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How to Replace RV Grab Handle? Facts You Should Know

How to Replace RV Grab Handle? Facts You Should Know

RV grab handles provide support to their user in climbing the RV from the ground.

Sometimes, due to damages or malfunctions in the handle, they lose and do not perform their work efficiently. As a result, you need to replace these handles for moving inside your RV swiftly without any fear of falling. 

How to Replace RV Grab Handle? RV grab handles are available in different sizes and styles. The grab holders are easy to install. You need to remove the old handle and fit the new one in its place. Ensure that the grab handle’s new assembly is in a straight line. Add the screws and tighten them. Now you easily hold these handles for climbing up and down your camper.

How to Replace RV Grab Handle?

They are also known as the assist handle of the RV. They are present at the entrance level of your vehicle.

They assist the RV step’s work by giving you support to move inside your camper while holding them. 

These stairs consist of many parts; thus, they become loose due to continuous use and different areas’ weather conditioning.

This situation increases the instability of steps for resolving this issue; you need good quality handles to protect you from falling. 

They are present in different varieties according to their designs, but they are strong and give good gripping power and strength.

The grab handles made in a way to survive in every weather condition. Due to excessive use and maintenance issues, they become loose, and sometimes cracks appear in them. You need to replace them with new ones. 

There is no requirement to change new grab handles; because it helps them withstand a more extended period if they apply good maintenance practices.

You can add any of these handles in place of your old broken one. You can also install these handles in your RV that initially do not have door holders. 

Installing fold-away RV grab holders

For establishing the fold-away handle in place of the old one, you need a drill machine that has the drill bit and turnscrew drill, screws, and some suitable sealant. 

The fold-away handles are weather-resistant, so you do not need to change them due to rusting after some time.

There are available in different sizes you can choose according to your preference.

They are easy to install in the place of your old handle. They can rotate and lock in every 90-degree angle so that you climb inside the RV. 

 You can also flatten it towards any side to prevent any accidents or damage to the handle.

It would be essential if you found a proper place for its installation. You can mount them in the location of the old handle. 

There is no need to add more holes in the exterior surface with the drill machine.

The addition of more holes makes the exterior wall of the motorhome weak. You can also add some sealant in the slots. It will provide more strength to the handle screws. 

Ensure that the upper and lower grip brackets of the handle are in a straight line. The holder’s neat installation will increase the aesthetic appearance.

For fastening the grab holder straight, you can use some markers and mark the place of attachment.

Make sure that the grab handle attaches near to the doorframe. Now use the drill machine with a turnscrew bit and add the screws in the screw holes after adding sealant. You need to screw the upper bracket of the fold-away grab handle first. 

After tightening the screws enough, add the caps that are present with the fold-away handle kit.

The caps hide away all the mounting nuts and protect them from rusting.

 Installation of LED light grab handles

 You can also add the new LED light assist handles in the location of old broken ones.

They are economical and have plastic holders. It can quickly become illuminated at nighttime by turning them ON, which helps see the RV steps.

It can help you to locate your camper from a distance at night. There are two upper and lower chrome brackets that mount the plastic holder.

The chrome brackets have LED lights and wiring in them. Separate wood screws are also available with a whole kit of grab handles.

You can also use different screws for their mounting. For installing a new holder in place of the old one, make sure the old screw holes are proper when you remove the old handle. 

After that, measure the distance between the old holes and check if they have the same diameter as the new handle slots.

Ensure that the screw holes are in line. You can also use some sealant on the old holes of screws. Place the gaskets that are available with this kit.

After that step, you need to use a drill machine with a Philip drill bit.

Mount screw in the handle slots and the gaskets, make the connection tight enough. Install LED bulbs in it by connecting its wiring with any of the the12-volt sockets in your RV.

Add the acrylic grab handles on the RV

They are the most simple handle and do not need any installation tools. There are no wiring issues in these grab handles.

Remove the old assembly of the grab handle. Clear the holes and add sealant in its place.

After that, add the new handle to the old ones’ site. Ensure that the handle is in a straight line and tighten the screws with a screwdriver’s help. 

How to fix the loose grab handle of your RV?

You can also tighten the old loose grab handle of the RV. The grab handles used continuously for climbing and moves out of the camper.

These handles continually pull to climb up in the inner compartment. For fixing the problem, you need a flat screwdriver to open the cap or cover on the lower bracket of the assist handle.

Tight the screws present inside it with the help of a universal screwdriver. Repeat the same process on the top bracket compartment of the grab handle.

If the cap is available, fix it in its original place. Check the process by slightly pulling and rotating the handle.

If the handle is not tight enough, you need to repeat the process and undo the screws present. After that, take some matchsticks and put them inside the grab handle’s screw holes.

Again tighten the screws while mounting it in its original place with the help of a universal screwdriver. This problem happens when you reinstall the handles; the holes become bigger.

You can also add some silicon sealant to the screw holes and use some big screws to solve this problem. The addition of silicone in the spot helps prevent any future leakage inside the RV. 


These handles make your life easy because grasping strong support while climbing in the RV helps decrease instability problems.

It can also prevent the risk of falling. You can easily hold on to them while ascending and descending the electrical steps. Some of the handles have the covering of grab assistance on them.

Grab assistance also makes the handle cool during summer, so you can easily fasten them.

These handles are weather resistant and cannot rust after some time. They are economical and can be installed only once because of their efficiency to work for a lifetime.

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