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How to Replace a Ford F150 Door Lock Actuator?

How to Replace a Ford F150 Door Lock Actuator?

The door lock actuators are automatic tools for the security and convenience of the Ford F150 users. They have one push opening and closing actions. 

How to Replace a Ford F150 Door Lock Actuator? In general, you can replace a Ford F150 door actuator by replacing the plugs and panels. First, disconnect the electric passage and remove it from a metal plate. Next, clean the surface and slid in the new actuator. Finally, adjust the plug with the sound of a click and reassemble the removed equipment. 

How to Replace a Ford F150 Door Lock Actuator?

I have explained a proper process to replace the Ford F150 door lock actuators.

Access tools and make a plan

You require proper tools in such replacement procedures. The absence of one relevant instrument can lead to time consumption.

However, all of these tools are cost-effective, and you can purchase them from online verified websites. 

They have different ranges of cost and sizes. Purchase and gather the wrench and screwdrivers of accurate size.

Purchase a new door actuator, and buy it according to the size and design of the inner machinery. Then, compare the new tool with already existing equipment. 

Use the blade screwdriver in such procedures. 

Remove tools from the Ford F150 door

The removal of the tool from the Ford door is a challenging step. First, apply force to pull the handle and then detach the clip. The removal of the clip is necessary for the proceeding steps.

There is a screw that attaches to the system. It is also known as a Philips screw and requires a particular tool.

Use a Philips screwdriver and adjust it on the screw. Keep the movements anticlockwise and remove the screws. 

Keep it in one corner and mark it as a Philips screw for future convenience. 

The pillar of the door section comprises the rubber seal. Remove it with a sharp tool and detach it completely. Then, you can discard it for the installation of the new device.

Detach the supporting clips from this section and keep them aside safely. There are few screws under this equipment. 

Use the same screwdriver and lose them one by one. Detach devices from the structure and then move to the next step. 

Detach its electric panel

The detachment of the electric panel is essential for the replacement process. Make sure the engine is off during such activities because it can cause accidental errors. 

Lift the switch outside the door and remove the panels. Disconnect all the electrical connectors from the attachment points.

Make sure that the battery is not supplying any electric power to appliances. 

It reduces the chances of multiple errors, and you can handle the system without fear.

Remove part of doors

The door panels have no security screws, and they remain adjusted in the structure. In case of removal, hold the door panel from the bottom edges. Then, pull them upward and lift them as much as you can. 

Detach the door panel from the door and slide it off. The uplifting of such structures is enough for their removal. 

There is no need to add extra tools for the removal of these convenient tools. Instead, make sure you pull it when it comes off the door. 

Negligence can lead to the destruction of the door panel. In addition, the repairing cost adds to the overall package of actuator replacement.

Detach the faulty door lock actuator

Protect the mounting tab during the detachment process of the door actuator. Use a tool or perform the pulling process manually. Few mounting structures have molding abilities.

Never apply an excessive amount of strength during removal conditions. You can end up molding these mounting devices.

The actuators have a slid-up section on a long plate. The material of the supporting plate is metal, and it has few restrictions.

Use the long blade screwdriver for the removal of the actuator from the plate. Insert it beneath the actuator on the metal plate.

The prying of such tools is tricky and requires strength. Keep the prying movement gentle because it can break down. The pieces of the structures are not suitable in such situations. 

The prying push leads to the detachment of the device from the metal plate. As a result, it bounces on the rails after the removal.

Install a new actuator 

Clean the surface with a fiber-free cloth and cleaner. Allow the surface drying and then insert the new actuator on the metal plate. Allow the attachment of this tool with the rails.

Slid the plug on the rail until you hear a clicking sound. It provides notifications about the attachment of the tool.

It is an electric plug for a variety of connections. The pin should insert in an accurate location. Test and observe the performance of the switch in this attachment procedure. 

Reattach every removed screw and bolt from the system, and attach the clips back inside the door system. Next, install the door panel in the ford f150 door by sliding. 

Adjust the bolts of the window and protect this section from unnecessary damages. 

The firmness and stability of the panels with the actuators are essential for their actual functions.

How much does it cost to replace Ford F150 door lock actuator?

The average cost of the process is around $185 to $225. The cost of the actuators varies according to manufacturing companies. 

The average price of these small tools is up to $57 to $160. The long blade screwdriver costs around $50 to $60. 

You can buy a Philips screwdriver for approximately $34 to $43. The price of a bolt puller is up to $35. 

The labor may cost around $80 to $100. 

6 Examples of Ford F150 door lock actuators with their size, weight, and cost

  • Dorman Door Lock Actuator – 7 x 3 x 3 inches – 0.45 pounds – $47
  • Dorman Front Passenger Side Door Lock Actuator – 9 x 5 x 4 inches – 2 pounds – $71
  • Dorman 937-678 Rear Passenger Side Door Lock Actuator – 9 x 6 x 5 inches – 2 pounds – $85
  • Dorman Front Door Lock Actuator Motor – 8 x 6 x 6 imches – 2 pounds – $89
  • Dorman OE Solutions Door Lock Actuator – 7 x 4 x 4 inches – 3 pounds – $69
  • Dorman Tailgate Lock Actuator Motor – 10 x 5 x 8 inches – 2 pounds

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