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How to Make Your Truck Heater Hotter?

How to Make Your Truck Heater Hotter?

Here are 8 best DIY methods to make your truck heater hotter in the winter. Wearing warm clothes taking hot drinks can be of some help but for a short time. A permanent and most suitable way to fix this issue and turn on the heater of the vehicle.

How to Make Your Truck Heater Hotter? You can make your truck heater hotter by cleaning the clogged heater core, maintain the air handler, increase the engine temperature, adjust the coolant circulation, and using a block heater.

All automobiles have inbuilt cooling and heating system in them. Both these systems are interconnected and are of great use in extreme temperatures. The heating system of a vehicle blows hot air through fans into the seating compartment of it.

How to Make Your Truck Heater Hotter?

In this step-by-step guide, we have explained the proven methods to keep your truck warm in extreme temperatures. The hot air comes from the heater core. It draws hot coolant from the cylinder head and passes it to the pump. The blower fan gives the heat to passengers.

So in winter, when temperatures fall extremely low, we need some extra heat from this system, or sometimes the heating system is not working correctly. In both situations, we need to look out for some ways which we can use to make the situation better.

Clean clogged heater core

The heater core in a vehicle is just like a radiator, and it works as a heat exchanger. This part has both inlet and outlet valves to allow the circulation of hot coolant through it. The blower motor blows warm air, this, in turn, controls the heat level in the sitting area.

To make the heating system of your automobile more efficient, you should make some improvements in it. Sometimes it gets clogged with some dirt or something is entrapped in it.

The inlet and outlet valve gets clog due to it. Sometimes corrosion becomes the reason for this blockage. Rusty core is not as efficient as a fresh one. The leaky core also gets clogged. The coolant from the base starts aerosolizing, and the fan blows it on windows.

Cleaning the clogged core can improve efficiency. You can flush the core to clean it. You can do this repair at home. Take a bucket to collect all this and filth from your vehicle. You should clean the truck to prevent dirt and beg bugs.

Check the air handler

Air handlers are also called blower motors of heating systems. These blowers direct the hot air from the core to the inside of the cabin. These motors use different doors and vent to blow the hot air. Before blowing warm air, it mixes it with fresh air to control the temperature. Observe the doors and vents, and if got any problem, replace them.

The dirty doors can compromise the flow of hot air. The leaky vents can also make the performance worse. The doors and vents sometimes get disconnected from the air handler and cannot pass enough hot air in the pickup.

Some pickups have vacuum motors to control such doors and vents in the compartment. Clean the vacuum lines and, if necessary, replace them. Sometimes the air coming from cabin air filters is not warm enough.

The cabin air filters help in cleaning the air coming into the compartment. When these filters become dirty or nonfunctional, such an issue happens. Cleaning or changing these filters will fix the issue. Warmer and clean air can enter the passenger compartment.

Increase engine temperature

It uses the heat which the engine can produce. When we turn on the engine, and it starts getting warm steadily.

When it gets hot enough, the engine absorbs the heat and transfer it to other parts. So it is the heat of the engine which we utilize in the heating system.

Increasing the temperature of the engine can increase the efficiency of your automobile. Increasing temperature does not mean overheating the engine.

Rise the temperature of the engine to an acceptable range. Increasing this can also increase the transfer of heat from the engine to the inside of the pickup. The weight of Ford F350 Dually is more and it helps in better performance.

Use block heater

It is quite more efficient than any ordinary product. These are devices used to heat the engine and fuel before driving a pickup. The name block heater comes from the lower bottom of the engine. This pan collects oil in it when the engine is shutdown.

This oil pan is called a block. It warms up the oil in the engine block in winters. This feature is beneficial in cold weather when the oil gets thick. These along with heating the oil, also warm up the engine. It protects the engine from any damage and increases the life of the pickup.

We know that coolant takes heat from the engine and transfer to the interior of the cabin, so warmer the engine hotter will be our automobile. This not only makes the vehicle cabin hotter but also speeds up the time to warm up the engine.

You just need to plug in it a few moments before riding the automobile. These are not necessary for average temperatures but in extreme cold. You can install these easily, and some of them are reusable. This also depends on the average weight of the Ford F350.

Keep the truck moving

Moving the vehicle can also improve the efficiency of the gadget. When it is static, the engine stops working. When the engine is not working, it is unable to produce heat. When you start moving it, the engine takes some time to warm up.

Within a few minutes, it gets to approximately 120 to 180 degrees. In cold weather, this process further delays, and you will feel it underperforming. Keeping the vehicle moving can make the engines to produce heat steadily. You should get the spare tire off the truck and keep it inside in bad weather.

Upgrade the thermostat

The thermostat is a small device, which helps it to maintain its working temperature. All the vehicle engine works at a specific range of temperature. For trucks, this working temperature is more than 250 Fahrenheit. It resides between the radiator and engine. It regulates the flow of heat from the engine to other parts.

This device breaks open at a specific temperature of engine and coolant start flowing. Sometimes any fault in it is the main reason we are not getting enough heat. The broken thermostat also completely blocks the flow and diminishes engine power. When the thermostat is not working correctly, it also affects the performance of the engine.

Poor engine performance produces less heat, which is not sufficient. If necessary, replace the thermostat with a new one. While upgrading, it installs the thermostat with higher temperature ranges.

Remote start

The remote start system allows your vehicle to warm up before your sitting in it. This system consists of 2 essential parts. One is a radio receiver, and the other is a remote transmitter.

The radio receiver is present in your vehicle, and a remote transmitter is present at your truck keys. Just press the remote transmitter twice for 5 seconds. Light will flash, and the horn will honk. You can also hide a GPS tracker on your truck for better functions.

After this, the engine starts running, and it keeps working for approximately 15 minutes. The remote start system is automatic and starts working when the temperature falls or rises. You can switch it off while driving.

The engine produces excess heat in a static position and almost transfer all the heat to the entire pickup. You can connect or control this system with your smartphones. The vehicle should have U-connect to connect to your device. This is more efficient and comfortable to control your motor vehicle with your gadget. You can use this setup if you have just converted your vehicle into a monster truck.

Improve the coolant circulation

When the engine warms up, it flows through the engine and absorb heat and transfer it to the core. The temperature which coolant absorb is wholesome of heat, which blower motors blow in our vehicle.

When the coolant circulant is not proper, or something is hindering its circulation, then it starts underworking.

It is a common fault that during flushing the radiator, most of the coolant spill from the heating system. You can boost its circulation by eliminating the air in the radiator.

The radiator is at the highest point, and the air gets entrap here. This air can block the flow of coolant. You can pump fresh coolant into the system. This will make your truck to carry more weight.

DEI heater hotter chemical coolant additive is the suitable option to replace the old coolant. This chemical can accelerate the transfer of heat from the engine by 50%, even in the subzero environment.

The expert advises it to add in the radiator in the frigid environment. This product also saves the engine from wear in the cold. Add it to the radiator regardless of the type of antifreeze in it.