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How to Reset Toyota Tundra Maintenance Light?

How to Reset Toyota Tundra Maintenance Light?

Maintenance lights on Toyota Tundra are programmed and connected with sensors to remind the driver of the scheduled service of their truck. 

How to Reset Toyota Tundra Maintenance Light? You can reset the maintenance light on the 2000 to 2017 Toyota Tundra by turning the ignition ON without starting the engine. Press the Trip button for a while and turn the ignition key in the OFF position. Turn the ignition key to ON and press the odometer Trip button A at once, and all the lines disappear, turn to zeros, and the reset process is complete. In 2018 to 2021 models, turn ON the ignition and go to the menu on display. Click on the setting option and press the maintenance reset option. Click on the yes to complete the reset process. 

Toyota Tundra being the bestselling automobile brand, provides such indicators inside its automobile. 

The maintenance light is programmed to sense a specific distance covered accurately and then light up to remind you about the scheduled service of your truck. For instance, the criteria for such light set for 4500 miles. 

Sometimes the problem may occur, and this light does not light up on time. Under such circumstances, you must be vigilant enough to identify a problem promptly and get it rectified.

Few instructions for the light reset and FOB ignition

In both 2000 to 2017 and 2018 to 2021 models of the Toyota Tundra, the key is in on position. While pressing the knob button of the odometer, wait for a while for about 15 seconds.

Make sure the engine is in the OFF position. While reset, hold the odometer button until the light that is on will close. While resetting, make sure to not press any other vehicle control like the brake pedal. 

On an instrument panel, a notification will display on the screen to let you know to reset the maintenance light.

2000 to 2017 models of the Toyota tundra maintenance light reset

The Toyota Tundra 2000 to 2017 models have a similar procedure to reset the maintenance light and less time-consuming process.

In addition, all models of it have a built-in maintenance reminder. When the oil change process is complete, the Maintenance Required message appears on the odometer instrument cluster. 

Turn the ignition ON

You get into your truck and start your vehicle by turning the ignition in ON position but not to start the engine.

Everything on the dashboard will light up. Next, take care of the Tripmeter, press the Trip A knob until Trip A reading will show on display. 

Turn the ignition OFF

Turn the ignition key in the OFF position to reset the maintenance light. Then, press the trip button of the odometer for a while you see the lines will appear on display. 

Hold the Trip A knob, and the ignition is in ON position, but the engine is off. When you let go of this button, the lines will disappear, and the trip meter display will read all 00000.

 To ensure that the process is complete, switch off the key and then turn it on again. You will see the reset procedure complete. 

2018 to 2021 reset steps

The maintenance light is also known as service-required light that can trigger by the mileage. Various manufacturers have different criteria when the light turns on. 

When the time of oil change comes maintenance light will turn on. You should change the oil after 4500miles to 10,000 miles but make sure to reset it after changing the oil. 

To reset the maintenance light to perform well, you get into the vehicle and turn the key into ON position. You will see a notification that says Maintenance Required to Visit Your Dealer.

The button panel is present on the side of the steering wheel press the back button to go to the menu on display. It also has other options to go left, right, up, or down. 

When you scroll for the menu to get the vehicle setting option, click the up and down buttons on the screen so you can access other options, such as PCS, LDA, additional settings, and vehicle settings.

On the instrument panel, the middle button is for the Ok. When you press it for the vehicle setting option, it leads to the other options like Trailer Type and Maintenance Reset.

You should select the maintenance reset icon on the multi-information display. Then, click ok, and two other options will show on display. Reset the maintenance reminder with Yes or No. 

Click on the yes that shows you that the maintenance reset is complete. Then, you can go back to the main menu by pressing the back arrow button. 

Turn off the ignition, go outside, and again get into a vehicle and restart it again. Again, you can see that no message or alert appears on the screen.  

Time required to reset it

When you go to the truck for service, most automotive experts will reset the service required light.

 If they do not reset it, you can perform it yourself because it is easy, and its method depends on the Toyota Tundra model and the year. 

When you start your vehicle, it becomes illuminated for seven seconds and disappears after 4500miles. But when the truck covers 5000 miles or high, it will remain ON. So the total time requires to reset it is around 2 to 3 minutes.

In case of improper false or no indication of a maintenance light

 The maintenance light of the truck may illuminate for a specific distance. It can happen due to a problem encountered by a sensor or some electrical problem in the wiring of the maintenance light.

To avoid this problem, first, you need to keep an eye on the meter of your vehicle, record the distance traveled by your truck, and by frequent checking of both sensor and wiring of maintenance light of your truck.

What to do if the Toyota Tundra maintenance light is not reset?

The Maintenance Required oil change light indicator should turn off when you follow the above-given steps to reset it. 

 If the process fails for any reason, there are a few things you should think about and try.

Restart the resetting process after confirming that the displayed odometer reading is compatible with the digital odometer.

You have to disconnect your vehicle battery. While doing this and plugging in again, the internal computer will be prompt to reboot. 

You may face trouble dealing with the problem and do not know what to do, contact the dealership or the Toyota owner manual’s guidelines.

Significance of Toyota Tundra maintenance light

In Toyota Tundra, the maintenance light will turn ON when an oil change light indicator reads the notification after 4500 to 10000 miles coverage.

It is a reminder for you to change the oil as needed, so do not panic if the system fails.

Scheduled and periodic service is necessary for the sound health of any vehicle. 

If this routine care cannot perform as prescribed in the vehicle according to the schedule, it results in excessive wear and tear of vital parts of the engine and the whole frame of the pickup truck. 

However, if you do not change the oil and lubricate the engine’s critical parts, your vehicle will cease running after a short period of excessive wear and tear.

When the oil change is complete, the light reset for a new maintenance period as per the maintenance schedule.

Why would you reset the maintenance light of the Toyota Tundra?

Because the Toyota Tundra light does not turn off on its own when mileage exceeds 5000 miles. It is the best idea to switch off properly by yourself, so you will have less work to deal with on your dashboard. 

It will annoy you when you are driving and alert you that something is going wrong with your truck. It tells you about an oil change from the authorized auto service center. It will allow you to improve the fuel economy and make your driving more smooth. 

In this way, oil change and reset of maintenance required light reduce the chances of wear and tear of the truck components to save your money. 

Furthermore, it depends on the odometer to calculate the mileage coverage around 4500 to 10,000 miles. It will irritate when you change the oil, but still, this light remains ON. 

Is it safe to drive Toyota Tundra with a maintenance light ON?

Automakers introduce the vehicle’s maintenance light or service required light to assist the driver. The computer keeps the record of the mileage coverage and sends you a reminder to service the engine at a predetermined time. 

The pickup truck’s ability to drive cannot affect by continuous illuminated light, but it can harm the components. Not changing the oil at a specified time can affect the engine’s durability. 

So, you should do a regular inspection to avoid putting extra cost because the engine is expensive. 

Hire a qualified professional or expert that finds the unknown cause if you fail to get the reason behind it. 

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