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Silverado Cigarette Lighter Always On

Silverado Cigarette Lighter Always On

Many people complain that their cigarette lighter in Silverado is always on, but it is a built-in feature on pickup trucks. However, there are numerous ways to control abnormal power consumption.

Also, you can save the pickup truck battery from drainage issues by altering the lighter electric passage. However, you can change the internal settings by adding a new connection, switched sockets, plugs, and manual controls.

Silverado Cigarette Lighter Always On due to the absence of a relay in the electric circuit and continuous current in the 12-volt socket. Also, it remains on due to the lack of a fused switch and constant high voltage in the fuse box. Furthermore, a hot plug utilizes stored electricity and keeps the cigarette lighter ON.

The electric route of a cigarette lighter is a truck battery, but other minor components make the entire passage. The passage is non-switched according to manufacturer specifications but provides alteration options.

I have surveyed around 200 Silverado users across the USA. I have asked them multiple questions about the cigarette lighter On position. 

In conclusion, I found out that around 75% of people take it as a non-problematic condition.

And, they think it has a minor impact on the truck battery. However, 20% of people want to turn it on manual control. 

In addition, approximately 5% of Silverado were unaffected by this cigarette lighter condition.

Absence of relay in the circuit

Typically, people use a relay to identify and isolate the voltage fluctuations in their circuits. But, it protects against voltage changes and also disconnects the passage.

However, the absence of these protection gadgets in the electric passage leads to a constant power supply to this switch on a Silverado.

The wiring gets electric signals even while the pickup truck is off. 

Moreover, a small relay installation into the electric circuit restricts the constant voltage rush. In addition, you can turn it off manually without battery drainage.

Current in 12v socket

Generally, a 12-volt outlet is an auxiliary electric power source for the cigarette lighter on a pickup truck. It works as a 12V socket, and different features combine in this circuit.

It turns on while the driver puts the truck on ignition. Moreover, it has a constant electric supply that keeps the feature alive.

However, it remains On because the 12-volt socket is present in the console. The non-switched 12-volt sockets cannot shut off automatically while you turn off your truck.

The installation of a 12-volt socket switch can turn off the lights manually.

However, it is not a built-in feature, and addition involves several complexities.

Absence of a switched fuse

The fuses for the cigarette lighters are specific with their appropriate locations. However, they have an electric source in the form of a battery.

The voltages run through them, and they remain on power. The manufacturer specifies their location inside the fuse box and locates it on the driver’s side of the dashboard.

The wiring of the fuse links with the battery directly. It results in voltage flow and storage of power signals.

You may turn off the pickup truck, and the battery sleeps, but this switch remains on all the time. It happens due to direct wiring in the battery through the fuse box.

They lack connection in the fuse panel, which results in current flow. The absence of a tap fuse without any on and off option keeps the gadget on.

However, fuse rewiring directly in the fuse panel resolves battery drainage problems.

In this way, you can get a tap key and handle the fuse manually. Moreover, installing new electric connections in the circuit does not change the current passage.

The battery keeps supplying the voltage on demand and input signals. It restores the electricity for other twelve-volt features on your pickup truck.

Hot plugs

Typically, the 12-volt outlets extract electric power from the truck battery and provide it to the plugs and lighter. 

The plugs receivers the electric signals, turn on the cigarette lighter, and keep it empowered.

These pugs are beneficial for the standard lighter performance. But, they receive continuous supply from the current source for several hours.

The power circulates inside the plug and slightly warms it. The plugs become hot with time and the current rate increases.

The power passage never cuts between the battery and lighter despite extreme hotness. As a result, the plugs make artificial energy packets and store them.

The plugs utilize this power while the truck is off. They offer voltage of a similar rate and intensity to the cigarette lighter and keep it on for multiple hours.

It happens due to the hotness of plugs, and the battery remains off during such conditions. It is not a dangerous condition for the pickup truck, its power system, and its battery.

Moreover, the battery drainage does not happen, but the lighter gets electricity. Several people find it annoying despite no adverse effects.

They add on and off buttons with manual control. It turns the hot plugs into cool gadgets that prolong their life and work efficiency.

Constant power in the fuse box

The fuse box of a Silverado is a metal container with different fuses inside it. It handles and controls several fuses with their specific functions.

The connection between the cigarette lighter and its fuse exist inside this container. However, the fuse box shuts down these fuses according to voltage fluctuations.

Also, they detect high amperage conditions and turn them off automatically. But, all fuses never turn off simultaneously and gain electric power from the truck battery.

The metal strips of the fuses remain hot and reside with each other. Therefore, the hot bundles of wires and metal strips contain amperes every time.

As a result, the specific and non-switched fuse transfers electricity to this button. It remains on while the truck battery is not working.

Moreover, it keeps taking the current from the hot fuse box. The switching and rewiring of the lighter ground connections break the circuit.

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