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How to Remove Ford F150 Platinum Tailgate Panel?

How to Remove Ford F150 Platinum Tailgate Panel?

Ford F150 platinum panel tailgate brings luxury and facilitates the drivers with traffic signs, security, and an attractive appearance. 

How to Remove Ford F150 Platinum Tailgate Panel? You can remove the Ford F150 platinum tailgate panel by removing eight screws and top lid, unfasten the bolts with a socket, and pull out its step. Next, remove plastic clips, detach the plug, pinch clips, and detach the panel. Provide hot air through a dryer, detach the dual end tape, and remove the platinum panel. 

It has platinum material with a variety of polished colors. It remains fixed with the tailgate assembly, and the alphabets dominate the overall design. The holding capacity of the panel is high when they are new, and it decreases with time.

Several problems lead to their removal, and a new platinum panel for the tailgates costs around $890 to $1500. Repairing, cleaning, and polishing are other ways to prevent detachment, but it does not last for a long duration. 

You need to know few techniques, consider the instructions and then remove them with minimum damages. The third procedure is tricky, and it becomes more challenging when the person lacks appropriate skills. 

Remove the Ford F150 Platinum Tailgate with tools

The use of different tools in one method makes it quick and easier for any person. It involves approximately 3 to 4 gadgets of variable sizes. 

Open the tailgate and detach the top

The tailgates remain closed and near to the overall vehicle body. However, the opening of such gates is challenging due to modification of design.

Use the manual, read all the instructions, and then utilize the relevant procedure. Handle the key fob in the rear section and maintain a distance of around 2 feet to 3 feet. 

Press the tailgate release button one time, and it helps you to unlock the gate. Push it twice simultaneously, and as a result, the tailgate lowers downward.

It has eight screws, count all and add marks. Then, use a Philips screwdriver and loosen them one by one. 

Remove these screws and hold the upper lid. Collect them and store them in a polythene bag for future use.

Open the step section and remove bolts

The tailgate’s step is not a universal feature, but the 2015 Ford F150 comprises this part. 

Hold the handle, grab it firmly, and pull the step outwards. There are 2 to 3 bolts of around 10 mm to 12 mm. 

The sockets of appropriate size are beneficial for such removals due to their circular mouths and firm control. 

Adjust the socket on the bolt and move it anticlockwise. Next, open both end bolts one by one and detach the step section. 

Remove plastic clips 

Once you remove the top covers, access to the platinum panel is convenient for the naked eye. The plastic clips support the attachment of platinum panels with the metallic surface of Ford. 

These clips are usually 4 to 8 and vary according to the models of your vehicle. They remain inserted inside their relevant points.

However, removal of the clips is necessary without breaking any part of the tailgate. 

Hold them and pull those outwards with a specific amount of strength. Remove these four clips and loosen the panel body. 

Never apply excessive strength on them because they can break inside. The removal of broken parts is trickier than intact parts. 

Detach plug underneath the bumper

A plug remains attached with the tailgate lights, sensors, alarms, and other automatic features. It also connects the rear camera with the electric supply of the Ford F150. 

You cannot detach the platinum panel in the presence of this plug. It locates under the bumper section and is large enough. 

Access it, then detach the plug from the electric supply, and preserve the equipment from damages. Finally, disconnect the electric wires and roll them back.

Use pliers and pinch clips

In this step, you can access the clips with your hands and fingers. Pinching the clips inward is beneficial to loosen them. 

In few conditions, fingers cannot reach the clips, use pliers to push them. You can use 2 to 3 pliers simultaneously and pinch the plastic clips inwards. 

Hearing the sounds of plastic cracks is a sign of panel detachment. Repeat the process for all clips one by one. They lie on the top and both sides in a row with an appropriate sequence. 

Few of them have the support of a pin, and they open with the attachment equipment. 

Gradually pull it away from the tailgate

The tailgate panel also comprises adhesive material as a security feature. Hold the front side of this item and gradually pull it towards your side.

Pull it away until you detach one side of the panel. Keep it slow because sudden jerks can destroy the surface of your tailgate. Remove it and place it aside for polishing and further use. 

Destructing such materials is your choice because they are expensive. 

The overall process takes approximately 20 minutes to 45 minutes with slow movements.

The overall process may cost you around $34 to $51 because it includes the cost of involved tools.

Use a dryer machine

One of the quick and beneficial ways to remove the adhesive material is a drying machine. Utilize this procedure when the clips have already broken due to age and other affecting factors. 

Check the stability of your platinum panel manually, and then access the double tape section.

Approach the glue area, fix the dryer opening near it, and turn it on. Provide the hot air, melt the glue and detach the double end tape.

It loosens the panel from the Ford surface. Repeat the activity for every part of the tape and move forward gradually.

Hold it throughout the process to prevent the sudden drop of the item. The broken plastic clips also melt due to constant hot air. 

Pull the panel outwards and detach it completely. It is one of the quickest procedures and takes around 5 minutes to 7 minutes. 

A high-quality drying machine with a constant air throw is best for these methods. The hairdryer costs you around $15 to $30 approximately. 

Dental floss technique to remove the Ford F150 tailgate panel

It is another way to remove the platinum tailgate panel without any damage. The technique involves a mechanism like dental floss. 

It is a beneficial procedure when the clips and pins damages in the initial stages.

The vulnerability of the clips and attachment pins allows the penetration of thread inside it. Cross it on both sides of the damaged clip, curve it in a U-shape, and pull it from the downside. 

Break the double tape and adhesive material by crossing the thread repeatedly. First, detach the sides of the panel and then move to the central section. 

You can also use any rigid wires that can curve between the dual-end materials. However, it is a time-consuming process, and people use it when they lack the proper equipment. 

The process can take around 30 to 55 minutes and depends on the rigidity of the curved material.

It costs you around $3 to $5 according to the used material. 

However, the selection of the method depends on the owner and his budget. It works approximately for all models of a Ford F150.

Why would you remove the Ford F150 Platinum Tailgate Panel?

I have mentioned four prominent reasons for tailgate panel removal, and all of them lead to the installation of a new item. 

Without modifications, it damages the rear surface of the Ford F150.

You can remove them to replace them with and appealing designs. 

Age impact 

It has a life span of around 2 to 2.5 years with maintenance and cleaning conditions. However, it starts damaging after this duration, and broken parts appear on the front side.

Age affects their fixing ability, and they can fall anywhere on the road. It is one of the significant reasons because without removing the platinum starts damaging. It affects the lower surface and results in accidentals situations. 

Challenging cleaning

They require appropriate cleaning conditions after every 2 to 5 days. All ways of cleaning and washing are challenging because it requires time. 

Loss of tape stickiness

The clips and pins help the tailgate panels to adjust, but the dual end tape is an essential adhesive material.

In few situations, it loses the stickiness, and the panel slides downward from that particular point. As a result, it can fall on the road during driving conditions and also harms other people. 

The removal is the best option in this condition to protect the public and other drivers. It also decreases the chances of panel free falling. 


The rainwater and washing lead to the entrance of droplets in the panel ends. They reside there due to close sections, and dirt accumulates with time. 

The water and dirt interaction results in corrosive stains. They seem to like water bubble spots, but in reality, all of them are corrosion marks.

They appear in the form of lines and clusters. The cleaning and polishing fail to resolve these problems due to similar conditions constantly. It leads to the removal of a panel, and reuse solely depends on the owner’s choice. 

Cost and time required

It depends on the method and professional skills of a person. However, on average, it consumes around 10 minutes to 55 minutes approximately to remove the platinum tailgate of your Ford F150.

The process can lead up to 1.5 hours to 3 hours due to a lack of equipment and appropriate instructions.

Ask a mechanic to remove these panels because they take around 15 to 25 minutes for damage-free removal. The labor charges up to $7 to $10 per hour. 

Name of methods Time consumption Total cost
Equipment method 20 to 45 minutes $34 to $51
Drying machine method 5 to 7 minutes $15 to $30
Dental floss method 30 to 55 minutes $3 to $5

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