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How to Change Toyota Tacoma Startup Screen?

How to Change Toyota Tacoma Startup Screen?

It is easy to modify the Toyota Tacoma startup screen. These images are displayed when you ignite the engine of your truck.

How to Change Toyota Tacoma Startup Screen? You can change the Toyota Tacoma startup screen by connecting the USB drive to your computer. Now make two folders, one for the Startup image, and the other is for the Screen Off image. Remove it from the computer and plug in the vehicle port to transfer the image. When you press the App button, a menu will display, prompting you to select the general option, which will take you to the next icon. Click on the Startup icon and choose the customize startup image to update it. 

To change the image, you need a portable drive or USB. You will just put a USB into your system, fulfill the criteria to create a specific folder for the default image inside USB and then plug in the same USB into a startup screen or head unit of your Toyota Tacoma. 

In addition to this, while making a sure selection of pictures and then creating their specific folder, you must remember that there is a limitation of just three images. 

If you want it to be better and worth looking at, you must be careful with the frame of the image and its size to fit the display of your truck.

Easy steps to change Toyota Tacoma startup screen

The need to update Toyota Tacoma’s startup screen requires several components. First, it includes Laptop or computer system that can support by Mac/windows. 

USB flash drive regardless of the storage capacity limit. You should ensure that it is empty does not contain any files or download stuff.

When storage becomes congested with other files or data, it can cause issues with uploading the images and the process to fail.

Image Specification that Uploads on your Toyota Tacoma Screen

If you want to display an image, make sure it has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The aspect ratio of an image should be 16:8 or relatively close to it so that picture can adjust equally from all corners of the display. 

The inappropriate aspect ratio can leave some space around the edges that does not give a fair look. In addition, there is a limitation to the number of images you can upload; it should be three.

The file format of the image that is compatible with the display is the jpg or jpeg. The picture file size that wants to upload should be 5MB to 10MB or less. 

The name of the image file with its format should have 32 characters, not more than from it. 

The name that you give to the file should be characters or without space. In this way, folder names that you create should be Case Sensitive. 

Arrange USB or Flash Drive to Import Images of Your Choice

 When a person looks at an image on this vehicle’s system or startup screen for an extended period, they become tired of it. 

To set new and refreshing images, first, you need to arrange a flash drive or USB with optimum space. 

In using any flash drive or USB, you must be careful that this must be free from any systematic viruses. If you suspect any corrupt file or virus inside your USB, then scan and format this USB carefully. 

Insert USB into the Computer to Copy Image

Now, plug in a USB or flash drive into your system. See images of your choice and interest from your system’s hard drive or the internet directly after plugging in the USB.

 Save shortlisted files from these sources and then realign these images according to the screen dimensions of the unit head of your Toyota Tacoma.

 You can do this job by using paint inside your system or using some specific photo editing software. After doing this job, now import these files to a new folder. 

This new folder must be titled quite specifically as Startup screen. In addition to this, you must choose the image format which most suitable or compatible with the operating system of your display. 

Choose the Image for Your Computer

After plug-in, the device into your computer creates two folders the first one you call DisplayOffImage without any space in the letters, and the D, O, and I should be capital. Next, drag the file into the folder that you want to use to display the picture.

Secondly, you can create another folder that is a Startupimage having a capital S letter. Then, drag the folder that you want to upload on display. 

Once these transfer into the USB folders, disconnect the USB drive from your computer. The audio system will not download the photos if you do not use this kind of folder. You can choose from various images, including family photos, outdoor settings, pets, and more.

Insert USB in the Vehicle Port

Insert the USB in the vehicle port. Once you insert it on the vehicle, a menu will display. Next, click on the app, which shows various options like navigation, audio, phone, messages, Eco, Setup, and more others. 

You should select the setup icon to reach other options, such as general, home screen, display, Bluetooth, and others.

Click on the General option, which opens up a menu; scroll down to find the customized Startupimage.

Upload the Image

When you click on the General option and follow the further option, Click on the customized Startup image. The notification will appear on display. 

Files will be copied from a USB flash drive. Are you sure you want to overwrite the current image. 

At the bottom of the notification, two options are available Yes or No. You do not need to overwrite the image or the default Toyota. So, you do not need to overthink or worry about it. 

Click on the Yes option and copy the file. However, you do not need to turn off the vehicle or disconnect the USB from it. 

Customize Toyota Tacoma Startup Image

The customize startup image menu bar will display when you copy the image. It contains a default photo of the Toyota in the top left corner. 

At the bottom of the menu have three options include Transfer image, delete all, and ok. When the image transfer is complete, you can confirm the process by clicking that option.

To add the picture on display. Click on the image option and press Ok. 

The notification will appear on display to update the image. Do not turn off the vehicle while uploading it. 

Check the Startup Image is Functional

After customizing the Startup image, you have to check that image is functional.

 Make sure that the startup screen change process is complete. 

If your Tacoma truck is turned ON, then you have to switch off the ignition. Turn it on and check the image that you upload pop-up or not. 

You have to check the other display and make sure it is also in working condition. Make sure that Display Off Image works well. 

You can check it by pressing the App option from the left side of the display. 

It represents the various option, so click the General icon. It leads to other displays scrolling down and choosing the Screen Off option. If it appears, it means the uploading process is successful and in working condition. 

Customize the Screen Off Image for Toyota Tacoma

After customizing the Startup image, click the back button to return to the Setup’s main menu.

Click on the General icon from one of these. It also displays a new menu with many options, so select the Customize Image. That is the same thing you’d do with the above procedure.

The notification appears on display like images will be copied from the USB flash drive. Are you sure to want to overwrite the current file with the bottom of the menu having Yes and No options. 

So, click on the Yes to copy the image. Make sure the vehicle is turned on while doing this process.

There is a default with a black screen image and another with an image folder. Click on these to upload the image, and the vehicle will continue to turn on.

Time required

It is a less time-consuming process that can complete in less than 3 to 6 minutes. When you turn on the vehicle, the image will not immediately display but appear after a few seconds.

You can change the startup screen by yourself or visit the dealership to upload the picture. 

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