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Marathon Coach: Facts You Should Know

Marathon Coach: Facts You Should Know

2022 Marathon Coach is a luxury motorhome that comes with the latest features and advanced technology. It can accommodate a family of 2 to 4 people, and the structure is approximately 43 to 47 feet long. It has a high-performance engine with a horsepower of 450hp to 490hp. 

2022 Marathon Coach

The new 2022 Marathon Coach is a luxurious RV that delivers extraordinary performance. In this article, we have explained all of its features and specifications.

Exterior design

It is a six-wheeler with beautiful external walls. They have insulation to bear the environmental changes.

The paint is high quality, and it reduces the entrance of heat inside the coach. The front side is slightly oval, but it is like a bus. 

There are windows and an entrance door. There are few steps in the front of the driving compartments, and it divides into two halves.

It provides a complete view of the front road. The side mirrors are suitable for the background views. 

The front headlights are efficient, and they offer comfortable traveling during the night. The rooftop area is plain, and it covers the whole coach without any disturbance. 

The windshield wipers are efficient in rainy times. There are numerous windows with blind mirrors that provide an external view.

They also control the entering of sunlight, and there is only one entrance to the mega-structure. It is enough for one person at one time. 

Interior design

You can find few steps while entering this RV. They are 2 – 3 and allow one person with quick accessibility. The front sight is all about the driving seat. 

It has a structure with a leather covering and seat belt. The steering wheel is right in front of the driving section. The front dashboard area is vast, and it has settling space for various small things. 

The front machinery compartment comprises of radio and another sound system.

The electric ports are available to connect the mobile phones and other external devices. They have insulations, and there is no chance of a short circuit.

Water cannot reach these sections, and it remains safe every time. The rearview mirror is available to get the internal backside view. 

There is a control panel on the front side with a touch panel, and it offers complete information on the backside view. The reversing position becomes easy due to this structure.

It also controls the movement of the vehicle in terms of slide-outs. The protection increases due to automatically working electric equipment.

The entrance of the other sections offers a sight of a lights row. The ceiling comprises different light-emitting electrode lamps.

They have a special arrangement with insulations. The floors are woody, and the color depends on the furniture and other compartments. 


Every section comprises furniture according to its layout, and the living area includes a sofa and a front table.

 This luxury motorhome also a dining compartment. The furniture is along the walls, and they have special arrangements.

The chairs and table are woody, and they have space for the utensils. They make the dining sessions comfortable. 

There is no turbulence in the furniture during the traveling. The color depends on the contrasting patterns of the whole structure.

The sofas are smooth with comfortable foamy seats. It has pillows and other soft cushions to allow convenience. You can expand the slide-out and move it to the external portion. 

There is an arrangement of two seats right in front of the television, and you can consider it as a lounge.

The seats comprise seat belts for better protection, and the television is at a distance. All the areas have enough light to get a clear view. 

Living area

The living area comprises wood floors and enough furniture, and it is suitable for 3 – 4 people simultaneously.

You can walk and enjoy the whole motorhome. It provides a view of every section, and the living compartment is behind the driving cabin. 

It has windows and other decorative facilities, and the curtains on the windows offer maximum privacy.

You can rest and sleep on the moveable sofas, and the light dimming depends on the sensory devices. You can control this system without any restriction. 


It is an open compartment with all the essential services, and an open kitchen counter allows cooking and cutting of food items. It is plain and rigid with the bottom cabinets. 

The top cupboards are similar to the bottom structures, and the stoves utilize gas or fuel substances for their causal performance. It has enough electric lights for better efficiency. 

The storage compartments can settle utensils and other kitchen things. They are woody, and few have glass doors.

There are handles on the doors for quick movements. They never stuck due to excessive stuff.

You can use all of them and categorize them for convenience. The electric oven and other devices are available to enhance the cooking experience in the coach. 

The electric sockets are available for the flow of electric current, and you can attach other devices.

There is an uninterrupted electric current through this section, and every wire is underground or in the walls. There are minimum chances of any damage. 

Heating facility

There is a heating device with proper covering. It keeps the internal environment warm when there is cold outside.

Few of the devices are electric, and you can turn them on at any time. There is no interruption in their performance.

It is away from the bedroom but provides enough heat to all passengers.

You have to shut down all windows and doors to get maximum warm comfort. It is a beautiful addition, and the structure is eye captivating.

It looks like a decoration item at first glance. It is big enough to warm such massive things within minutes.

The built-in heating mechanism is suitable for those who travel to cold locations. The stay becomes comfortable inside the vehicle due to such devices. 

Powerful Engine

The engine devices are usually in a separate compartment. It has a complex wiring system to supply the electric current.

The engines are high-performance equipment, and they never lack their efficiency. They keep the appliances safe from electric short circuits.

The insulations of electric cables protect them from breakage and other such issues. This RV has a lid, and all machinery remains safe.

The road jerks do not affect its working. It remains stable every time due to proper fixing in the structure. 


The bathroom facility is a comfortable and unique experience for a coach.

It has extraordinary services with the distinction of sections. The toilet section is separate, and the shower compartment is on another side. 

There is a glass door for privacy. The water flow is enough, and water tanks offer freshwater.

The toilet section acquires a toilet seat and a sink. The automatic censoring device outside allows the lights to turn on. 

There are enough light and ventilation services, and the devices are safe and rigid to provide excellent services.

The flushing compartment is automatic. It has a push-button and automatically controls the level of water.

The drain and filters never allow the excessive backflow of water. The showering compartment is with a shower facility, and there are temperature control devices. 

They can alter the temperature conditions according to external weather. These devices server lack their performance, and available every time.

 There is a separate compartment for drying, and it has fans with maximum speed. They provide drying of the human body within seconds.

It is an advancement for the steam and dry baths in a moving structure, and the dryer section has a separate door that allows privacy. 

You can lock the bedroom door to enhance the privacy settings. The presence of a bathtub is optional.

The porcelain bowl, towel hangers, and toilet tissues are essential parts of the bathing facility. You can use this section at any time with a high level of water tank levels.

The exhaust and venting devices remove the humidity and suffocation. These are safe and soundproof areas, and it has enough space for the movement of one person. 

The tiles of the bathroom area are separate from the other floors of the coach. It has white tiles with an alignment.

The color also depends on the internal stuff of the bathroom. The dryer section has one step to get to the entrance.

It is high enough that the water droplets flow out on the external floor.

The faucets never run out of fresh water, and they have temperature moderating sensors. The area is clean and hygienic, and maintenance depends on the passengers. 


It is an additional and luxurious part of the coach because it allows more space. It is a suitable setup for family entertainment because they can enjoy quality time on it.

The slide-outs are expanded parts of this vehicle and are strong enough to accommodate furniture and people. 

It is a built-in quality of the 2022 marathon coach. The outer wall of the slide-out is similar to the other structure of the massive motorhome.

It has space to move out slightly with an automatic system. The electric supply helps it to move outside, and you can use it comfortably. 

You cannot move it low or high according to your needs. It has a proper adjustment, and it comes back to its original state after use.

It is available with coverage to protect the privacy conditions. You can settle there with family and friends.

The windows of the sliding compound allow the external view without disturbance. There are minimum chances of any hazards. 

These are suitable for those who stay in this coach for long times. They can enjoy the outer sceneries while living inside their motorhomes.

It is a part of the floor plan. The structure is similar, and there is a barrier between the ground and sliding floor. It prevents panic and is stable. 

It has does not affect jerks or other instabilities. It is an advanced technology, and the movement is stable.

You can move the floor outside and can accommodate more people. There are chances of door separation between the sliding and driving sections.

There is enough space to settle chairs, tables and do the furniture. The slides are available on both sides of the coach. 

You require professional expertise to drive such a massive structure. The external wings can cause problems of tree bumping and other uninviting incidents.

Always protect the coach from these things. It can harm the body of the vehicle, and the repairing cost is expensive. It is difficult to handle such mega-structures, but the experts have tricks. 

The external wall coating of these structures avoids heat other environmental hazards.

There are windows and blinders in this section, and they control the thermal fluctuations to an excellent level. The furniture is not permanent with the sliding area and its walls.

It is due to the daytime movement of the device with the electric energy. It is an excellent compartment for sleep and rest. There are minimum chances of noise and human interference in this area.


It is a luxurious compartment with essential facilities. The bedroom is enough to settle 2 – 3 adults.

The master bedroom has the adjustment ability for a queen-size bed. The mattress is comfortable with soft foamy material.

It has soft pillows and cushions to offer maximum relaxation.

The bed is moveable, and you can push it back after use. It does not affect the structure and its quality. There is a separate door that has sliding properties. 

A sensory device at the entrance provides the light’s control. You can touch the screen panel, and it instantly turns on the lights.

The brightness is enough to understand the compartment. It has enough space for walking and two persons can move simultaneously.

The room comprises nightstands and other decorative materials. A sofa is available in one corner with the wall.

It is vast no enough to accommodate 2 – 4 adults. The color of the Sofa is in terms of other furniture. The seats are foamy and comfortable. You can sit and relax on this piece of furniture. 

A television is also present to enhance the entertainment level of the bedroom. It is above the bed level in one corner.

The external antennas offer uninterrupted programs. You can monitor the volumes, and it is not disturbing for any passenger.

The windows are with daylight shades. All of them are remote control, and you can shut them to avoid the external environment.

It is a cozy and comfortable section for every person who prefers to live for a long time. It is the only oom in the whole coach, and the accommodation space is with specifications. 

The side tables and decoration pieces enhance the beauty of the setup. There is a storage compartment in the bedroom.

It has cabinets of different sizes to accommodate the luggage. You can categorize the stuff according to the time and need.

The structure comprises woody material and has shelves. The handles of the cupboards allow quick and smooth movements.

The air conditioning facility is suitable for heat control. It is above the bed structure to maxi the performance. 

The heating devices control the cold, and they are away from this compartment.

The floor of the bedroom is woody or comprises the same tiles as the other living areas. You can fold the bed during day time or when you are not using it. 

It allows more space for storage and walking. People prefer folding furniture due to their movements. 


The storage compartments are different in this marathon coach. Few sliding bays can settle massive luggage.

The cupboards and drawers in every section allow the adjustment of small stuff. The storage compartments have doors, and they keep the material safe.

The doors of the sliding bays are moveable. They never mix the luggage due to the movement of the coach.

The vast structure has maximum adjusting space for luggage and other homely appliances. It is a safe setup without any fear of loss.

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