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How to Replace Fan Clutch on Ford F150?

How to Replace Fan Clutch on Ford F150?

The fan clutch is an automatic device to operate the standard performance of a cooling fan in a Ford F150. They reduce the accumulation of heat in the engine compartment.

How to Replace Fan Clutch on Ford F150? In general, you can replace the fan clutch on the Ford F150 by removing the hose section. Next, remove the screws and bolts to detach the fan. Finally, discard the old device and insert the new fan clutch. Protect it with the screws and tighten them for stability.

These are expensive products but the features worth the cost. You can purchase the fan clutches of various manufacturing companies. Each of them has its price ranges and specifications.

How to Replace Fan Clutch on Ford F150?

I have explained a stepwise guide for the replacement of the fan clutch of the Ford F150. These instructions are beneficial for the removal and change of such devices.

Purchase a new fan clutch

Purchase a new fan clutch according to the size and design of the preexisting tool. 

Take the dimensions and specifications and then select any new tool. The adjustment of inaccurate objects can cause problems.

They also decline the standard work efficiency of the whole structure. 

They have a variety of designs and colors. 

The size and dimensions play a vital role in the selection of such tools. Take the expert help in such purchasing activities. The guidance can protect you from various future errors.

Remove its screws

There is a fan shroud in the structure that is a protective lid. It helps to keep the fan safe from external damages. 

The removal of such structures is necessary to access the fan clutch. These devices have screws for their control and protection. 

You have to remove them for the loosing of the fan. Use a screwdriver and then unscrew these structures.

Mark them with a non-permanent marker and then keep them aside. Use the ratchet for the removal of side screws. 

You can also use a wrench for the removal of top surface bolts. Adjust the wrench and move it in the opposite direction.

Apply the right amount of strength on these structures and then remove them one by one.

Remove the cover of the shroud as well. If it is a one-piece structure, then access the attachment screws. 

Remove them with the right tool and detach the lid. Keep the cover in one corner for the installation procedure.

The removal of the shroud includes the detachment of the fan as well. Therefore, always take preventive measures to resolve such conditions.

Detach its hose

The hose of the system has a fixing ability. In addition, it has clamps that keep it in one accurate position.

They are protective tools of such small structures. Detach the clamps manually or with tools depending on the condition of the equipment.

Use a screwdriver and insert it inside the clamps. Lose them from their points and detach them. It automatically removes the radiator hose of the system.

Pull it off from the setup and protect it for further use.

Remove bolts from its pump

The water pump has hooks, and you need to secure them for standard procedures. The water pump and its pulley comprise few bolts. Use a bolt puller for the removal of such bottom structures.

Adjust it on the bolt and keep the movements gentle. Finally, move it in an anticlockwise direction and detach.

Remove the fan

Remove the fan structure by the detachment of large nuts and supporting tools. Use a wench according to the accurate size. 

Adjust it on the nuts and keep the directions counterclockwise.

Repeat the process until you lose the fan according to the requirement. Then, detach each nut and bolt for the loosening of this structure.

Slowly remove the whole device

Remove the supporting tools and check the loosening of the device. You can pull it outwards after such removals.

Always show patience in such activities. The extra amount of strength can loosen the structure from the connecting joint.

It can also break the device into pieces. The removal of the parts is more challenging than its detachment in one piece.

Hold the fan manually and rotate it in your direction. Then, pull it off the setup and discard it.

Install a new fan clutch

Install the new fan clutch in the same position. Clean the surface for the excellent adjustment of the new device.

Add the new nut and tighten it on its upper surface. 

Move and tighten the nuts and then add the covers. The thread of the system does not require any stripping.

Always pay attention during the installation procedures. For example, insert the device once and then rotate it. Always follow the clockwise direction for the adjustment and stability of the device.

In the final step, use a large wrench and then adjust the device. Move the device until you hear the clicking sound.

Always apply the right amount of strength to fix the tool. Also, check that there is no extra space for tightening and securing the device.

Make sure the tool is not unstable and add the additional screws. The high-quality gadget plays a vital role in the accurate adjustment of small structures.

8 Examples of Ford F150 Fan Clutch with their size, weight, and cost

  • Electric Radiator Cooling Fan Clutch – 8 x 5 x 8 inches – 6 pounds – $289
  • TOPAZ Engine Cooling Fan Clutch – 8 x 7 x 7 inches – 4 pounds – $290
  • Fan Clutch for Ford F-150 – 8 x 7 x 5 inches – 4 pounds -$310
  • MOCA Electric Cooling Fan Clutch – 10 x 9 x 5 inches – 6 pounds – $300
  • IRONTEK Engine Cooling Fan Clutch – 8 x 5 x 5 inches – 4 pounds – $298
  • A-Premium Engine Cooling Fan Clutch – 9 x 5 x 4 inches – 3 pounds – $297
  • ADIGARAUTO Premium Engine Cooling Fan Clutch – 7 x 6 x 6 inches – 4 pounds – $280
  • OAW Electric Engine Cooling Fan Clutch – 10 x 9 x 8 inches – 8 pounds – $299

How much does it cost to replace fan clutch in a Ford F150?

The average cost to replace the engine fan clutch of the Ford F150 is around $290 to $430.

The average cost of labor during such procedures is around $80 to $100.

The screwdriver’s price ranges up to $40. The bolt puller and other such tools cost around $34 to $37.

The parts of the replacement process cost on average around $210 to $220. The protective equipment can range to the price of around $15 to $25.

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