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How to Replace Window Switch on Ford F150?

How to Replace Window Switch on Ford F150?

Removing and adding a new window switch on a truck takes only 5 to 10 minutes. With these easy DIY methods, you can replace it at your home.

How to Replace Window Switch on Ford F150? You can replace the window switch on the Ford F150 by turning off the engine, remove the door panel, remove the button, disconnect the wires, and add a new window switch.

It cost approximately $250 to $300 to replace a switch in your pickup. The other tools cost $10 to $20. When you get it to replace it from a repair shop, it cost more than $300 to replace it.

How to Replace Window Switch on Ford F150?

These are used to raise and lower the window of the pickup. These are part of the electric and automotive systems. Some old trucks also have manual window controllers.

Required items

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Trim tool kit
  • Rubber gloves
  • Handy brush

Turn off the engine

Before starting the work, you should wear your safety gloves to protect yourself from any injury. Then park the vehicle in a smooth area, put the vehicle on the parking brake, and turn off the engine.

You can also put any hindrances or wheel choke to stop it from moving, then check the tools for any fault. Push it to see its performance; it will help you find out the actual issue with it. Remove the parking brake cable and fix it.

For your safety, you can also turn off the battery or disconnect its wires. It will prevent any electric shock during the handling of the switch.

Remove inside door panel

These gadgets are located at the door panel of the pickup. Get all the details from the instructions manual, and you will find the exact location of this equipment.

You need not remove the inside door panel of the truck for getting the switch out. When you want to remove it, then unscrew all the bolts holding the board with a screwdriver.

Remove the window switch

After locating it, take a flathead screwdriver. Then try to separate it from the plastic frame. You have to apply a little force to do it.

Beware not to use too much pressure as it can tear the plastic base. Then look for any locking screws or bolts which are holding it in the frame.

You have to unscrew all the bolts to remove it completely. Take a screwdriver depending upon the types of screws and remove all of them. You can turn off the backup beeper with this method.

Then slightly pull away from the base; you can use any flat tool to pull it away from the ground.

Disconnect the wires

This is the most critical step as you have to deal with the delicate wiring. On each side, it is connected to an electrical circuit through wires.

These wires are associated with a locking clip or are snap-fit into the button. You should also mark the location of different cables on buttons with the help of a marker.

Take a tiny screwdriver to pull off the wires from it. You can also cut the cables and mark them for identifying where they will attach again.

You can use tape of different colors to differentiate between them. Do not touch the bare wires as you can get shocked by them.

Install the new window switch

Get a new product and match all the wires. Now take the handy brush, remove all the dirt and debris and dry the area before starting this procedure.

After cleaning, fit the equipment in its respective place. Screw-in all the bolts to fix it in the base. Now connect the electric wires in the controller.

Before securing the cables, remove the tapes from the ends of the wires. Then attach them again with the bolts and screws.

Push it down with hands to fit the case into its site. You should hear a tab sound when it fits into the frame.

After installing the tools, make sure it is working correctly, test it by turning on the battery.

It should close and open smoothly, connect a voltmeter to the connectors, and have 12volts reading.

Check the controllers of both side mirrors. After replacing, never forget to schedule testing of the controls at regular intervals.

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