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How to Remove Inside Door Panel on Ford F150?

How to Remove Inside Door Panel on Ford F150?

Here are 9 easy steps for removing the inside door panel on Ford trucks. Gather all the required items, and you can do this at home with these DIY methods.

How to Remove Inside Door Panel on Ford F150? You can remove the inside door panel on Ford F150 by pulling the door handle, remove the bottom bolts, lift the panel, release the electrical connectors, and remove the cables in the frame.

How to Remove Inside Door Panel on Ford F150?

The main parts that keep the door panel intact are bolts, screws, and hooks of plastic. The taking out of the setup is easy if you follow the right steps.

Required Tools

  • Socket size of 6mm
  • Socket size of 8mm
  • Ratchet and adapter
  • Equipment having hooked edge for pulling
  • Plastic cover removing the flat head screwdriver
  • Flashlight
  • Nose plier with pair of needles

The primary tools for this are the same, although there is some variation according to requirement. For example, whether you have to change the speakers or there is some repairing issue.

Pull the door handle

The separation of small rectangular concealment behind the handle door’s upper and right side is the first step in removing the entire frame.

The process starts by pulling the handle at an angle of 90. The entering of curved ended equipment under the handgrip and pressing it inside out will fix the cover.

The tool has a hooked edge will conveniently put it off. This tool helps in preventing the scratching of the working part.

The angle in picking the cover is crucial as if the angle is wrong, that may break the plastic covert or make it stuck. The fetching off concealment will expose two 8mm bolts under it.

Remove the handle bolt

The next step is taking off the bolt. You have to use the 8mm socket for removing the bolt under the handle. You can replace a window switch on the pickup for better results.

Force up the socket in a clockwise direction and merely pry up bolts from its settings. Finally, move the handle from its actuation panel and place it on the side.

You must follow a careful working style so that the correct reinstallation of the door is easy. You must place the two bolts safely aside. It is better to locate them on or near the separated part.

Remove the bottom bolts

The two 6mm screws are present on the bottom of the removing part. You can take off these bolts by 6mm socket.

The putting of screwdriver with head fixing of the proper size and then rotating it on a 6mm bolt will work best.

However, if you don’t have the right tool, fix an appropriate size attachment for proper performance. Likewise, as mentioned in other steps, place these with respective separated parts as you can relocate them quickly. You can disable the backup beeper on your vehicle.

Lift the door panel

Now grab the door and lift it carefully. The proper process is first pulling and moving it to the front and then by slight push, moving it straight up.

The appropriate pulling and pushing are necessary. It is essential because moving the tools in directions without knowing their correct position may cause a problem to the internal setup.

It may result in falling the board on the ground with a jerk, resulting in scratches. The lifting process shows the plastic connectors behind it. You can add a kill switch at this place and secure the vehicle.

You have to take it slightly towards yourself while giving help with the thigh. The supporting step is necessary to provide a suitable position for taking out connected fixings.

Release of electric connectors

The proper method of releasing the connector is first pressing the tab in which these are fixed and then taking them out by sliding straight away from the socket.

This assembly has control of master window function, lock door performance, and mirror sliding enactment.

The picking off assembly for each control is necessary. If there is any wire still connected and take it out, applying pressure may disturb the entire settings that may require repairing afterward.

Remove the cables

Press the plastic clip that features a tab in its hole. The rotating of the cable perpendicularly can quickly be picking it from the handle.

The nose pliers a pair of needle takes out the plastic-based collar of the door. The pulling of the collar is easier by holding the two prongs together. Then swing the opening cable and lifting the metal ball from the socket.

You must pick the cable accurately. The following incorrect angles may damage the wires or the metal ball that may be stuck into the socket.

Remove door speakers

After completely disintegrating the door connections, if you have to take out speakers, use a 5.5mm size socket. The socket of 11mm works on the side mirrors.

Repair the parts

After gaining access to internal structures, there are some repair tips. The window renovates in a better way while placing it in the correct position.

It will help in easy detachment of window glass. The underneath red squares show the window bolts.

In a broken window, the vacuum shop easily detaches all parts from the equipment. Similarly, if you are working with the handles, for free removing use grease. You can make your pickup theft proof by adding the required devices.

Add New Inside Door panel

For relocating the entire setup, place it towards the frame and give bottom support with thighs. The next step is replacing the metal ball in the socket through cable.

Now point back the collar by swinging it. Then reconnect the connectors of the window and for locking in their respective sockets.

The process continues by inserting the lock branch at the top corner. You have to reconnect plastic hooks in sockets on the backside.

The lowering of the gate section secures the hooks in the right position. The socket of 6mm size then tightens the bottom.

The tightening of the 8mm bolt by the socket is the next step. The location of this bolt is behind the handle settings. You can also adjust the brakes of your pickup with these tools, many fellows replace the front brake caliper on their vehicles.


Avoid forcing panel

If there is any resistance in separating the gate, check the bolts and tab, which may cause jamming.

Using right bolts

The main point in this context is using the right socket for a specific bolt. The improper tool can cause stripping o the bolt head resulting in difficulty in their amputation. It will consequently cause a problem in reinstalling.

Testing connections

You have to check the connections before the entire detachment. DO not use force, as it can break the connector wires. So, confirm the complete clearance before compelling it out.

Structure of door panel

It is a must to remember is that although the general step guidance is the same for all Ford vehicles regarding bolts, screws, hooks, and their numbers vary according to the models.

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