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Does a Leveling Kit Void Warranty on Silverado?

Does a Leveling Kit Void Warranty on Silverado?

People use this leveling kit on their Silverado because it improves the handling, driving experience, and truck appearance. 

Does a Leveling Kit Void Warranty on Silverado? A leveling kit does not void the warranty on Silverado if you install it with utmost care and precision. While installing the kit, if you damage any part of the suspension spring or change the angle of the spring, it can affect the warranty. You should only add 1 to 2 inches of leveling kit to your truck as installing three or more inches of kit damages the suspension and voids the warranty. 

Why Do People Use a Leveling Kit? 

A leveling kit is just a suspension system that you can install to improve your vehicle’s tire grip while on and off-road driving. 

The standard springs are replaced with progressive spring rates, giving proper height and balancing the vehicle.

Which Modifications Void the Warranty on Silverado?

Some dealerships do not care whether you have done minor damage to the truck or not; they will straight away cancel the warranty. 

If you know the dealer or are friends with the dealership and have a friendly relationship with them, then there are chances you will get a warranty on a lot of things.

Before buying the truck, ensure that the dealership has your back, and they will help you and try to solve your problem.

Cutting the exhaust pipe valves or replacing the long tube headers affect the truck’s efficiency, voiding the warranty.

Similarly, if you damage any lugs, put a new lug in the axle, or replace the camshaft, then you will have to pay for the damage done to your truck by yourself. 

How Does Leveling Kit Void the Warranty on Silverado?

Many people buy trucks of different companies that serve other purposes in various parts of their lives.

You can use trucks to perform various tasks; they can carry heavy loads over long distances without breaking down. 

Many people use them to transport heavy and light goods, and they are cheaper than most other vehicles. 

While purchasing a new Silverado, you should always check the warranty card as some dealers hide it and do not want you to know about it. 

The respective vehicle manufacturers provide these documents, and they help the customers take services from the manufacturer in case of any problem in the vehicular machine.

If the dealer refuses to give a warranty card, you can either contact the company or bring an expert who will talk with the dealership.

You should also check whether the dates written on the warranty card are correct or not, and in case of any mistake, you should tell the dealer and get it corrected immediately.

When people buy a brand new Chevrolet Silverado, they are not usually satisfied with its tires shape, and they go for the leveling kit.

In this case, there are two basic scenarios; if you add this kit to your truck without changing any angles or damaging the vehicle, then it will not void the warranty.

On the other hand, if somehow you damage the brake system while adding this kit, rest assured that you cannot claim a warranty.

It does not mean modifying the vehicle; you can only add a kit to the front wheels, not the rear ones.

You can add a 1 inch to 2-inch leveling kit that usually does not disturb the suspension of a factory-made vehicle.

I always check my truck’s warranty card that my dealer gives me, and I usually add one and a half inches that do not affect the suspension.

On the other hand, putting 4 inches or more puck in the suspension means modifying the vehicle, and it will void your truck’s warranty.

You should always check your vehicle owner’s manual and talk to your dealer before you do any upgrades or modifications to your vehicle. 

You should not add the kit by yourself; instead, you can ask an expert worker to do it for you.

While fitting the kit, you may damage any part, which will void your warranty, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

When the tire is out, you should disconnect the brake lines, remove the ABS line, and take the wheel hub out after removing all the nuts and bolts.

Take out the big spring, install the leveling kit on the spring, and then again fix it back at its right angle and position.

Put all the lines to their required position, tight all the bolts using a wrench machine, and then fix the tire again.

Take the jack out and lower the vehicle; now, if you do not damage any component in this whole process, then your warranty stays.

Generally, the same rule applies to all the models of Silverado, whether it is the 2021 model or 2019; the key is not to damage any part while doing it.

What Modifications Do Not Void the Warranty?

Replacing the factory-made cotton filter with a new one does not affect the warranty, and you can use this filter for a more extended period.

Similarly, replacing the cold air intake with a new one, adding a muffler to exhaust pipes, replacing shorty headers, or changing tires do not affect the warranty.

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