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What Does a Trucking Company Dispatcher Do?

What Does a Trucking Company Dispatcher Do?

A dispatcher of any trucking/freight company organizes the physical procedure of shipping cargo, deals with the clients, and suggests shipments methods in skilled ways. 

What Does a Trucking Company Dispatcher Do? A trucking company dispatcher arranges client meetings, adjusts the cargo material, inspects the stored items, organizes time schedules, and dictates the vehicle types. Also, he maintains delivery records, controls the shipment, tracks shipping lanes, satisfies customers, and trains truck drivers for emergencies. Furthermore, a dispatcher maintains employees’ work patterns, provides free days, keeps them healthy, and saves money with innovative ideas.

He has a primary responsibility of execution from minor to a significant scale. Also, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking company pays a dispatcher around $23 to $25 per hour. 

American truck association states that the business is growing every day, and such a hectic workload requires an employee with a stable mindset and rigid approach.

It has increased their demands in the trucking field and secures their jobs from non-permanent to permanent scale. According to a rough estimation, around 43000 dispatchers work across the USA.

Who is a trucking company dispatcher?

Typically, a truck dispatcher is a middle person between the company and clients. Also, he guides the freight carriers about the pickup locations, informs them about time schedules and the type of loading material. 

In addition, he interacts with the clients and gets details of cargo, arranges a meeting, and makes notes according to the fragile items. He maintains routes, shipping lanes, contacts fleet drivers, records, and tracks shipments. 

What is the job type of a trucking company dispatcher and his average annual salary?

He is a multi-task person with specific qualifications and skills. Also, he has several responsibilities, and truck drivers work under his instructions. As a result, he is one of the highest-salary employees in the freight company. 

The average annual wages of these dispatchers are around $40000 to $58000. Also, each state has a different wages pattern according to its federal rules. In addition, New York and Alaska pay them around $50000 to $550000 annually.

What are the responsibilities of a trucking company dispatcher?

A trucking company dispatcher has a lot of responsibilities, and he performs them well without any problem. 

Also, he qualifies for such crucial jobs and keeps everything under control. 

Client meetings

Typically, different clients contact the company to ship their goods and bulk material. A dispatcher receives those calls, maintains a record of requirements, and adjusts meetings with them.

Also, he works as a representative of the trucking service and works as a middle man between both parties. 

Settlement of cargo

He works as an inspection officer while having multiple heavy loads in the storage rooms. Also, he protects the material inside the truck cargo sections. He is responsible for any loss during loading conditions because the client depends on him. 

He looks after, weighs, maintains the record, and delivers the goods. Also, he records the shipment and ensures the data entry in computer software. 

Organization of time schedules

The trucking company headquarters depends on the dispatcher for daily routines. He selects the number of trucks and other transporting vehicles according to the weight of loads.

As a result, the employees follow his instructions. He can alter the schedules anytime, and another staff follows the guidelines because they admire his skills. 

Decide about carriers and vehicles

A dispatcher selects the vehicle type according to the delicacy, frangibility, and rigidity of the material.

Also, he decides the attachment of trailers with the trucks. In addition, the overall strategy results in total expenses, and he guides the client about the procedure. Also, he convinces the customers for maximum benefits of the company. 

Inspection of stored material

The stored material in the warehouse is the dispatcher’s responsibility because he instructs the security guards about the severity of the condition. He also guides them about the cons of any theft or fraud.

In some conditions, he stays at the warehouse to handle and inspect stored items. He maintains the temperature conditions and keeps the freight items at the standard heat limits. 

Maintenance of records

He maintains the records, documents, and bills of all types of activities inside the company. Also, he maintains documentation of the requirements of employees, drivers, and other staff. 

The documents include instruction material for the drivers, and he also takes care of licenses. In addition, he informs about the expiry dates of licenses documents and takes action before any problem. 

Control of shipments

The dispatcher organizes the routes, their length, and time required to deliver goods. Then, he makes plans according to the driver’s shipping lanes.

Also, he modifies the overall plan according to the client’s demands and emergencies. In addition, he guides the drivers about the benefits of short roads. Thus, he works as a responsible person while the driver delays the shipment. 

Satisfaction of customers

He will ensure customer satisfaction and maintain the company’s reputation. As a result, he hears and adjusts a record of complaints against the packaging techniques and shipping vehicles. 

Also, he resolves the client’s issues according to their convenience. But, he never violates the company policies, but the interaction is convincing and comfortable for the clients. 

Interaction with client and company

The dispatcher interacts and communicates with the truck drivers and the trucking company. Also, he guides about the time schedules because they can fluctuate according to weather conditions, road surface, and other impacting factors.

As a result, he informs the driver and client about the present situation. In addition, he changes the transportation procedure according to client demands. Finally, he talks with both responsible groups to deliver a shipment to the desired location.

However, he keeps the cancellation record and informs the authorities of the available obstacles.

Training and guidance of drivers

However, the truck drivers work on standard instructions from a trucking company, but the dispatcher trains them. He teaches them the alteration of strategy, quick decisions, and plan modification with front obstacles. 

He trains them for emergencies by guiding the alternating routes, helpline numbers, and self-help procedures. Also, he tracks the shipment and instructs the driver to contact him immediately during any problem. 

Manage the invoices and the bills

They manage bills, invoices, temporary records, and other relevant documents. And, he saves money loss and reduces the chances of any fraud. 

Also, he keeps an eye on the toll fees, additional carrying charges, and levies. In addition, he establishes customers’ invoices with their requirements, plans, investment, and overall expenses. It saves his job from any challenge and keeps him free from judicial problems. 

The work pattern of employees

The trucking company’s dispatcher looks after all the drivers, staff, and other employees. He manages their free days and time schedules. 

He also sets the time schedules and work patterns. He never sends a similar driver for two shipments in a row. In addition, he makes sure that the drivers take enough breaks during the hectic deliveries. 

Innovative ideas and analytical work

He has to perform critical and analytical works according to the job responsibilities. Overall, a dispatcher is an intelligent person with innovative ideas and alternate policies.

He makes plans and strategies for saving trucking company assets. He consolidates the routes, vehicles, and cargo accommodation procedures and saves money.

In addition, he instructs the drivers about emergencies and provides the side routes in harmful weather conditions.

How to qualify for a dispatcher in a trucking company?

A skilled dispatcher combines analytical skills, interpersonal qualities, qualifications, and handling experiences. 

Education and training

He must have an essential qualification to understand computer language, client’s lookout, and different routes. 


A dispatcher should get an authentic work license to work in different states across the USA. 

Experience and commands over computer applications

Experienced people are preferable for established and working companies because they can handle workload quickly. But, other employees with the relevant computer skills qualify for this job. 

Billing on computers

He must know the billing method, data entry, and information security on the computer with different trade software. 

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