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How Do I Know if my F150 Coil Pack is Bad?

How Do I Know if my F150 Coil Pack is Bad?

There are around 7 to 8 coil packs in an F150 and they control the engine performance, but faulty items result in frequent idling and misfiring conditions. 

How Do I Know if my F150 Coil Pack is Bad? You can check the bad coil packs on a Ford F150 with an ohmmeter, read the primary and secondary resistance, or connect a multi-meter. Also, low acceleration, engine ticking sounds, broken spark plugs, and worst fuel economy indicate bad coil packs in F150. Furthermore, the driver gets clear signs with inappropriate electric supply, engine light turn on and exhaust smoking.

However, a Ford coil can have a reading of around 6500 to 15500 ohms, and an ohmmeter should read up to 32000 ohms. Also, the testing procedure requires less than 20 to 30 minutes, and the mechanic replaces the bad coil packs in 15 to 20 minutes. 

Furthermore, during checking procedures, unplug one coil and then the next coil pack. Protect electric passage and identify primary resistance initially. Also, during troubleshooting, check the number of faulty coil packs because sometimes one of them fails to work.

What is the method to test the Ford F150 coil pack?

Here is a precise and detailed method for checking the bad coil packs on a Ford F150. Also, you can utilize these efficient methods with expertise and professional instructions. 

Access the hood compartment, open it and access the battery terminals. Now, disconnect the negative terminal of the F150 battery, leave the system for cooling and make sure there is no electric supply.

Next, access the electric wires of a spark plug. Then, disconnect them one by one from the electric plugs and push them aside. 

Furthermore, check the primary resistance on the coil packs. You can use the ohmmeter for checking the resistance of coil packs. However, the average resistance on the primary side is around 1 to 4 ohm. 

Also, on average, the secondary side has a resistance of around 6 to 20-kilo ohms. Also, the standard range for primary and secondary sides moves from 0.57 to 5100 ohm. 

Moreover, you can check the coil packs with the help of another meter and remove it out of the engine section. Now, access the electric connector, remove it and detach it with an appropriate wrench. 

Next, set a particular ohm range on the other meters. Also, keep them from 205 to 210 ohm, turn the device on and use it.

Now, with a lead, attach these with the meter on different joining points. Then, check the resistance and identify the conditions according to the difference. 

Troubleshooting the Ford F150 bad coil pack 

A faulty coil pack shows different symptoms about its conditions, requires immediate repairing and control over such sensitive items. 

Worst acceleration conditions

A fast-speed truck requires standard acceleration conditions with minimum trembling and no engine failure. 

Moreover, the engine component does not respond to gas pedal signals. As a result, the system loses the systematic correlations and results in low-speed conditions and engine failures. 

Next, the Ford F150 suffers from several jerks and constant idling sensations that are not beneficial for the truck machinery. 

Engine noise

Typically, the coil packs do not comprise any material that can produce sounds. But, in their damaged condition, the straight air pressure to the ground connections generates a ticking sound. 

Also, detect the origination of engine sound because other parts may also break in such damaging conditions. With this rare phenomenon, the alarming ticking is prominent and requires instant repairing. 

The engine service light turns on

The engine light detects the minute changes and flaws inside the truck engine section and turns on as an alarming notification. For example, while a coil pack does not work appropriately, the light turns on immediately with other surrounding signals. 

Also, engine burning issues originate with broken or damaged parts. Furthermore, numerous codes appear that identify suffering components of the F150 engine. Also, the warning codes notify about the misfiring. 

Next, a code P0300 indicates the misfire without providing comprehensive information about the specific engine section. 

Also, P0301 and P0312 are trouble codes with a specific identification of cylindrical misfire and detect the number of cylinders.

Furthermore, the end digit provides information about the particular cylinder, and repairing becomes convenient. 

Broken electric connections and faulty spark plugs

Typically, the failed coil packs degrade the spark plugs, and it turns into premature destruction. Also, the non-firing components like spark plug result in misfire by generating several notifications simultaneously.

In addition, due to broken parts, the spark plugs gain excessive heat and start damaging. Few of them stop working, but other lead to cylindrical firing conditions. However, instant replacement of these small but effective tools results in an appropriate performance of the overall engine.

In addition, the broken electric wires, connections without insulation, and vulnerable joining spots result are symptoms of the faulty coil packs on an F150. Also, they are vulnerable to electric short circuits and have a direct effect on the spark plugs. 

A minor change in the electric passage destroys these small tools, and an overall system failure happens. The problem requires immediate repairing, and the replacement of spark plugs is essential.

Generally, one broken plug affects the activity of surrounding gadgets because they connect in one particular panel. 

Require more fuel

With an ineffectively working coil pack, the fuel combustion does not happen appropriately. As a result, the engine cylinders lose work efficiency and fail at any spot without a particular notification. 

Also, the rpm reduces, and the truck does not start on first ignitions. However, in these conditions, the engine utilizes more fuel for starting up and resulting in oil wastage.

Typically, the input signals reach the ignition box and the information process but do not convert into output information.

Furthermore, the number of miles reduces due to such miserable conditions, and fuel economy decreases.

It decreases the truck’s credibility, and repairing conditions becomes frequent. In addition, while coil packs are not working efficiently, inappropriate oil combustion is one of the prominent symptoms.

Lack of electric power

Typically, the engine of a Ford F150 starts manually with the ignition key and takes around 2 to 6 seconds. As a result, the electric signals cannot reach the engine from the ignition section. 

When more than one coil breaks, the system does not turn on. Also, the electric power of the F150 cannot facilitate the automatic control of different sections.

Typically, a person spends around 10 to 20 minutes on the truck acceleration, and it develops frustration, oil consumption, and engine drying problems. You can replace the F150 ignition coil pack to fix this issue.

Gas warning light

The gas warning light is an indication of different engine problems with gasoline abundance and other broken parts.

Also, the ineffective and faulty clip packs cannot work with the gas engines and provide a notification in the form of a gaslight.

Exhaust system smoking

The engine provides a steady stream, controls the combustion gas, and the exhaust system removes the excessive pollutants. 

Also, excessive smoke emits from the exhaust pipelines. It indicates the vulnerable conditions of Ford F150 coil packs. In addition, the system stabilizes when the driver turns off the system immediately and prevents irreversible damages.

Also, it preserves extra repairing costs, and you can replace the coils packs without disturbing engine performance.

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