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How to Install a Kill Switch on a Truck?

How to Install a Kill Switch on a Truck?

You can add a kill switch on your pickup with these 6 best DIY methods. Its main aim is to prevent a vehicle from getting started and used when its engine is off.

How to Install a Kill Switch on a Truck? You can install a kill switch on your truck by using the ignition wire method, remote control switch, valves in the fuel line, remove the fuse, and a battery disconnecting button.

It is an anti-theft device having features of starter interrupter or engine disablers.

How to Install a Kill Switch on a Truck?

When you activate the kill switch, it will block the circuit that the engine needs. You can install it in a very straightforward way.

You will push the button or insert this to enable the engine again after using the device. Sometimes the instrument is used to connect windshield wipers with the help of a wire. Later on, it is then activated when you want to start your truck.

It is a type of hidden gadget that will disable the pickup and will not get started. Many of such devices function through the ignition system and stop the flow of electricity. Below we discussed each technique in detail.

Ignition Wire Method

The ignition wire is an inline cutoff button. It is one of the most popular anti-theft ways to secure the vehicle.

It is usually hidden around the seat or in the dashboard place. Therefore it becomes very convenient to access the tools while getting out and in of the pickup. You can use 4 wheel drive on your truck and attach this tool.

In the case of Old truck: In the first step, you have to determine the place in the pickup where you want to place the equipment; after that, drill the hole to fix this. You can mount it in your vehicle’s solid place, and that should not be visible.

Place a wire through the negative end on a coil by the firewall. Now double the size of the wire by folding it.

After that cut, the wire by an instrument called a crimping tool. In this way, you will get the two wires of equal lengths extending through the wall toward the device.

Clean out the coil insulation of both ends of the wire. Add a connector on both ends and then crimp the connectors with the crimping tool’s help. With this gadget, trim the negative wire, which is usually black. Remove the windshield wiper arm and move the wire through it.

You have to cut four to 6-inches of the coil and remove the insulation from these pieces. Now insert the black negative end of the wire in the connector.

Pinch the connector; now repeat the same steps with the 2nd wire. Attach the other wire with the connector. Install a toolbox and hide it.

Remove the insulation of 2 wires that are leading towards the equipment. Now attach the round blue post connector onto both wires.

Crimp both of them tightly. Add 2 wires on the backside, you can fix them in any order. Now fix it in the hole you have drilled for it. Label this ends with off and on; after that, tighten the nuts. It can also disable auto start-stop on your Ford trucks.

Latest Model trucks: Find an EMC fuse and locate it. Keep the central power fuse in the relay box and fuse for the laptop. It will be inside the hood that is on the fender wall side of the driver. Check the block of fuse inside the dash of the side of the driver. You can remove the inside door panel to adjust it.

Find the fuse, detach the screws or fuse bolts, find fuse wires and turn the block of fuse over. Generally, there are only two bolts or screws that secure the body of the block fuse.

After the fuse and block fuse location, put your hand on the first fuse and set the wires. Cut one of the cables of about six inches.

Now attach any one wire to the wire length. It will be coming from the fuse through the connecter of the blue butt. Crimp both the ends of the wire with the help of the crimping tool.

Insert screws or bolts in the block fuse and then screw them. Attach the wires’ end by the post type blue connectors.

Cut the post ends or terminals. Use the hole and connect it, affix the off and on the label.

Remote Control Switch for battery

It can disable your automobile quickly and conveniently. You will disable your automobile with this method regularly.

With the help of this remote-controlled battery device, you need not go inside the hood. There is no need to detach the battery cables and turn the knob to secure your vehicle from getting started. It is perfect to make your pickup theft-proof.

Fuel Line Valves

It prevents the automobile from getting petrol to its engine that ultimately disables the vehicle. Your automobile will never start fully; instead, it will crank for some time. The fuel line will make it appear that the vehicle has some engine issues.

The gas can leak from the location but you can prevent this damage by doing this quickly. Both ends slide the valve that is shut off and a tiny hose and clamp to tight the line.

Fuse Box for truck

In this method, you will pull out the fuse, and it will stop the pickup from getting started.

This method is similar to the fuel fuse or ignition fuse. It will protect your automobile by using a fuse box.

It depends on the fuse box’s location that there is no need to pull out the fuse manually every time getting out of the automobile. You can place it in the wheel spacers of your vehicle.

This method permits us to keep the fuse in a bypass switch. In this way, reaching the area of switching off and on will be relatively easy. It will prevent you from putting the lid of the fuse box on its way.

Use a battery disconnecting switch

It is a method to disconnect your vehicle by using a battery disconnecting switch. It is a manual method to protect the ignition power, ultimately resulting in its security.

Unscrew the cable that is connected to the battery. Now off it and slide the device of the battery toward the negative terminal of the battery. You will tight the terminals with the device.

It comes in a lever or turning knob. Some buttons even have keys; these are used in turning off and on these tools.

Why do you need a kill switch in your pickup?

The device is specifically made to escape from low-level and amateur thieves. It will slow down professional thieves as well.

There are many other reasons: to keep away the unauthenticated or unauthorized individuals like teenagers, employees, senile relatives, etc.

Specifically, the people you do not want to access your vehicle for driving while those individuals have access to the keys.

Unlike the alarm and the tracking system, this device doesn’t use extra power from the battery. Do not worry about the battery drainage when you are not driving your vehicle like on a vacation day.