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How to Replace Ford F150 Ignition Coil Pack?

How to Replace Ford F150 Ignition Coil Pack?

The ignition coil packs are necessary for the standard performance of the Ford F150. They are building points of electric energy and control the voltage automatically.

How to Replace Ford F150 Ignition Coil Pack? In general, you can replace the Ford F150 ignition coil pack by removing the fuel rails. Next, detach the electrical connections and remove the coil pack. Next, clean the surface and then install the new coil pack. Next, adjust the equipment with screws and tighten it firmly.

In the absence of these tools, the system becomes vulnerable to voltage errors. The instability of the electric system affects the performance of the engine.

How to Replace Ford F150 Ignition Coil Pack?

Below is the step-wise procedure to remove and install the new coil pack in a Ford F150.

Access rails and remove

Access the covering fuel rails of the Ford F150 ignition coil pack. Make sure that you turn off the engine of your Ford. Allow it to cool down for 20 to 25 minutes.

Stabilize the truck in a garage or any open park. It makes the process convenient, and you can perform it without any professional help.

The removal of fuel rails is necessary to approach the coil pack. There are two bolts on these fuel rails that join them.

Use a nut remove, and discard them. The tool becomes loose, and you can detach it conveniently. Next, pull the rails towards you and remove them.

Keep them aside for future use because they are the lid of this compartment.

Remove its connections

The ignition coil packs comprise various connecting tools. Therefore, you require proper tools for such disconnections.

Start with the electric connector of the ignition coil. Use a connector puller or utilize a wrench. Keep the movements gentle and anticlockwise. Remove and keep it aside for future use.

There is a retaining bolt that joins the coil pack with the system. You can also mark them for convenience.

Access the coil pack after removal of such tools. Observe its condition and then proceed to the next step.

Detach the coil pack

The detachment and removal of the bad coil pack is a tricky process. It becomes challenging due to enormous coils in one spot.

The removal of each coil from the connecting plug is necessary. Use a twisting tool or perform this process manually.

Detach the upper end of the first coil and twist it. The twisting makes the process convenient.

Twist to the next coil and then detach it from the system. In the same pattern, remove all the other ignition coils, and you can discard them.

The replacement process does not involve the use of similar coils in the installation process. Therefore, it can lead to various serious errors which are not suitable.

Clean its surface

Cleaning of the surface is necessary to remove all types of dust. In addition, the clean surface allows the installation of a new device.

Use a small brush without any brittles. Make sure it never shreds the brush hair. Rub it on these areas and repeat the process. Remove the dust from such surfaces with effort and patience.

Separate old coil from the plugs

Detach the old coil pack from the plugs and connectors. There is no need to leave any small coil or a part in the system.

You can also use an electric wire puller in case of errors. Remove the remaining pieces of broken coils during the cleaning process.

Change the tool

The replacement of the tool is necessary for the form of a pack. You cannot change one coil on an ignition coil pack system.

The new coil pack usually comprises multiple coils with their connecting tools.

They have convenient installation techniques. In case of any stress, consult the expert person. Follow his guidelines in such challenging procedures.

The adjustment of the coils is necessary for the performance of the system. Therefore, the change of the ignition coils comprises a pattern.

You cannot skip one coil and move to the next connector. It makes the fixing inappropriate and leads to frustration.

The replacement of the tool involves the same numerical series.

Adjustment of equipment

The adjustments of coils require professional expertise. Few bolts help in the adjustment and stability of each structure.

Use a wrench or bolt tools to adjust them accurately. Put them on one connector and tighten them firmly.

Finally, use a torque wrench for the fixing of the coil pack.

Connect all the bolts and check the stability of the system. 

Use protective gloves to reduce all accidental conditions. Connect the relevant electric passages that you have removed earlier.

Make sure you join the right connecting points. The electrical supply requires an uninterrupted passage for the standard performance. Never compromise on the instructions of adjustment.

Reinstall the fuel rails on Ford F150

Reinstall the fuel rails on the new ignition coil pack in a Ford truck. Perform the process manually and use palms to fix them.

First, adjust them on the coil pack and push them inside. Next, adjust the screws and bolts that support the fuel rails.

You can also grease the internal system for the standard attachments. They connect with the electric plugs more conveniently than ever.

It is suitable for those structures that generate fixing issues. The greasy material depends on the choice of the ford owner. You can use ready-made grease products or add oil to this compartment.

Fix everything back into the original position. Turn on the truck and observe the stability of the system. Reduce all types of errors and fix the bolts firmly.

In the case of rails, detachment adds more screws and tightens them firmly in an accurate position.

How much does it cost to replace a coil pack on a Ford F150?

The average price of a Ford F150 ignition coil is around $780 to $1300. The average cost of ignition coil replacement includes the cost of labor and parts. In addition, the process costs around $900 to $1500.

The labor cost ranges from around $130 to $160. The torque tool cost is $390 to $450. The price of a wrench is approximately $30 to $55.

The Philips screwdriver’s cost is approximately $45 to $67. In addition, you can purchase protective gloves for $20 to $23.

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