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How to Repair RV Compartment Doors?

How to Repair RV Compartment Doors?

Here are 7 easy methods to repair and fix RV compartment doors. Prolonged use, the doors can suffer from different issues due to wear and tear of the parts.

How to Repair RV Compartment Doors? You can repair any part of the RV compartment door at home using simple tools. To repair sealing, use silicone rubber sealant or a new seal. You can fix latches and hinges by tightening up all the screws. Use a scrubbing compound to repair scratches and dents. 

Each RV has a storage compartment inside to store all the equipment like blankets, fold-up chairs, toys, groceries, and other accessories.

These compartments have a specific door to keep them safe. Some of them also protect the electricity system and propane tanks for future use.

How to Repair RV Compartment Doors?

The compartment doors are available in different sizes and shapes like rectangular, square, round, and edged doors.

You can fix all the issues with the compartment door at home.

Repairing compartment door Leakages

A common problem with the compartment doors is the leaks along the seams of the door. These doors usually contain rubber seals that facilitate easy opening and closing of the door.

First, you should recognize the fault in the seal. Properly observe where the leakage or hole is present in the seal.

When you can not see any hole in it, check other factors to troubleshoot the issue.

Check the temperature difference or water leakage from the compartment. It is a sign of a leaking seal in the compartment.

Silicone rubber sealants are excellent in repairing the leakage in the compartment door. Using a high-quality sealant will prolong the life of the door seal.

In some cases, the rubber seal is damaged; replace it with a new one. To do this, first identify the type of seal present on the door. Remove the old seal from the compartment door using a scraper tool.

  Remove all the dirt and debris with a clean cloth or sponge. Then install it on the door to completely seal the compartment.

Remove the adhesive tape from the seal and place it on the frame. Leave some extra piece on the track to effectively cover the whole area. Then slowly apply the seal along the edges of the compartment door.

Repair door lock

RV compartment doors are usually made from steel or aluminum.

The key locks consist of a Lock cylinder that is mounted in an aluminum or steel housing. Sometimes it becomes hard to open due to corrosion.

The water penetrates the central shaft and corrodes the lock cylinder. To repair it, lubricate the door locks properly.

Use a silicone spray lubricant to treat the corrosion. To lubricate the inside lock cylinder, remove it by unscrewing the lock spring washer.

Place the lock cylinder aside and clean it with a damp microfiber cloth. Then lubricate all the sides by spraying silicone lubricant and reinstall it in the aluminum housing.

When the lock is completely damaged and corroded, it is wise to replace it with a new one. Before installing a new lock, take the exact size and style of the previous one.

It will help you to get a new one of accurate size. Then take a screwdriver and remove the latch. Remove the washer and notice the position of the washer on the knob.

Then take a screwdriver to remove the nut present on the back. It will lose the lock on the door and then remove it. After this, install a new door lock.

Place it in its position and screw the nut on the hole to hold it in its place. Then screw the latch and adjusting the washer on their respective site. Carefully tighten all the nut on the locks to fix them on the compartment door.

Repair door latches

The door latches also suffer from sticking. You will find difficulty in moving the latch in its stuck position.

The latch gets stuck for many reasons; the apparent reason is the strike plate’s misalignment. The strike plate gets loose and is displaces slightly from its original position.

As a result, the latch won’t go directly into the hole to close the door. To temporarily fix it, realign the striking plate.

You can drill a big hole in the door to fix it. To permanently fix this problem, remove the striking plate from the door. Then realign it on the marked position and screw the nuts to fix it.

The door latches get jammed due to rust and accumulation of debris inside the door holder. The moisture and debris are stuck in the gaps of the latches, which is required for the components to pass in the latch.

It will create friction inside the latch it gets jammed in a single position. To fix it, you have to remove the latch and open it from the inside to do some cleaning.

Also, spray silicone lubricant to treat corrosion. When these repairs are of no help, it is advisable to change the compartment door latch with a new door holder.

Repair scratches and dents

These doors are made of steel and aluminum. The manufacturer usually paints it with white color. The scratches present in white color are more visible than on other paints.

You can repair these scratches using different techniques. Before using any method, clean up the door surface with a damp cloth.

Then take a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to rub on the scratches. It will effectively remove all the scratches present on the door.

In the market, different repair kits are available that contain different compounds to remove scratches. Rubbing compound is common among all scratch repairing kits.

It can effectively remove all the uneven edges of the scratches. Pour a little rubbing compound on a cloth and rub it on the scratches in a circular motion.

Its abrasive nature will make the scratched area smooth and uniform. Read the instructions to get information about quantities to apply on the compartment door.

When the scratch is deep steel or aluminum surface beneath the paint is visible; apply paint.

Before applying paint, apply primer on the surface to get a smooth base for applying paint. Then use paint of matching color to treat the scratch. 

Treat minor dent by blowing hot air on the compartment door. The heat will make the bulgy place smooth. For deep dents, you require expert consultation and treatments.

Repair sagging compartment door

After repeated use, the compartment door starts sagging towards a point. It can be due to many reasons.

First is the loose hinges at the door and the worn-out screws of the hinges. To repair it tighten all the screws of the hinges present at the joint of the door.

Use an adjustable screwdriver to fix all the screws of the door. When the screws are damaged, replace the screws on the hinges.

The misalignment of the strike plate also causes sagging of the compartment door. Tighten up all the screws on the strike plate with a screwdriver.

Replace the strike plate screws with long and deep nuts to align them. Remove the hinge spacers by taking out the screws and adding new screws on the hinges.

Replace the compartment door hinges

 When the compartment door hinges are damaged, replace them. Before reinstalling it, remove the old hinges by unscrewing all the screws from them.

Then buy new hinges of the same size from the market. 

Some door hinges have 6 screws others have 8 screws on them. Use one pair of the hinge to secure the compartment door. Same size hinges will replace the holes of old hinges; you need not drill extra holes.

Then unscrew all the screws with a drill machine or screwdriver on one side of the hinge. Then install hinges on their position and secure all the screws on it.

How much does it cost to repair the RV compartment doors?

The cost of repair depends upon the degree of damage to the door. A compartment door consisting of fiberglass or aluminum metal will cost more than a steel door.

Similarly, replacing any part is costly than simply repairing it. On average, repairing of storage compartment door will cost approximately $40 to $1000.

Replacing a door lock will cost $100 to $200.Replacing the hinge or latch will cost $50 to $150.A minor scratch repair will cost $10 to $50.

Replacing the whole RV compartment door is expensive and can cost you hundreds of dollars. Getting services from a repairing shop will also include labor costs.

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