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How to Remove Windshield Wiper Arm on Ford F150?

How to Remove Windshield Wiper Arm on Ford F150?

We have added 6 proven and easy DIY methods for replacing a windshield wiper on your truck. We have explained all the required items in this step-by-step guide.

How to Remove Windshield Wiper Arm on Ford F150? You can remove the windshield wiper arm on your Ford F150 by wiper in a vertical position, locate the locking clips, remove nuts and bolts, and install the new wiper arm.

These are used to clean any debris, rain droplets, snow, or ice from the mirror. It contains a metal arm that is responsible for its movement. For various reasons like corrosion, it stops working, and you need to change it.

How to Remove Windshield Wiper Arm on Ford F150?

These are present at the front mirror of a vehicle. They enable the driver to clean the glass for a clear view of the road.

Tools required

  • Screwdriver
  • Socket set
  • A clean cloth
  • Marker

It takes about 10 to 20 minutes to replace the component.

Extend the wiper in a vertical position

First o all, you need to extend the wiper in an upright position fully. It allows you to observe the wiper till its base entirely.

It also makes working on it an easy task. To do it put the keys on the vehicle, turn off the engine, and turn on the device. Never put force on these gadgets, otherwise, they can break.

Put it in the off position when they are fully extended. Mark the part of it on the equipment with the help of a marker.

Various vehicles have automatic control, you can switch them to the service position. Manual locks are also present at the base that locks them at certain places.

When they are not automatically extended in a vertical position, you have to hold them. It is difficult to maintain it at the same time.

Locate the locking clips or nuts

The windshield wipers are attached to the base either with the nuts or the locking clips. To confirm it, you should read the complete manual of the vehicle.

Learn about the type of the arm and its locking position and method. Observe the base of the tools and adjust them accordingly.

You have to find the locking location, which is present beneath the tools beside the pivot point.

The vehicle has bolts to attach this also have a plastic cap to conceal the bolts holding the wiper arm. These are the same accessories that are used to install mud flaps on Ford F350.

First, you should fix the plastic cap. Use a flathead screwdriver to open the cap. Now the bolt is exposed, sand takes a socket comparable to the size of the bolt. Sometimes the pickups have locking clips to hold the arm in place.

Remove clips and bolts

Before removing the bolts, take a clean cloth and clean all the dirt and debris from the base.

Now take a socket and ratchet, and the size of them should be according to the size of nuts. Proper leverage is significant in opening the nuts.

You should first try this before applying force on it. Then fit the ratchet on the nut and rotate it in an anticlockwise direction. When the nut is sufficiently loose from the point, pull it away from the products.

When there is a locking clip, you need a flat head screwdriver. Pull of the clips using a screwdriver and when it is loose, remove it with your fingernail.

Remove the windshield wiper arm

Finally, now you have to take out the wiper arm. Slightly push away the arm from its base.

Hold one end with one hand and apply force at the other end with the other hand to pull it away. Never use pressure as it can damage the attached blade.

Pushing or jerking, it can hardly bend the device, and then it won’t be easy to reuse it. If the windshield washer is not working, you can fix it.

Install new wiper arm on your truck

Installation is an easy process as you have to repeat all the steps in reverse order. First, you should buy a tool, which is precisely similar to the old component.

Now clean the base of the equipment where you have to attach it. Clean it with a handy brush or tissue paper.

Now apply any lubricant at the base. It will make the surface smooth, and the mounting of the arm will be easy.

Take the product and place it precisely on this with its locking place on the respective site.

Take nuts and bolts and screw them on its location as you have fix them. Align the arm on its position correctly so that its pivot movement is not hindered. You can add a kill switch beneath the gadget.

It will take some time to align it, and you have to readjust the bolts and nuts to fix it. When you are sure that it is mounted correctly, then turn on the vehicle.

Let it run for some time. Observe their movement and readjust it in case of any problem.

How much does it cost to replace it?

It is not a costly process as it does not involve any labor. The average cost of a replacement is approximately $100 to $250.

They are usually available in pairs of kits. Other tools like screwdriver sockets and ratchet cost around $50 to $100.

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