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Toyota Tacoma Side Mirror Upgrade

Toyota Tacoma Side Mirror Upgrade

Side mirrors are an essential part of Toyota Tacoma regarding safe driving. Two of them on the passenger and driver sides help you view the vehicles on both sides and behind your truck.

Its essential parts are a mirror assembly, back cover, front glass, and turn indicators. However, these trucks have various upgrades available to enhance the functionality of side-view mirrors to facilitate the drivers.

Toyota Tacoma has side view mirror upgrades for all 3 generations from 1995-2021 models. 2001-2004 models in the 1st generation have larger mirrors than 1995-2000 models. 2005-2011 model Tacoma has power side mirrors with motors to control its adjustment. 2012-2015 models have power glass with turn signals. 2016-2021 models have heated mirrors, power fold, puddle lights, and blind-spot monitor features due to upgrade. 

This article will guide Tacoma owners regarding side mirror upgrades across all three generations. We will also discuss the important use of OEM parts to prevent loose-fitting and color mismatch. 

Details for Toyota Tacoma side mirror upgrade

2021 model Toyota Tacoma has the latest side mirrors with power fold, sequential turn signal, and heated options.

Moreover, they have a blind-spot monitor with a rearview camera to ensure collision safety. It results from a series of upgrades across its generations from 1995 till date. 


1995-2000 Tacoma models in the 1st generation have smaller side view mirrors on both driver and passenger sides. They don’t have an adjustment option from the inside.

Toyota introduced the first upgrade in 2001-2004 models within the 1st generation to have large-sized mirrors.

Moreover, they are foldable. You can adjust it without moving the complete assembly for a better rear and side view. There is a place to connect a small adjustment knob to control them manually from inside the truck.

1995-2000 models side mirror has 9.5 by 5.5-inch housing while 2001-2004 models have 1-1.5 inches increase in its length and width.

Due to increased size, you will get a better view of the rear and sides of the truck. Therefore, you can fit your vehicle with this upgrade to have a safer driving experience.

Second generation

2005-2011 model Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks have an upgraded side-view mirror with a power glass feature.

Power mirrors have an electrical connection and DC motors to control their adjustment with the help of buttons.

You can control both driver and passenger side mirrors using single control on the driver side door. However, it has a selector switch to select the product.

They are available in textured black and chrome colors. Moreover, paint-to-match options are also to apply paint on the cover to match your truck’s body color.

You can add other advanced features like heated glass and sequential turn signals, but it will require modifications in the casing and electrical wiring. You can do it yourself if you are good with wiring color codes.

2012-2015 model Toyota Tacoma has power side-view mirrors with turn signal lamps. They also have the paint to match the assembly, and you can apply the spray paint to give it any desired shade.

Most vehicles have turn signals integrated with tail lights. However, combining them provides better visibility to the vehicles on your sides and your blind spots.

Therefore, Toyota introduced an upgraded feature in its Tacoma trucks after 2012 models, following the other luxury vehicle brands.

Third generation

The third-generation Toyota Tacoma from 2016-2021 models have many upgrades and new safety features to improve the driving experience.

A few prominent specifications are power-folding mirrors, puddle lights, blind spot monitor, breakaway feature, and heated mirror. 

The power-folding option allows these to automatically fold and unfold when you press the locking and unlocking button on the key fob.

It is helpful to drive through confined spaces like parking lots, crowded places, or off-roading. Otherwise, you have to come out of the truck to fold and unfold them in such tight spots.

It also helps protect them on a trail with trees and bushes all around. You can fold them from inside the vehicle by pressing the control button on the driver-side door.

It also has a breakaway feature that allows the mirror to move inward or outward without resistance when it hits an object. It protects them from breakage due to hard-hitting.

Heated mirrors allow themselves to be electrically heated, and it prevents the accumulation of fog or ice on its surface that can blur the view.

Moreover, they have powered glass adjustment besides power foldability to have a better sight without going outside to adjust its position.

There are also upgrades to have side-view mirrors on the 2021 Tacoma with a memory option. 

These LED lights will illuminate the ground outside the front driver and passenger side door and prevent accidentally hitting any puddle, rock, or other rough objects.

Blindspot monitor feature is available in upper trim levels of Tacoma like TRD Sport and TRD pro.

Activating it warns you and turns on the rearview camera whenever any vehicle enters your blind spot.

In addition, it illuminates a warning signal on them to alert you. Therefore, it is a safety feature to protect you from collisions with vehicles that come too close to your truck.

Things to consider for Toyota Tacoma side mirror upgrade

There are numerous aftermarket solutions available to upgrade or replace the truck side mirrors with claims of OEM fit and high-quality products.

However, most of them are not what they advertise or exaggerate. Due to different sizes, they will have a loose-fitting, and you will observe shaky movement during driving.

Therefore, always look for OEM parts if you need to upgrade or replace any broken parts on your vehicle.

Moreover, most of the components available in online stores have the paint to match designs or different colors than original products.

Therefore, be careful to have matching shades to maintain the look of your vehicle. Finally, always select compatible parts from reliable brands with good customer reviews because it is a part of the safety system of your truck.

Why get a side mirror upgrade for your truck?

These upgrades add many safety features to your truck to facilitate driving. A few of them have power foldability, blind-spot monitor, and puddle lights.

It also adds style and premium look to your truck because it is available in puddle lights with stylish colors and the Toyota logo.

It is a legal requirement to have good quality side view mirrors on your vehicle in working condition in most US states. Therefore, you can spend $100-$200 to upgrade them on your Toyota Tacoma.

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