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How to Change the Color of Your Chevy Bowtie?

How to Change the Color of Your Chevy Bowtie?

Changing the color of the Chevy Bowtie is a growing trend that most people prefer because it enhances the appearance and gives it a new look.

How to Change the Color of Your Chevy Bowtie? You can change the color of the Chevy Bowtie by using vinyl paper, the emblem replacement, or spray paint. It gives a new and aggressive look to your truck. Except for the painting procedure, the cost of this process is approximately $15 to $20 and takes 5 to 15 minutes.

The change is not exactly a work of art, but it gives a more glowing appearance. Due to various options and customer preferences, different colors of it are becoming more popular.

Chevrolet has become a more reliable and trustworthy vehicle due to its well-known reputation and significance in the automotive industry.

Its logo represents branding, marketing tools, and reputation.

 People ask questions about changing the color on the internet in various posts, but they do not always know how to do it. Some do it yourself, but it is also time-consuming work. 

What is Chevy Bowtie?

In the automotive industry, almost all logos are boring, complicated, based on the text, and then the Chevrolet logo appears, which is fascinating. 

You can be curious why people call it Bowtie, but it is clear from its first glance because it is almost similar to the bowtie, also resembling the shield or propeller in its recent modification. 

 Durant stated in an interview that the inspiration for the design comes from a wallpaper pattern in a Parisian hotel.

Replace the New Chevy Bowtie with the Old

It is a quick and easy method, so figure out how to perform this process. I want to change the traditional gold-colored emblem to the new black color. You can buy it from the local auto store or purchase from a trustworthy online website.

You do not need to unscrew all the bolts to remove the Chevy bowtie. If you go to the repair center or dealer, you can pay extra charges.

Pop the emblem from one side using a plastic tool, then repeat on the other side. On the other side, the plastic scraper cannot insert easily, use a card as a credit card and then insert the scraper to pop it out.

Basically, it pops up but take care and slowly slide down to remove it so that all tabs remove and avoid breaking these. 

Place the new in its place, and gentle push fix all the tabs on its original position. 

Some tabs come up with fewer tabs but have adhesive on their back so they can easily stick to the surface.

In this case, you have to clear the stickiness from the surface and insert the new one after carefully peeling off the cover from its back and exposing the adhesive. 

Use the Vinyl paper

In this process, you have to clean its surface. Buy the best-quality cleaner, spray it, and wipe it with a soft cloth. 

Purchase a black vinyl from an online website. Now add it onto the old emblem by unwrapping the undercover vinyl paper. 

You must ensure that no bubbles form after fixing it, and the best choice for this is to use a hairdryer. Gently press the cresses with your finger. 

Cut it out all around with a razor blade and press it down with your finger so that it sticks correctly after cutting.

Next, peel off the paper to expose the adhesive and press down the attached vinyl paper on the emblem.

 Another method for applying the vinyl paper is to remove the colored area of the logo by inserting the card, scrapper, or blade and blowing it for easy removal. It is a time-consuming process but an effective method. 

Apply the adhesive remover and blower to remove stickiness. Next, apply the best quality cleaner or degreaser and wipe it all around. 

 Cut the vinyl paper and remove the stickiness before blow-drying to avoid air bubbles.

 Put the already removed emblem on the vinyl paper, attach it, cut according to the size and edges precisely.

Press the corner all around with your finger and blow it. Use the double-sided tape in the middle of it, then place the new colored emblem on it and carefully press it to adhere.

Use the spray paint

In this method, you will see how to pain the emblem. But, first, wipe it down with a soft cloth. 

Next, attach the tape around the logo, push it down for proper adhesive. Next, you need some plastic to cover around.

 Sand the emblem with sandpaper until the chrome is flat, dull, but without reflection.

Use the best quality paint and spray over the emblem, wait for 2 to 3 minutes, wipe off the nozzle, and spray again of the second coating.

 Wait 4–5 minutes before applying the third coat and wait 10–15 minutes. In the end, remove the tape and plastic cover. 

Color Variation and History of the Bowtie

For more than a century, the manufacturer introduced various bowtie logo versions.

For example, the original Chevy bowtie has a white, light blue, and gold color scheme with black components. Such a combination strategy makes it more sophisticated and elegant.

In 1913 it was designed by William Durant. The first logo is on the base of the company founder’s signature Louis Chevrolet in black color. 

1914 to 1934, the first emblem color scheme can be gold and light blue with gold and white letters. From 1934 to 1940, the logo was the same, but the color scheme changed to black and white, big letters and typeface look more modern. 

 In 1940, it was simple by enlarging the V letter with no additional graphics or frame. Its color scheme return to its original position gold and intense original blue. 

In 1950, its color changed into a red and white version with having red-rounded background.

Finally, it has a black and white color scheme from the 1960s, with a thin black line for the emblem and a black-colored capital letter.

Then, it becomes blue again, with a wordmark in white, while around the design have the white frame in 1970.

 From 2000 until 2012, the design was modified in numerous ways, but the gold emblem with silver framing was available in 2013. 

Why would you change the color of Chevy Bowtie?

Most people prefer the perfect black because it gives a more aesthetic look to your vehicle and shows your good sense of choice. 

Sometimes it becomes fade or feels out and does not give a decent look, so, prefer good quality and change on time. Mostly your preference is red, blue, black, the gold. 

Red is an efficient color and effective for vehicle performance. The black has a timeless aesthetic, but it is popular.

Every person has their own choices; some love blue, others black. Your choice doesn’t need to be also preferable to the other.

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