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How to Lock Rear Windows Controls on Ford F150?

How to Lock Rear Windows Controls on Ford F150?

Having children on rear seats or in the rear cabin of your Ford F150 does not allow you a worry-free drive. To have a worry-free drive, you need to have safe rear windows.

The children should not be able to open the back window while driving your Ford truck and for this purpose, there is a button driver’s door.

How to Lock Rear Windows Controls on Ford F150? To secure children, you need to disable rear window control from your rear cabin on Ford F150. You have to press the button with a window symbol visible on this, and your rear window controls will be disabled or locked. By doing so, the cross button will light up. Light is an indication of the fact that your rear window control is disabled.

 If you want to enable rear window control, push the same button on the driver door again; the light will be off, and your rear window control will become enabled. 

How to Lock Rear Windows Controls on Ford F150?

Rear window control is essential to have a safe journey. It secures people sitting in the rear cabin of your Ford F150 from any accidental opening of a window or casual of it while driving.

Its importance increases manifolds when your children sit in the rear cabin or rear seats.

In such a case, you just shut your rear window and then disable its control through ascribed principles or methods mentioned in operation Manuel.

Properly lock the rear door of your Ford F150

To effectively lock your rear window controls, you first need to control your rear window.

Proper closure of your back door will allow you to exercise control on the rear window from the driver’s side.

If the door does not close, you will not exercise effective control on the back window from the operator side.

Mount up your rear windscreen carefully

After the closure of the rear cabin door, now you must carefully mount the rear cabin windscreen. It will make sure the rest of the process involves disabling or locking the controls. 

A Step-by-step guide to lock rear window controls on Ford F150

After having all preventive measures in place, now you must follow the well-ascribed process of disabling rear controls.

For this purpose, you have a control panel installed on the driver-side door. It usually installs near the door handle of the driver’s side.

While going for disabling rear window control, you must carefully see all indications given on this panel.

To disable these, you need to press this button carefully. When this button press, then look back and ensure the rear window properly closes and check it manually that rear controls on the window are disabled effectively.

Now, have a glance at the light installed on the control button. If this light is on, then it is an indication that the control is disabled.

If this light is not on, then you must repeat the process of disabling the controls until this light starts indicating that your rear cabin window is locked now.

If this light does not show now, then get it replaced or get your rear window control system checked by your vendor.

How to enable rear window controls?

After having a safe journey on your Ford F150, if you feel that you must return normal rear window controls, you must follow this process: it is the reverse process of disabling rear window control.

In this process, you need to look at the light blinking on the window control button of the driver’s side’s door.

You have to push the button, having a window sign and cross mentioned on it. Soon after pressing this button, the light will be off, and the control will enable it.

Now the people sitting there can open and close the window from rear side window controls installed on rear side doors, or they can do so manually if these controls do not provide in the rear cabin.

Un-responsive control panel due to excessive usage with little or no maintenance at all

Sometimes, it does not respond to your instructions. It usually happens when the control panel installed for rear window control is not functional.

Therefore, it does not proceed with disabling or enabling them when you press the window control button. An unresponsive control panel can be facing problems due to various reasons.

For instance, the wiring connecting several components of this control panel is either worn out or burnt.

Therefore, it will not allow the flow of current from or signal in the form of an electrical signal to rear window control.

Due to the unavailability of this signal, it will not respond to your instruction given on the panel installed along with the front door on the driver’s side.

Buttons installed for disabling or enabling rear window control may be damaged or become inoperative due to continuous wear and tear during normal usage.

It does not operationalizes the rest of the functions and put forward signal to disable and enable rear window control.

Furthermore, broken windows or faults in the doors of the rear cabin of your Ford F150 may cause a problem with locking and unlocking these controls.

How to address the problem faced by rear window controls on your Ford F150?

If it is facing the issue of a dysfunctional button, then replace it with a new one. Similarly, if the control system’s wiring becomes worn out or burnt, then get it changed by the electrician.

Moreover, get your door and windscreen thoroughly checked; if they are facing some problem, address it duly. All these steps will ensure the proper operation of locking and unlocking the rear window’s controls on your Ford F150.

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