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Common Problems with Palomino RV

Common Problems with Palomino RV

Palomino RV is famous for luxurious campers and trailers. They have the latest features and you can easily tow them due to their light weight.

Common Problems with Palomino RV include the broken exhaust vent cover that provides the direct route for the rain to come inside. People face issues due to poor customer service and less warranty. In addition, improper finishing of the interior makes the internal structure rough. Moreover, the use of low-quality carpets is not easy to clean.

However, its demand increases day by day due to its stunning look and size. You can adjust it easily with your vehicle and go to the long route even during rain.

Broken exhaust vent cover

The professional should enlist the vent’s covers while making a list of the necessary parts of the RV. These vents allow fresh air flow in the cabin.

Moreover, you can open and close the covers of vents to get enough light. Sometimes the vents cover break due to their poor quality.

The nuts and bolts of the cover loosen when passing through the bumpy roads. The force unscrews the nuts, and the vent cover falls from the roof.

As a result, the vents will remain open and allow dust particles to enter its interior.

You should repair the exhaust cover or replace it with a new one. It will keep the internal environment neat and moisture-free.

Screw the nuts and bolts tightly before going on a trip. It is better to place good quality vent covers. You can also join the broken parts with glue when away from the workshop.

Less warranty

Many companies offer a warranty for a limited time to the customers. When people buy expensive RVs for convenience, they demand benefits from the company.

It is the right of the customer to repair the camper without paying a penny in the warranty duration. The Palomino RV company is offering less warranty than the others.

Sometimes the trailer is damaged from the outer side and gets dents. In addition, its material is so expensive that it puts a load on your pocket when you replace it.

You can take the vehicle to the workshop when an unwanted issue occurs suddenly. The company will check the documents and pay if the warranty is valid.

Many people complained about the roof leakage issue and took the camper to the professional. He advised them to change the roof as soon as possible.

The company repairs it, and in this way, the warranty time is over. Sometimes you are unaware of the duration of the warranty and face trouble.

You should prefer the extended warranty services while purchasing an RV. It will be beneficial and convenient for you.

Axle Problems

The axle is the component of the Rv that rotates the wheels. In addition, it holds the RV’s weight and keeps it in balance.

The lower quality axle creates a problem, and you will feel the vibration. The cracking sound also indicates that there is an issue with the axle.

Sometimes the accident of the camper damages the undercarriage. When you drive, it will produce a knocking sound as an indication of the improper working of the axle.

Moreover, exposure to the water for a long time damages the undercarriage through rust. The rust will damage the axle and restrict it from rotating.

Many people overload the vehicle by loading so many things. There is a limit of weight that a trailer can bear. The overloading also affects the working of the axle.

You can remove the furniture from inside if you take heavy machinery in it. In this way, it will not overload and not cross the weight limit.

Next, apply anti-rust spray and oil for unrestricted rotation. Finally, it is better to clean the lower side of the camper after passing through the wet surfaces.

Poor customer service

Customer service matters a lot because all the business depends on the reviews and experience of people. Therefore, it depends on the active participation of the staff and response to the customer call.

People complain about poor customer service and unreliable promises. For example, once a family was on their trip enjoying vacations, but unfortunately, there was water leakage near the sink.

The owner used customer service, but they did not reply. Sometimes, people face technical issues such as improper refrigerator cooling and faulty air conditioner, but they do not know how to contact and reset the problem.

A customer mentioned that the refrigerator door separated from it and broke. He contacted the company and paid for the repair.

Unfortunately, they did not fulfill the commitment on time. Many people discuss the poor customer service because they did not get a positive response in the hour of need.

You must know about the services and benefits at the time of purchase. Moreover, collect all the information from the dealer.

The company should hire responsible and active staff for 24/7 services availability. You can ask about the contact number and online details of the company.

Improper finishing of interior

Its interior is soundproof, provides insulation to it, and is also used for decorative purposes. Moreover, you can cover the walls from inside with plywood, medium-density fiberboard, and vinyl.

These are available in different styles and patterns to give a vintage and modern look. The interior of the Palomino camper is not so good.

Many people say that the wooden sheet from the wall separated and created a sound during driving. However, it also damages the original wall by hitting bumps and rocky roads.

The finishing of the bed polish is also rough and dim. The couches’ surface is also grainy, which allows the dust and moisture to gather between the grainy texture.

The old trailer can also be the cause of the rough interior. The paint from the windows and door peel off because the enamel becomes old and leaves its attraction on the surface.

You can cover the interior walls with colorful and stylish curtains. Furthermore, attractive blinds are available in the market for windows and doors.

It is better to remove the old paint and apply new enamel timely. Then, apply sealer and shiner to make it glossy.

Use high-quality wooden sheets and vinyl on the walls. It is better to close the window during rain so that the walls will remain dry and maintain strength.

Low-quality carpet

The RV provides you with a cozy environment to rest and have a sound sleep. The interior designer put the carpet on the floor.

The quality of the carpet is essential because it interacts with your feet directly. However, some people complain about the low-quality rug in it.

The dust and sand get into the carpet and are difficult to clean even with the cleaner.

The surface of the carpet crushes with you drag the chair. It occurs due to its low quality and less thickness.

It will make the gaps between the carpet fibers, and more dirt will go into it. When it exposes to moisture, the dust will become thick and reside there.

It is better to change the carpet in the Palomino RV rather than clean the old one. You should prefer the good density carpet with thick fiber and tight packing.

You can cover the whole carpeted area with a fabric sheet if you face a cleaning issue. It should be lightweight and have a soft texture.

You can remove it and wash it whenever you want. In addition, pay some extra charges for the best carpet that you can clean yourself.

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