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How to Use 4 Wheel Drive on Ford F150?

How to Use 4 Wheel Drive on Ford F150?

We have added 6 easy steps for using 4 wheel drive on your Ford trucks. This is an easy process and you can do this within a few minutes.

How to Use 4 Wheel Drive on Ford F150? You can use 4 wheel drive on your Ford F150 by locating the manual locking hubs, turn the knobs, use the ESOF system, and active 4WD mode.

How to Use 4 Wheel Drive on Ford F150?

4 wheel drive system enables the engine of a vehicle to transfer power to all four wheels simultaneously.

Use Manual locking hubs

You need to exit the vehicle and inspect them by yourself to turn them. These hubs are not digitally connected to the computer system of the pickup.

You should carefully read the manual of the pickup to know about the control hubs. You can also inspect the pickup to find out the locking hubs.

This is an old way of turning on this system, and you cannot shift to 4WD during driving.

Locate the locking hubs

Now you have to find the exact location of the locking hubs in your vehicle. These are usually present at the front of the automobile.

They are typically located between the front tires. They look like a knob which you need to turn by your some cases, they are similar to small dials.

When pickups are equipped with a manual locking system, the front wheels can freely spin and are independent of the axle shaft. You can attach a kill switch at this place.

Turn the knobs

Turn off the ignition and engine. Then put the transmission to neutral and set the parking brake.

The turn knob is present at both wheels. First, turn the knob of the right side to lock position.

After this, go to the left side and turn the knob in the locking position. When you have fully turned the knob, there will be a click sound from both products. You should know the wheel bolt pattern of your truck for better results.

Now put the transfer case stick to 4WD, now you can release the parking brake and get into the pickup. Drive the truck to check if the system is working correctly. You can turn off auto start-stop on your pickup.

ESOF system

It is an automatic system to use the 4WD system. It is present in a brand new model of trucks.

You can use it while driving and switch the driving mode by simply pushing a button or dial. This system has different configurations.

It consists of a transfer case connected to the front and with rear wheels. You should adjust the settings otherwise it can cause pickup brakes to lock up.

It is fitted on the dashboard of the vehicle. The primary key is located on the steering wheel with navigation keys. You can select any mode by navigating the keys on different options. It system also contains two ways DWD HGH AND 4wd LOW.

This system is a lot easier than a manual locking system. The display system of the vehicle has many tutorials to understand this system entirely.

An auto manual lock is also a distinguishing feature of this system. There is a control unit that you can rotate to turn it to lock position.

To turn it to lock position, rotate it in a clockwise direction. To turn it to auto-rotate it in an anticlockwise direction. If you are going for an off-road route, you can install mud flaps on your Ford F350.

Activate the 4WD MODE

There is a different option on the dial of the system.2H is for the two-wheel system. Turn it on during riding on familiar roads and highways.

It sends power to rear axles. 4H is four wheels high mode, and it sends power to both front and rear-wheel. 4L is four wheels low mode send power to both front and rear wheel but with low tractions.

First of all, go to the truck app option on the display screen. After selecting it, different options will appear before you. You should select this option to shift to the required mode.

When you choose this mode, other categories appear on the screen. Now it depends on the condition either you select 4H or 4L. You can switch between these modes any time during driving.

The display screen displays a confirmation message of turning the mode. It also contains a feature called downhill assist.

You can turn on this mode when going through an inclined area. There is a hill descendent control button press it to activate this mode.

Then either choose to accelerate or brake to maintain the speed of the vehicle. It will give a steady speed during driving. You can also change the speed at any time using the same method.

Why do you need a 4 wheel drive system in your F150?

As we have discussed that this system provides extra power and torque to the truck. We need it most when driving the vehicle with a heavy load.

In such a situation, we need extra power and torque to move. It is also necessary to take the vehicle up and down to an incline position with heavy objects.

We need more traction like muddy and snowy roads where extra torque is essential. Routes with uneven surfaces like rocky roads, mountain areas, and deserts require this system for proper functioning.

Crossing all these hindrances and obstacles is impossible with 2 wheel drive system.

It has low traction and transfers low power and torque. The power and torque are not sufficient for driving heavy vehicles with many heavy objects in it.

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