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How to Reset Service AdvanceTrac on Ford F150?

How to Reset Service AdvanceTrac on Ford F150?

Service AdvanceTrac technology helps you keep your Ford F150 steady while driving on rocky terrain and rough roadways.

It is an electronic stability system that provides a proper guideline of the road condition like snowy, gravel, unbalanced terrain, and dry streets. 

How to Reset Service AdvanceTrac on Ford F150? You can reset the Service AdvanceTrac warning light on Ford F-150 by finding the issue with the scanning tool and FORScan software. Next, disconnect and reconnect the battery while the ignition turns ON. Finally, you can update the AdvanceTrac software to reset it. Another solution, fasten the sensor wiring, clean the wheel speed sensor and inspect the ABS module.

This safety feature provides you best and safe driving experience in these conditions. This system enhances the friction to stop or slow your truck for better balance, traction, and stability. 

It can prevent oversteering and understeering by applying pressure to limit braking power to specific wheels. 

Electronic sensors communicate with the PCM (Power Control Module) to affect your vehicle steering function and balance in these extreme weather conditions. By maintain its stability, accidental risk also reduces.

The working mechanism of Service AdvanceTrac technology

AdvanceTrac technology depends on the small gyroscopic sensors. It measures the reading of your truck around 155 times per second. With this help, it can identify the upcoming problems like unbalanced, over-steering, or under-steering. 

In that situation, this system allows releasing the pressure that stabilizes it. This pressure can affect the specified wheel to slow down the Ford to enhance safety. 

The main specification of this feature is that it does not need any personal assistance for its activation. It is a pre-installed feature that measures even minor changes and increases your focus on the road. 

Another benefit of this system is the small detection of the instability and appropriate power consumption while reversing your vehicle. 

This feature is a combination of the various individual safety system that assists reduce the instability issues on the road while driving and minimize the risk of an accident.  

Procedure to Reset the Ford F150 Service AdvanceTrac Warning Light

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Disable the warning code

When a problem appears, your first step is to figure out the root cause of it. 

It is a quick fix issue to eliminate the warning message that appears on your dashboard of the instrument cluster. But, first, you have to disable the relevant code on the screen. 

It can be an easy or complicated process if you are stuck in some component of the AdvanceTrac warning light blinks. First, visit the Ford dealership so that they recognize and repair your problem. You can also hire an expert mechanic having good experience in repairing Ford truck issues. 

The advantage of the visit to the dealership you can repair your Ford under warranty that saves your money. 

Diagnose the problem

The next step is to diagnose the reason behind it. When you turn on the ignition light will turn on. Trained experts or dealers use a scanning tool to identify the root cause.

 Determine vehicle each wheel speed sensor and connectors wire harness. In this way, find corrosion deposition that intervenes in its performance like sensor corrosion or corroded wires. 

You make sure that all connections between the harness and sensor are working properly or need fixation. Moisture retention can also be the reason that damage the wiring connections and speed sensor pigtail. 

Make sure the supply voltage and ground inside each system module. Its functioning can interrupt due to inadequate voltage supply, no- resistance ground feed. 

When you don’t have access to a repair shop or cannot identify the specific root cause, an OBD-II scanner and FORScan software are the best options.

Disconnect the battery

Some other procedures stop you use this expensive diagnostic tool or software like OBD-II and FORScan software. 

One thing you keep in mind while you eliminate the error code, turning OFF the truck ignition and then unplug the battery cannot remove this warning message from your display. 

After this, unplug the battery for 6 to 7 minutes, but make sure that your Ford F-150 ignition turns ON. 

Reconnect the battery

Reset the Advance Trac procedure on the Ford F-150. In this step, after disconnection of the battery during the engine is in working condition. Then, reconnect it and drive your truck. This process can help to disable the warning message or code on display. 

Update the programming

Sometimes software needs updates for better functioning, and some other new features also add to it with up-gradation. These updates are exclusive, so visit the dealership. 

Fasten the wiring harness

Loose wiring is also a factor that responds to impair this system. The wire harness is present inside the cabin, but above the parking brake system, proper connects adjacent to your parking brake pedal. Secure the plug by twisting these back and forth and make these tight. 

Another way to confirm or make it tight is by disconnecting and reconnecting the wiring assembly and relevant plugs. 

Then, go inside your truck cabin and check that the warning message turns OFF or not after its ignition ON.

It is best to secure its harness with zip ties so that it cannot cause further problems. 

Inspect the Ford F150 ABS module

ABS is an anti-lock braking system that prevents your truck from skidding or hydroplaning. When you drive on the road, it provides extra protection that makes it functional. 

ABS wheel speed sensor has a wiring harness that transmits information about the wheel rotational speed to the control module. When your display shows an error message that represents the sensor circuit is open. 

It may occur due to poor harness conditions or broken wire. It will be best to check its connection consistency and location where it damage or break out. 

During this condition, you have to replace and fix this problem. Its wire harness carries low voltage electrical signals, and any loss can lead to entirely signal loss. 

Clean the sensor

Sometimes corrosion can be the reason to interfere with the functioning of AdvanceTrac. So, you should resolve this problem to make its functioning. You can use the rust protector oil on the passenger side wheel on the front side to help prevent rusting. 

When a problem appears in the sensor can cause a fault indication that your vehicle is about to slip or slide and need fixing. 

You can roll back after switch ON the traction control manually. Usually, rusting occur in the rear fender wells due to the road salt in snowy roads. 

Another way that resolves the issue is the proper cleaning by unbolting the wheel speed sensor because these are magnetic and capture the dust and moisture entrap in it. 

In this step, you can jack it up and position it securely. Next, disable the electrical connector, three pin-type retainers from its wiring, and two-speed sensor grommet fastener. 

Unplug the wire assembly and wheel speed sensor by unscrewing the bolt, clean it, and installing it.

Safety system integrates into AdvanceTrac technology

Here is the list of safety systems of Ford F150 that are linked with this Advancetrac technology.

Traction control system

The traction control system is a driver assistance function that prevents wheels from spinning, particularly on steep roads or hilly terrain. The high spinning of the wheel usually controls by the engine traction control and brake-traction control. 

At low speed, TCS will activate, and the sliding vehicle option will blink on display and disable the braking system to cool down during abrupt traction control. It controls the over spinning of the wheels and reduces engine power. 

Electronic stability control

Sensors are essential to balance the Ford F-150 on slippery roads, adjusting engine output, stability, and braking pressure. 

ESC stable the truck direction during an abrupt turn or reduce engine power. In this way, during this performance, steering wheel angle sensors and accelerometers provide input. 

Roll stability control

During extreme maneuvers, this feature maintains your pickup truck roll stability. In addition, it controls the speed and balances it on the road during emergency lane changes or abrupt turns. 

The problem usually occurs during aggressive driving, inadequate driver input, high body angle, and steep roads. If the shock absorber or springs of your truck damage, then roll stability control cannot work.

Trailer sway control

Trailer sway control during towing can provide support and stability to the vehicle. It is an angular hitch that altered friction and cramshaft rotation regulate the process of instability. 

This technology can work with the trailer sway control and RSC that act as a sensor to identify the problem of swaying.

Appropriate opposing braking and reduction of engine torque stable the towed vehicle and truck if necessary. Sometimes such safety features cannot work due to inadequate driver input. 

Causes of Service AdvanceTrac Warning light in Ford F150

There are various causes of the AdvanceTrac light turn ON. 

Faulty wheel speed sensor

A wheel speed sensor is also known as a vehicle speed sensor present on the knuckle arm of the all-wheel of the Ford F-150 pickup truck. It delivers information about the rotation speed of the wheels provides vehicle speed data. 

The truck’s transmission can transfer correctly and identify its internal revolution number using the best speed sensor.

 As a result, data will send to its control unit, which will measure the spinning speed and make modifications accordingly.

Faulty wheel speed sensor has various reasons, including rough gear changes, malfunctioning of the speedometer, and check engine light turn ON. In this way, impaired rotational speed sensor can also be the reason for it.

Impaired steering angle sensor

The steering angle sensor is a monitoring device present in the steering column or at the front suspension. The steering wheel generates the voltage that detects by it and transmits the data to the truck ECU. It’s an analog device with an LED light that detects steering input angle. 

It increases the Ford F-150 lifespan and has a chance of impairing due to various factors. When fault appears, the traction control light turns ON on the display of the instrument cluster. 

In this condition, hire a professional mechanic to diagnose the issue that encounters safety and stability. Inadequate steering wheel response and aligning of the steering angle sensor can also be the cause.

Sensor bad harness

Sensor poor harness can also affect this feature. So, disassemble cables and connectors and replace them with new ones. 

Another factor is the System programming that can cause AdvanceTrac light warning light. It can control your vehicle to a certain level. But, any issue in these can affect this system. 

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