

Moreover, an extra radiator, pushbuttons, and trailer sway controls are attractive features in the entire package on new variants. 

In addition, the old Tacoma variants have a receiver hitch engine cooler and transmission cooling unit.

Generally, all Tacoma variants have an average towing capacity of around 3600 pounds to 6500 pounds. They can also haul the camper and trailers that exist under the towing limits.

Check Hitch presence

You can identify the factory tow package on a Toyota Tacoma by checking the hitch. 

Generally, all models of this pickup truck have a hitch for hauling weight and towing the trailer.

The built-in hitch feature helps in the identification of the entire tow package. The trucks have different classes of hitches, and they vary from I to IV. 

Each has separate properties, weight towing ability, and handling capacity. Access the hitch on the backside of the vehicle near the ground contact. 

Check the hitch label and access the type of hitch. Then, measure the hitch opening and note the calculations for weight towing assessment.

Typically, all Tacoma have class IV hitches that comprise a trailer weight capacity of around 13000 pounds to 13500 pounds. It is better to know the average weight of the Toyota Tacoma.

The built-in towing and receiver hitch with 4 and 7 pin connectors provides information about the tow package on a Tacoma.

Now, step out of the truck and reach the rear bumper. Then, examine the center section of the bumper. The hitch receiver is present in the form of a metal object.

It attaches to the truck frame, and the edge protrudes from the lower side of the bumper. The square metal object is a hitch receiver that indicates the tow package availability.

Push button for hauling

Identify and examine the hauling push button on your vehicle. Then, get inside the pickup truck and sit in the driver’s seat.

Then, examine the dashboard compartment and reach the middle section. 

Check the sections near the air conditioner area and find the push button. You can access the label of the towing button or haul beneath the air conditioning panel.

The driver pushes this button during the trailer towing activities. The absence of hauling push buttons means the pickup lacks the towing ability, and it does not contain any tow facility. But, it does not happen in the new models because they have a push button up-gradation.

Availability of Mini radiator

Generally, the Toyota Tacoma models have a radiator that keeps the engine cool. Also, they bring down excessive heat and prevent the engine from high-temperature damage.

You can open the hood compartment and examine the front grille. Finally, access the engine compartment and find the actual radiator.

Find the surrounding components to identify the towing package. For example, the presence of a mini radiator in front of the actual cooling gadget indicates the availability of a hauling package on the pickup truck.

You can check its connection with the truck battery. Moreover, the oil cooling gadget underneath the oil filter indicates the package.

Presence of Transmission cooler

A transmission cooler facilitates the heat exchange and mounts on the radiator. The hot fluid of transmission flows throw this cooler and connects a series of plates. 

The heat dissipation cools the transmission liquid and moves back inside the system. 

Check the front side of your radiator on the Toyota Tacoma. Identify the clearance and access the transmission cooler. 

You can also find the engine oil cooler with this gadget. It comprises all the necessary electrical wiring and connecting points. 

All Toyota Tacoma models with a V6 engine facility include the tow package. Also, they have cooling gadgets that facilitate standard engine performance with high efficiency.

Sway controller of trailer

The trailer sway control applies the pressure of brakes on individual wheels. In addition, it facilitates the controlled movements of the entire brake system.

Moreover, the sway control manages the engine torque and handles the appropriate trailer movements. It is a necessary part of the towing package because the trailer has several adverse effects of wind.

As a result, the loaded trailer sways, and the owner ends up at a loss. Therefore, the built-in specifications include a tow package with a complimentary trailer sway control.

It is an electrically empowered control mechanism, but you can turn it off accordingly. Find the feature on your pickup because it indicates hauling package.

Moreover, the angular hitch controls the swaying of a trailer through the camshaft rotational motions. 

The entire electronic system uses different sensors that read and measure the speed of truck wheels. It handles the right and left a moment of the swaying trailer.

Integrated brakes module

The integrated brake control on a Toyota Tacoma indicates the tow options. The brake system has an electric power supply and works automatically according to input signals.

In this way, you can activate the trailer brakes automatically or use manual techniques. The brake module activates the hydraulic brake system and improves the pickup truck’s performance during towing conditions.

You can access this advanced brake system on the dashboard compartment. The presence of such controls supports the towing procedure and prevents trailer accidents.

You can approach the brake module in the dashboard section. In such conditions, sit on the driver seat and access that corner of the dashboard.

Then, find the module setting and learn the braking mechanism according to instructions. You can also identify the brake engagement mechanism that includes in the scheme.

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