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How to Remodel a Travel Trailer Bathroom?

How to Remodel a Travel Trailer Bathroom?

Here are 19 great ideas to remodel a travel trailer bathroom. We have tried all of these methods at our RV and it looks awesome.

How to Remodel a Travel Trailer Bathroom? 

Many people are looking for easy methods to remodel their travel trailer bathrooms. Before starting this procedure, gather the required tools and get help from a friend.

Install new toilets

There are many options of suitable toilets for RV. You can choose any depending upon the area and your needs.

In the case of large travel trailers, you can install cassette toilets because of their large tanks. They occupy more space than traditional toilets.

They have more capacity than other toilets and are suitable when traveling with the family. Their disposal method is easy as compared to other toilets.

Portable toilets are suitable when the bathroom has a small area you want to save space for other essentials.

You can place it anywhere depending upon your desire. Gravity flush toilets are commonly used in travel trailers.

These are connected to a pressurized water system to dispose of all the contents. Macerator toilets are the best to give a stylish look to your bathroom.

Install new sink in RV bathroom

When you are renovating the RV sink, there are three options.

  • Plastic sink
  • Acrylic sink
  • Stainless steel sink

You can choose any of these depending upon your budget and personal taste. The plastic sinks are the cheapest option easy to install.

You can replace the old bathroom sink with a plastic sink when traveling for a short period.

Use a sink with high-quality and durable plastic to use it for a long time. One downside of plastic is it can crack and get damaged easily.

Another option is an acrylic sink available in different colors and patterns. It can give an aesthetic look to your bathroom.

Stainless steel sinks are more durable; you can install them when traveling with family. They are somehow costly than plastic sink. But has the advantage of bacteria resistance over other types.

Replace faucets

To remodel it, you can choose them according to the sink material. When you want to go for stainless steel sink, use a faucet of the same material. you have different options like

  • Bar faucet
  • Pot filler faucet
  • Double handle faucet
  • Single handle faucet

In the bathroom, I will suggest double-handle faucets. You can use one handle for cold water and the other for hot water.

When the area is small, there is less space; you can choose single-handle faucets. Pull-out and pull-down faucets are also suitable with a detachable hose. You can use it when cleaning the sink. You can easily repair the RV bathroom faucet.

Replace showers

Replacing the shower or adding anew depends upon the space in the bathroom. In a large travel trailer, build a separate showering space with curtains or glass doors.

It is an expensive idea to replace an RV shower than others but gives a stylish and comfortable look to the bathroom. You can add low-flow showers in the bathroom to preserve water.

In small RVs, wet bathrooms are suitable because both the toilet and shower are in the same space.

It will preserve the space but has the disadvantage of making the RV damp. You can also use a toilet shower combination kit in the bathroom.

There are showers available in the market that are combined with sink faucets. You need not create a separate space for bathroom showers. You can add skylights above the showerhead.

Add a backsplash

Adding a backsplash depends upon your budget and requirements. You choose any backsplash and spread it on the back of the bathroom sink to avoid splashes.

Here are some options that are affordable, easily wipeable, and simple to apply on the walls. Permanent and removable backsplashes are suitable for a travel trailer.

When you want to use it temporarily, cover the back wall with wallpaper.

Backsplashes covered with semi-gloss paint are excellent because they are easy to clean. Plywood backsplashes can resist grease stains and are more wipeable than others.

Removable fabrics with plexiglass are an affordable option for large bathrooms. These backsplashes prevent the seeping of water into the wall.

Ceiling tiles are costly but give a fancy look to your bathroom. They also have the advantage of durability and resilient towards water seepage.

Add a shower curtain

Shower curtains are required where a separate shower or bathtub is present. You can choose a shower curtain of any material depending upon the cost.

In a large travel trailer, install a door in the bathtub space. Here are few shower door options to choose

  • Curved shower curtains
  • Extended shower curtains
  • Glass shower door
  • pleated shower door
  • Retractable shower door

Glassdoor is easy to look at but is expensive. Other retractable doors and pleated doors are affordable and made from polyester or vinyl.

They give more space to get in and out of the shower. Among all these, shower curtains are the cheapest and suitable for RV bathrooms.

Remove water stains from bathroom ceiling and walls

The ceiling of a travel trailer is of fabric and can absorb moisture from the surrounding.

This absorption leaves water stains on the ceiling that give it a dirty look. You can remove these stains using any bleach or detergent.

When you want to go for a mild chemical, use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste of baking soda in hydrogen peroxide. 

Put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Then apply it to the stains and leave it for 2 to 3 hours.

After this, remove it with a damp sponge. Use a dry microfiber cloth to absorb as much moisture as you can. Spray solution of bleach on stains to remove stubborn stains.

Paint the RV bathroom

 Use paint of different colors to give a cool look to the bathroom. A combination of colors always enhances the beauty of the walls.

When you want to keep it simple, paint it a white color. After finishing the walls, paint the shower surround. You can install a new shower surround, but it is a bit expensive.

You can make the shower surround new by painting it a white color.

Coat refinishing solution to tub and floor to give a fresh look. It gives a yellow-stained shower floor or tub a porcelain look.

Apply two or more coats with a gap of two hours. Let it dry by opening the windows and doors. You can paint the cabinets of the bathroom m with the same color.

Fix bathroom cabinets

Fix all the cabinets with minor issues like fixtures and scratches. You can use different wallpapers inside and outside of a cabinet to give it a new look.

Sand the wooden cabinets with sandpaper to remove all scratches and old paint. Coat two or more layers of primer before coating paint on them.

When you are out of space, add shelves above the cabinet to create more space.

You can rehang the cabinets in a higher position when the bathroom area is small. Add new hardware or cabinets portions to a higher level to create storage space.

Add a tankless water heater

It is a necessity in the RV bathroom to get a constant flow of hot water. It is more expensive than the traditional heater we use in RVs. But you can get hot water only by turning on the faucets.

There s no delay in hot water flow in this technology. It does not require a storage tank, so it is ideal for small bathrooms in a travel trailer. 

It also uses less electricity and propane as compared to other heaters. It is energy efficient and saves up to 50% of energy by using less fuel.

Tankless heaters are portable and available in different sizes. You can choose according to the space in the bathroom. There is no need for any expertise t install it.

Install water pressure regulator

The water pressure regulator is essential to have a steady flow of water in the shower. It can result in reduced pressure of water in the faucet and shower.

The regulator will maintain a steady flow of water everywhere. There is two option when you are considering water pressure regulator.

  • Adjustable regulator
  • Nonadjustable regulator

The adjustable regulator allows you to dial the pressure according to your need. I prefer an adjustable regulator over another regulator.

Nonadjustable regulators provide specified pressure; you can not change it. The adjustable regulator is a bit more expensive than the nonadjustable.

Magnetic wall cabinets

It is an accessory to store various toiletries in the RVs. It can get stick to RV walls and makes a strong bond.

You can hang them by mounting a magnet on the bathroom wall. Then cling the storage cabinet with it. You can place anything in it, like toothbrushes, combs, toothpicks, and cotton balls.

Wall hooks

When you want to add hooks on the bathroom walls, there are many options. You can drill holes to hang different hooks in the bathroom.

These are necessary to hang towel cloth and other stuff. But drilling is damaging to RV walls.

Use adhesive hooks to mount on the doors and walls of the bathroom. They are heavy-duty hooks and can bear the weight of many kgs.

Shower storage

It is ideal for preserving the space and storing all the toiletries.

The shower curtain has many pockets to keep all the accessories like soap shampoos, toothpaste, and other toiletries. You need not separately add any storage cabinet in the bathroom.

Tissue holder

 Place a tissue holder in the bathroom cabinets and over the sink. But to preserve space add a suspended tissue holder in the bathroom.

It is also an adhesive tissue holder and needs not to drill any holes for screwing. It holds the tissues and clings to the wall.

Shower caddy storage

This caddy storage hooks over the shower had. It is a minimalist idea to preserve space and instantly reach for all the things like shaving foam soap and shampoo.

Collapsible laundry basket

It is an excellent accessory to store all the dirty clothes. It can expand when required and place it underneath the sink or bed.

When not required, collapse it in a squeezed form and place it anywhere.

Collapsible tub

It is also suitable for a small bathroom to preserve space. Just open it and fill it with water. After this recollapse, it, in the compact form to place at aside.

Hang a mirror

Add a stylish mirror in the bathroom to give it a fancy look. You can use a decorative mirror with different colors.

But when the paint and backsplash are simple, choose a decent-looking mirror to hang in the bathroom.

You can choose an oval or square mirror depending upon the shape of the wall. Sometimes the mirrored cabinets are also suitable to preserve the space for other accessories.

Toilet paper cover

It is essential to protect toilet paper from getting wet. It is essential in a wet bathroom and available in materials like plastic or stainless steel. You can match it with faucets and a sink.

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