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How to Unlock Ford Explorer With Key Inside?

How to Unlock Ford Explorer With Key Inside?

Ford Explorer is a sport utility vehicle with four-wheel drive and 7 passenger-carrying capacity. It is frustrating your vehicle is locked with the key inside.

How to Unlock Ford Explorer With Key Inside? You can unlock the door of the Ford Explorer with the key inside by using a wire coat hanger and accessing the control arm. You can also use a wedge with a metal rod and use shoelaces or string by making a knot to open its door. Moreover, you can use the Fordpass application and the keyless entry code to fix this issue. In addition, you can also use a spare key or call a helpline to consult a locksmith and roadside assistance. You can even break the window glass when you have no other option due to an emergency. 

It has a good interior, and you can enjoy long routes due to its comfortability.

Moreover, it has a powerful engine with many unique features that allows a smooth drive.

How do you unlock the Ford explorer with the key inside?

It is challenging to unlock the SUV when you forget the key inside and have no idea what to do.

Moreover, it is difficult to open the door due to the latest models and security systems.

Use a wire coat hanger

Many people complain that they forget the key inside, and their vehicle gets locked.

It is frustrating to retrieve it when you are on the road and have no access to a spare key.

Then, you can fix it by using a wire coat hanger to save the money of a locksmith.

Firstly, you have to straighten the hanger using pliers and insert it inside.

You have to put it between the window and weatherstrip to pull the control arm.

Slide or rotate it below till you have access to the control arm, and hook it when you find it.

After this, pull up the coat hanger to open your SUV.

It is time taking process as you have to find the control arm and unlock it to take out the key. Many people use this method as it costs nothing and you can get your vehicles fixed in no time.

Wedge and metal rod

You can use a gap or air wedge to create the space in the door from the top.

It does not cause damage or scratch to the paint of your vehicle.

It creates a gap in the door jam, and you can insert a metal rod inside. Slide down the metal rod in the diagonal matrix and unlock the button.

It takes less than a minute, and you can get the key from inside. You can also use a screwdriver to create a gap in the door.

Many people prefer to make a gap by using a gap wedge as it does not scratch if mistakenly touches the surface.

Shoelaces or any string

You can try this method when you have a door lock button in your model.

You can take off the laces from your shoes and use them when you forget the key inside.

Firstly, you have to tie a knot from the middle of the shoelace and make a loop to access the door lock button.

Make two ends, slide the laces through the door opening and tie the ends.

After this, you see that the loop gets inside, then move it back or forth to access the door lock button.

Then pull the two ends and make a tight knot on the door lock button to lift it.

Finally, the door is unlocked, remove the laces, and you can do this technique also by using a string.

My neighbor has an old model Ford Explorer, and she used this technique to unlock your SUV.

Use spare key

You get a spare key to use later while buying a new SUV. You can use it when you lose your original one or forget inside.

Some people prefer to carry a spare key on long routes for emergencies.

Ensure that you do not place the spare one inside the vehicle as you close the door with both keys inside.

Some people use the same model’s key to unlock the vehicle if it is in access.

Moreover, you can use a smart unlock key to prevent the door from locking when keys are inside.

Install the Fordpass App

Many people use this application as they are aware of its many features.

You can access your key by simply opening the app and tapping the unlock button.

Download the Fordpass App and enter your vehicle number details. You can also update your model, and you get access to many features.

You have a good internet connection to use this application and fix it by selecting the option.

Some people do not prefer it as they have no internet service on their phone and signals are not in reach.

You can control the locking or unlocking mechanism on your phone.

My friend also prefers to use this app as it helps to open the locked doors when the key is stuck inside and tells the present status.

Tow your SUV

Sometimes the keys get locked inside in the middle of your route, and you are in haste. Then you have to call the tow service to drop it at some service center.

Moreover, you can ask for help from other people to tow the vehicle by fastening it with a rope when you are close to your location.

They drive slowly as the rope is fastened and leave you to the nearby locksmith to get it fixed and resolve your issue.

Use keyless entry code

You can find this code in the manual and use this when your key lock inside.

It has five digits, and you have to remember the code in emergency conditions as your key is inside.

You can also reset the default code and select the new code for security purposes.

You can also reset the code by providing your VIN to the mechanic that is inside your SUV if you lost the number and do not remember it.

You can also get your keyless code by putting the first key in the ignition, turning it on or off, and pulling it.

Then put the second key in the ignition, turn it on, and the code appears on the screen.

Note this code somewhere or remember it so that you can unlock the Ford Explorer and access the key.

Call the locksmith

You can call the locksmith when you have no tools to open the locked door with a key inside.

Sometimes you do not have access to the internet to use the app and unlock the door then you look for a nearby service.

You can call them or get their number from a helpline, and it takes time to reach your place.

The locksmith fix this issue within a few minutes due to their expertise in the work.

Moreover, you can prevent your SUV from being damaged as they technically handle the issue.

However, some people do not contact them as they ask for a lot of money.

Consult Road assistance

You can call for help from AAA, which is American Automobile Association.

You can call them on their helpline when you do not find a local locksmith in a nearby place.

Moreover, you can fill out their membership form and get registered to avail of their services.

It gives deals or discounts to the members and provides services to non-members. You can call them when your key gets locked inside and when you cannot help yourself.

You can also call for help from the other people moving on the road. However, some people prefer to call the police helpline as they get any mechanic for resolving the issue.

Break the window glass

Breaking the window of the Ford Explorer is the last and less preferred choice in an emergency. However, you can break the rear window to access the key when you do not have time to resolve the issue due to some reason.

Sometimes, you forget the key with the kid inside, and you have to break this.

Some people do not prefer this as it costs more than the locksmith charges and damages the original window glass.

You have to use this option when you do not have the tools to open the door of your Ford Explorer.

You can break it with any hard thing like stone, tools, or a metal rod. 

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