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What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern on a Ford F150?

What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern on a Ford F150?

We have added 49 examples of wheel bolt pattern for the Ford pickups. You have to look for all the ways that may help you identify your vehicle’s tire specification.

What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern on a Ford F150? The wheel bolt pattern on Ford F150 tells us about the number of lug holes and the distance between them. The average number of lug holes on a Ford truck is 5 and the lug size is around 4.5-inches.

What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern on a Ford F150?

There are many lug holes in the Ford F150 tires, depending on the characteristics of the weight carrying capacity of the products.

You have to use the products that may help you to identify payload capacity.

49 Examples of Wheel Bolt Pattern for Ford F150 Trucks

Model name Lug Size (inches) Number of lug holes
1971 Ford F150 3.5 4
1972 Ford F150 3.6 5
1973 Ford f150 3.9 5
1974 Ford f150 3.8 5
1975 Ford F150 3.7 4
1976 Ford f150 3.6 5
1977 Ford f150 3.7 4
1978 Ford F150 4 5
1979 Ford F150 3.9 4
1980 Ford F150 3.8 5
1981 Ford F150 4 4
1982 Ford f150 3.9 4
1983 Ford f150 4.1 4
1984 Ford F150 4.2 4
1985 Ford F150 4.5 4
1986 Ford F150 4.3 4
1987 Ford F150 4.4 5
1988 Ford F150 4.6 4
1989 Ford F150 4.3 5
1990 Ford F150 4.4 6
1991 Ford F150 4.2 7
1992 Ford F150 4.3 6
1993 Ford F150 4.4 6
1994 Ford F150 4.1 5
1995 Ford F150 3.9 6
1996 Ford F150 4 5
1997 Ford F150 4.2 4
1998 Ford F150 3.9 5
1999 Ford F150 4.8 4
2000 Ford F150 4.9 5
2001 Ford F150 5 6
2002 Ford F-150 4.8 8
2003 Ford F150 4.8 8
2004 Ford F-150 5 8
2005 Ford F150 5.1 8
2006 Ford F150 5.2 8
2007 Ford F150 5 8
2008 Ford F150 5.6 7
2009 Ford F150 5.3 6
2010 Ford F150 5.8 7
2011 Ford F150 5.9 8
2012 Ford F150 6 8
2013 Ford F150 6.1 8
2014 Ford F150 6 8
2015 Ford F150 6.2 8
2016 Ford F150 6.3 8
2017 Ford F150 6.5 7
2018 Ford F150 6.3 7
2019 Ford F150 6.4 8
2020 Ford F150 6.5 8

How to measure the wheel bolt pattern?

It is an easy process to measure it on your own because you will get a few estimations on the websites about your model.

You cannot get an exact idea about your pickup’s capabilities when you have changed your tires and rims.

You have to measure it to save yourself from a problem. You have to measure the distance between the holes that are in front of each other.

You should use a lifting jack to uplift the pickup from one tire. You have to remove the tire by opening the nuts of the tire. You should know the average weight of the Ford F150 for better results.

It will help you to measure it easily. You should use the most accurate instruments that may help you to get the best measurement of these products.

You can use the measuring tape, Vernier caliper, or any other measuring instrument that suits you.

There are many holes in every rim of the pickup, and you have to look accordingly. If the rim has an even number of lug holes, it is relatively easy to measure it. Measure the space between the two parallel products carefully.

You can do this in the millimeters or inches that requires you. You can also make a simple conversion if your measuring tape has only one parameter.

You have to measure the distance from the center of every part to the center of its opposite hole in even lug holes. This is a must if you are using 4 wheel drive on your pickup.

If it has an odd number, it is difficult to measure it. You have to measure it by starting from the start of one lug hole to the center in front of the other.

You should not measure the size of two products that are beside each other. It is important to you are measuring the opposite device. It will help you decide about turning off the traction control on your Ford F150.


It is crucial to know the details because it will help you check that you can take it at all the roads that may be bumpy or straight.

You can travel to the mountains in your vehicle. It will all depend on the measurement, you can take many benefits of measuring it that will help you understand its capabilities.

The measurement will also help you when you are searching for new products in the market. You will no need to take your vehicle to the shops if you have an exact measurement of the designs.

There is no long list of tools to measure it, but you will only require one measuring instrument for this purpose.

You should not look for any shortcuts because you will not get an exact measurement without measuring by yourself.

You should repeat the measurements twice or thrice to get precise numbers. You can take an average of the results if there is a small variation in all three outcomes. It will all depend on the method that you are using to measure them. It helps to remove and add a new parking brake cable in your truck.

You can check that they have also increased the number to seven and eight after 2010. You have to load the weight in the vehicle as to its number and measurements.

You will feel many problems when you start implementing the values taken from any other source.

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