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Why Are Ford Trucks Stolen So Much?

Why Are Ford Trucks Stolen So Much?

A recent study shows that Ford trucks are stolen more as compared to other brands. These trucks are huge and thieves can get a lot of cash by selling the whole truck or its parts.

Why Are Ford Trucks Stolen So Much? Ford trucks are stolen frequently due to various reasons. Criminals of both types are involved in the theft of Ford trucks. Firstly, those who are opportunist and make such choices merely for joyriding involve in the robbery of Ford trucks. Secondly, those involved in organized crimes or gang activities steal these trucks to sell their parts in the black market.

Why Are Ford Trucks Stolen So Much?

Ford trucks the most preferred mode of committing crime somewhere and slipping away without being chased or caught by law enforcement agencies.

In this way, the facilitative role of Ford trucks has made them attractive for theft. Modern-day thieves have become more tech-savvy than previous ones.

They are smart intercept electronic signals of the truck locking and interlocking system and use these interceptions to breach the truck security.

In this way, they can easily take away your Ford truck without having its keys or unlocking codes secretly used by its owner.

The easier ignition of the pickup without it has made it more vulnerable to theft because thieves will not need it to start the truck.

They can do this through an ignition switch separate from key-based ignition located below the switching column.

Another weak point in the Ford truck is its door handle. Anyone with having screwdriver can easily unscrew the door handle and enter into the pickup for theft.

To avoid frequent theft of Ford trucks, you must install a better alarm system with the best locking features on frequent attempts to start it or mobilize it.

Moreover, law enforcement agencies must bust black marketing and illegal or unauthorized sale purchase of spare parts of Ford trucks.

For joyriding by thieves

It is a well-known fact that thieves need to slip away from the crime scene to avoid being caught by a law enforcement agency.

For this, they always need a fast mode of running away with stolen objects. Therefore, they choose fast-moving pickups.

Ford truck is a most renowned pickup which can provide this facility. It the most favored choice of thieves to make theft and run away with their stolen objects.

To avoid this, respective areas law enforcement agencies and trucks owner need to extra vigilant in those neighborhoods, which are notorious for theft and other organized crimes. 

For the illegal sale of spare parts of Ford trucks

Truck spare parts illegal sale and the purchase is a most attractive business in areas that less govern by local authorities of the particular site.

Ford trucks and their spares provide an opportunity to thieves of spare parts. For this, either they steal the spare parts of trucks from standing trucks by using maintenance tools or slip away by steeling these trucks.

They bring these stolen trucks to a safer location dismantle their parts one by one. These dismantled parts of trucks supply to the black market or unauthorized rackets of sale and purchase of spare parts of vehicles.

It can avoid by an effective crackdown of law enforcement agencies against unauthorized dealers of spare parts in neighborhoods.

Dismantling these illegal rackets of black marketing will discourage thieves from stealing Ford trucks to sell their spare parts.

Moreover, people themselves can depress this by purchasing spare parts only from those deals that authorized dealerships of trucks’ spare parts.

Similarly, by trapping dealers of illegal sale of spare parts of trucks, police can chase thieves vehicle. 

Straightforward breach of tech codes to unlock Ford vehicle and steal them

Modern days thieves are tech-savvy. They know how to use modern digital technology to facilitate their theft or create ease in the robbery.

They use hacking of accounts, interception of electronic signals, and disruption of internet trafficking to make theft in modern days.

In this case, thieves intercept signals of devices installed at trucks used in locking and interlocking of trucks for its security.

By intercepting these signals, they receive specific security codes in the form of a digital signal. Their digital expertise enables them to decode these signals.

Later on, information obtained by the decoding of these signals uses by thieves to make theft of specific trucks. Thieves hack into the accounts of truck owners or their operators.

By doing, so they steal critical codes and information related to the locking and interlocking of the truck. 

To avoid theft through these means, you need to have secure accounts and intricate electronic signals with fast trafficking of the internet or digital communication.

Easier ignition of Ford truck without keys than other vehicles

It well-established reality that ignition leads to start and mobilize the vehicle’s engine for further operation.

Each pickup has a specific key to initiate ignition for its operation. In other words, it can safely assume that these keys to start ignition are, in fact, security to the vehicle itself. Breach of this security results in theft of the truck.

The ignition switch in the vehicle is separate from its key switch. It usually locates in its below the column.

Therefore, it provides an active opportunity for thieves to ignite the engine using that option and slip away with your truck.

This facilitation to theft needs to be addressed by the manufacturer of the truck. If the manufacturer does not address this problem, the client or owner must fix it by visiting some best auto mechanics. It will improve the security of your truck against frequent theft of this vehicle.

Failure of locking and interlocking system of Ford trucks

The vehicle’s locking and the interlocking system are fundamental safety of your truck against any unauthorized attempt to start and operate your vehicle.

Sometimes, this system fails or has some flaws, which actively exploit by thieves of these vehicles.

Its locking and the interlocking system lock its fuel supply to the engine on a frequent unauthorized attempt by someone to operate the truck, and locking of its wheels and pedals fails frequently.

This failure or flaw in the locking system creates ease in steeling trucks. Therefore, thieves first attempt to break its locking and interlocking system.

They use flaws or functional problems in the locking system to operate vehicles without any key, so they slip away with your truck.

The frequent check and regular maintenance will ensure your vehicle’s security against an unauthorized attempt by thieves.

Moreover, you can get this problem addressed by contacting the manufacturer of the truck. They must ask to make it impressive or replace your dysfunctional locking system with a more effective and functional one.

The weak point in the Ford truck door handle

Similarly, a vehicle is secured until its operation cabin is not intruded on by any thieve or unauthorized person.

In this regard, its vehicle’s door plays a key role. A well-locked door keeps away thieves and an unauthorized person from your truck.

Contrary to these facts, the door handle is not that safe to assume as better security against unauthorized access to the operator cabin of your truck.

Its door handle can easily unscrew by a simple screwdriver. Anyone with having screwdriver can get access to the operator cabin.

This access leads to theft, this flaw needs to remove by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not address this issue, you get your truck to the nearest auto expert and get this flaw duly addressed.

Old truck model

Most of the thieves prefer the old truck model instead of the new one like the 2007 model. The most exciting feature for enhancing this robbery is the absence of electronic vehicle immobilizers.

It is responsible for protecting the hot wiring. It merely indicates that old is gold means with time its parts demands becomes high and use for replacement purpose.

Fob key

With the technological advancement, the thief also modifies their stealing technology. For example, new trucks contain the fob key, which sends a wireless signal to the engine for starting. In this case, they capture and reallocate the code through the key fob. 

Overseas high resale value

These trucks are top trending and have the best selling rate. Theft steals them through different techniques and imports them by illegal route overseas. These are high in cost and get the maximum profit after reselling it or its parts.

Detailed theft cost

According to the verified report, the theft truck cost is approximately $7 – $9 million per year. The most of the truck includes ford series along with model and year 2007 to 2020.

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