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How to Change Odometer from Miles to Kilometers on Ford F150?

How to Change Odometer from Miles to Kilometers on Ford F150?

The distance is measured in two units that are miles and kilometers. This distance is visible in the odometer of the Ford F150.

How to Change Odometer from Miles to Kilometers on Ford F150? The reading of the odometer can be changed from miles to kilometers by using a cruiser controller in some Ford F150 models. You can move it to select display and then change the units. Another method of changing the measuring units is with or without the help of the message center. You can change it by pressing the setup menu and change km to miles or miles to km.

You can change the unit of your odometer that measures the distance cover. You can change the odometer reading from miles to kilometers easily.

How to Change Odometer from Miles to Kilometers on Ford F150?

In the Ford truck, the instrumental display unit equips with a trip computer. This computer keeps a record of the time and the distance you travel.

You can track the average distance you cover according to the fuel remain in the vehicle. This trip computer contains several menu options that you use to change the odometer metric units.

You can change them by using a five-way cruiser switch. The switch is present on the left side of the steering wheel.

You can use the cruiser control 5-way switch to change distance units of the odometer. You can press the OK button after changing the odometer units.

Use the cruiser controller

You can change the setting present in the instrumental panel with the help of the cruiser controller.

You can start by going to the menu setting for changing the display settings with the help of a controller. Select display by pressing the OK button present in the middle. Select measure unit feature present in display setting.

There are two options available after pressing the measuring unit. Choose the metric or the distance covered in miles by pressing it.

You can do this by moving the cruiser in an upward and downward direction. For selecting any of them, press the button OK and choose the units.

Use the message center on Ford F150

There is another method to change the odometer reading with the help of the message center of the F150.

The message center is present between the speedometer and tachometer. Start the truck for performing this function.

You can turn the ignition in the ON position. The message center activates located in the instrumental panel of the vehicle.

It displays all the features of the Ford F150. It tells about the problems associated with the truck. There are different selectable features inside this panel.

There are two main menus one is the info menu and the setup menu. You can use the select and reset button to enable and change functions.

Press the setup for changing measuring systems. Press the select button to display all the current units of the vehicle.

Press the reset button to change the units from English to metric. The English unit display in the odometer is for miles, and the metric shows it in kilometer. 

Press the setup button

You can change units in some models without the message center. You can change the odometer reading from miles to kilometers.

In this method, the temperature unit also changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Press the setup button located on the console region of the truck.

The odometer measuring units display in the instrumental panel. Press the reset button located in the console region.

After pressing the reset, the system changes from English to metric. English units have miles and Fahrenheit. Metric includes kilometers and Celsius.

After changing it, check them by seeing them in the display center. The temperature unit also changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius. This unit can easily see in the console region of the vehicle.

How to correct and adjust the odometer reading?

Due to some reason, the odometer does not show proper reading and shuts down itself. You can correct and adjust its reading but considered illegal to change the mileage of the vehicle.

There is a genuine problem related to your odometer reading that can affect the working of your automobile. Then you can fix it.

You can use a cost-effective X-tool product. You can go in the diagnose function and press odometer adjustments. Select the truck and its model. Select the year of the vehicle look for mileage adjustment.

Change the mileage value to the original value of the odometer that has been disturb due to some malfunction.

You can change the units according to the mile and kilometer, depending on your preferences. You can adjust it if some malfunction happens and it stops working.

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