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How to Replace Parking Brake Cable on Ford F150?

How to Replace Parking Brake Cable on Ford F150?

Here are 9 steps for removing and adding a new parking cable on your Ford trucks. You can perform this at home with these easy DIY methods.

How to Replace Parking Brake Cable on Ford F150? You can replace a parking cable on Ford F150 by blocking the wheels, use a jack stand, stabilize the truck, remove the panels, remove the cable, remove screws, and put new brake cable.

How to Replace Parking Brake Cable on Ford F150?

In this article, we have explained these techniques for replacing the parking brake cable on the pickup. You should remove the used accessories and add new tools for better results.

Tools required

  • Liquid lubricant
  • Pins
  • Screwdrivers
  • Kit of tools
  • Wrenches
  • Mallets made of rubber
  • Tire presser
  • Extra nuts and bolts
  • Fiber free cloth
  • Zip ties

Block the wheels

You cannot continue the process without uplifting the whole body of your pickup.

Firstly, you need to do the blocking of the wheels. It is entirely up to you either to block the front wheels or the back wheels first, but stopping the front wheels is highly recommended.

The blocking of wheels makes the vehicle so that it cannot move in the right or left direction. Use the screwdrivers of various sizes and access all the nuts beneath the front wheel area.

Do not pull the nuts and screws out of the vehicle; lose them a bit and keep on doing the whole procedure.

Use jack stand

In this step, use a standard jack for uplifting the vehicle properly. The jack is a machine with an uplifting lever, which helps in moving the vehicle upwards.

You can also learn the use of a jack through the manual it describes all of its functioning. Uplift the front area of the vehicle using level and jack.

The uplifting should be accurate and enough so that you can move inside the pickup. The jack used for the vehicle contains a lever and a stand as well.

It helps in the stability of the machinery so it cannot fall on the person underneath. You can put all the machinery’s weight on one side of the vehicle with the help of a stand and then remove the wheel as required.

Stabilize the truck

In this procedure, stability is more important than anything because the process is time-consuming.

It can be exhausting sometimes, and the person performing the whole process can come out of the vehicle from time to time.

It indicates that the method is time-consuming, and during this scenario, it should be adjusted on the stands and jack without any movement. Adjust the pickup in a neutral position, which means none of the sides should be a downside.

Remove the panels

Firstly remove the lower panel from it, that it unclips itself completely. You can perform this method by using hands or a proper wrench of proper size and power.

Get pillar A apart from the truck’s body. many fellows use this method when they are replacing the window switch on their pickup.

Remove the parking cable

In this step, access the cable, and pull it towards the tour direction.

There is a sector control that is present with the device. It controls its backward and inward movement; you should pull it until the sector stops moving.

A friend can help you in better ways to adjust the vehicle. You can take his support as a coworker who can hold the wires during tightening and loosing.

You can insert pins inside the device during the whole process, and a coworker can hold the gadget for you. You can also remove the front brake caliper on Ford F150.

Adjust the pattern of cables

There is already an existing pattern of cable in the machinery and the frame. Make changes in this pattern, completely disconnect it.

There should not be any connection between the wire and the vehicle’s body. A proper sized wrench can help you in performing this task accurately.

Now in the next step, remove the rear disc of the brake. You should do this carefully otherwise truck brakes can lock up.

Remove screws

This step involves the removal and loosening of the screws. Lose all the screws by using wrench of their sizes and shapes.

Use screwdrivers of the specific heads which remove the nuts and bolts. You should remove the pins which are holding the tools. You should understand the wheel bolt pattern on Ford F150.


There are various lubricants available in the market; you can also buy them online.

Add lubricant on a fiber-free cloth and rub it all over the shoe areas of the brake. It should be spread all over the space between the adjacent areas so that it can work properly. It will help to fix the limp mode in your pickup.

Put new parking cable in your truck

Adjust new brake cable on specific areas and tie them none permanently by using zip ties and pins. Do not tighten the screws immediately because a small error cans increase the time for work, which can be extraordinarily tiring and frustrating.

Place the device in all the previous areas properly and push them inside the machinery.

Reinstall everything

Install the new parts in the central area, also known as the brake cable’s hub. Use different wrenches and screwdrivers and reinstall all the screws and nuts.

Tight all the springs, so that nothing can be damaged. The whole process must be clear and sufficient for placing a new product.

Readjust the panels which you have removed earlier in previous steps. The machinery cannot be stable in the absence of springs and panels.

At the end test the equipment, it is a trial phase to ensure its functional capability. You can check its performance on an upward surface to check the equipment and its power.

There could be some harmful material that interrupts the driving of a vehicle.