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Top Trucking Companies in Billings, MT

Top Trucking Companies in Billings, MT

There are many trucking companies working in Billings, MT, for many years. They are solving transportation services of customers by providing reliable services.

Top trucking companies in Billing, MT includes Whitewood transport Inc., Hot express, Corcoran Raymond Trucking, Transystem trucking DTS logistics, and The Ellasted Company. They are hauling mining equipment, agriculture-based chemicals, dry and frozen items, and livestock.

Warren transport

It gives a wide variety of transportation services to their customers and different industries in minimum and affordable price range.

Their transportation services contain high fleets of power units, trailers, belly dumps, side dumps, pneumatics, tanker guppies, and logistics.

It is also ideal for mining operations, including mine hauling equipment, gravel, and mine management. It also gives shipment solutions to oil and gas industries, and its oilfield services include drill cutting stabilization, fly ash-based dry agents, and waste management.

It also manages the environmental services and reclamation, including weed control, stormwater management, and drone services.

Their expertise also includes dirt construction, consisting of the following operations: building access roads and pads, grading, dust control, and road construction.

J & S Transportation

They quickly supply material with their latest fleets and licensed brokerage services from one place to another.

It is a quick auto shipping company that was established in 2000. It is good for transportation of cars with their fleet of trucks.

It gives regular updates to their customers, and they will receive the contact number and e-mail address of the dispatcher after booking their order.

Their insurance standard is also high than other organizations as if any damage occurs in your vehicle while loading and unloading them in trucks, the company will pay you.

They are offering the shipment of privately owned vehicles, full load cars, and single-unit orders.

Whitewood Transport Inc.

Their main motive is consistency and efficient shipments according to their commitments. They never compromise on safety, quality and time because these are the most important things your customer needs.

Whitewood was founded in 1972 in whitewood, and it is a local construction company that was started its business as a trucking company.

In the 1980s, the owners of whitewood moved their developed business towards Billings, MT. It offers 24-hour service with an immediate delivery response.

It is crucial to haul liquid gases and chemicals, which are difficult to handle. They are also carriers of oilfield, motor vehicles, and building material industries. They also have a trucking business in Columbus, Ohio.

Different safety organizations are also facilitating their services, including MCM safety and motor carriers, to ensure the safe delivery of products.

Their fleets also receive an award of zero accident and the Great West Casualty fleet safety grand trophy award.

Hi-Ball Trucking Inc.

It was established in Billings, MT, more than 60 years ago and served more than 40 states of the region.

They have Maxi Fleet bed and Maxi step deck trailers, and currently, they are running approximately more than 10 Maxis.

Their Maxi trailers are longer that is about more than 50 feet, and they are essential for hauling LTL and machinery.

Moreover, all of their Maxi fleets are four-axle trucks and four-axle trailers. They are also providing over-the-road services with fleets of flatbeds and step decks.

They offer over-the-road facilities, including LTL, mining material, and building products available in 45 states.

In addition, they track over the road trucks and trailers by using Omnitracs.

It is an insured company but giving broker facilities to only trusted carriers take reference when they are taking shipments from new persons.

Hot Express

This company applied for hauling contract freight through its operating authority in about 2002.

After approving their hauling, they start their business with a single truck and haul Freights of worldwide agriculture chemical based company.

Due to their consistent hard work, they have established their business and received more products from Loveland to deliver.

Currently, they have also opened their shop to work on trucks and trailers and provide safety equipment for drivers.

The main products they are hauling include agriculture-based chemicals and milk products like milk and cheese from one place to another.

Due to the increasing volume of freights, they also increase their employees to work efficiently and quickly.

MTS Freight

The primary purpose of MTS freight is to achieve universal prosperity with their customer, drivers, team members, and other community members.

They are offering LTL coverages in more than ten areas of Billings, MT. The real-time tracking facility is also available by handling a unique unit barcode scanning system.

For nationwide, they are offering truckload solutions by taking the help of American logistics. In addition, their deliveries are safe on the road because they hire expert drivers who are Hazmat certified.

Their online intuitive tools are also present for customers’ visibility and efficiency.

Corcoran Raymond Trucking Inc.

They are continuously working to transport your booked shipment by meeting quality control parameters safely.

It was founded by two-person named Raymond and Charlotte Corcoran in the 1970s. After the retirement of these person 2001, their son Brian Corcoran took hold of this company and became its owner and president.

He is also experienced and well trained because he worked with his father for many years. Due to their safe delivery of items, they received the Platinum National Safety Award in 2016.

They are essential for hauling heavy coals from the production unit to markets. They can also carry dry bulk and paper products.

Waggoners Trucking

David Waggoner was the founder who started his business almost 3 to 4 decades ago with a single truck.

They have made their reputation in the market by their continuous hard work and maintenance, and currently, their annual revenue is about $150 million in USD.

All of their vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies, and they always train their rivers after a few months to keep them updated about new technologies, rules, and regulations.

They are constantly struggling to provide quality at competent rates. In addition, they are working with hauling automobile carriage, Van services, and light truck transportation services.

They are also offering flatbed transportation services to the oil field industry in the United States and Canada.

The old Dominion Freight line

Earl and Lillian Congdon was the founder of the Old Dominion Freight Line, and they have started their journey from a single truck that is suitable for the short distance of about 90 miles.

Currently, they are operating more than 200 service centers with a large number of trucks and trailers. It will significantly help you solve your domestic LTL shipping needs across the United States.

It also provides expedited for time-sensitive delivery items that need the fastest and most effective strategy.

Old dominion team members are also competent and trained that will promise you to keep your shipments safe.

They also have the facility of operation level map to keep them updated about the weather condition in certain regions.

When you deliver your sensitive items, you also need online tracking of your shipment; it provides the electronic data interchange system in their trucks to update their clients.

Diversified transfer and storage

They give temperature-sensitive shipping of different items in their temperature-controlled containers.

They are also transporting food items that are dry, frozen, refrigerated, and perishable safely.

They are experts in warehousing and storage and have ample space of about 240,000 square feet for this purpose.

For warehousing, their vital services include product mixing and order fulfillment. Moreover, their warehouse staff members are also experts in this field to ensure the safety of your product.

Freight Agency Inc.

They will help you to carry your truckload and total truckload shipments. They are also offering services of heavy hauls, hotshots, and flatbeds.

They are handling mining equipment which is difficult to manage and needs almost 45 trucks to complete a single project.

The mining equipment that they are hauling includes ice sculptures, marbles, and windmill blades. They are also Freight brokers of precast, oversized, and bagged loads.

Big sky transport

It is the independent one that has contracted with FedEx to serve people. They always keep extra drivers to meet the urgent shipment needs and quick response.

Their trucks also contain updated and latest safety technologies to maintain the quality of your material. It is also working for movement of general freight in a short time due to move drivers.

DTS logistics

It is known for its LTL, Frozen, and refrigerated shipping nationwide. In addition, it is a food logistics-based company whose refrigerated services cover full truckload.

The refrigerated services also cover less than truckload and drop deliveries with complete care and maintenance.

Moreover, their truckload facility depends on the load and dedicated fleet. They are using their fleet equipment for temperature control service to heavy haul.

Winkler Trucking Inc.

They have been working in the industry since 1984 and trying to perform and meet the requirements of people.

It is a well-known industry due to the transportation of bulk material and heavy hauls. In addition, they are pulling pneumatics, tankers, and hopper bottom doubles.

As they are hauling heavyweight with them, they always hire an expert driver to ensure the safety of vehicles and drivers.

Transystem trucking

Their primary mission is to give employment opportunities to people with a competitive salary and good environment.

They are growing in the industry at a higher rate because of their innovative vision. John S Rice in 1942 established this company.

Their primary duty is the shipment of manufacturing materials with safety and on time. In addition, they are consistently treating their customers with good moral values.

CBA Hotshot

It is one of the top trucking companies in Billings area and provides the same day delivery of order as the day of shipment. It is offering day shipments in almost more than 40 states.

It is struggling to provide excellent and affordable hot shot services to its customers who are using them.

It is also challenging its customers with guaranteed lower prices than other companies. It is a locally insured and DOT registered trucking company.

It is available 24 hours and for a whole week for hot shots hauling only. Moreover, they are only available on Monday to Friday at a specific time for other services.

The Ellasted Company

It is an oversize transport loading company in the Billings, MT area and they are providing moving homes facility to the people.

They will help you move mobile homes, man camps, and offices units while ensuring safety. For this purpose, they are offering Drop deck, flatbed, and hook and pull services.

They are always ready for their fleet of trucks to move anywhere within the country. They equipped their vehicles in a way that they easily carry heavyweight most safely and more quickly.

Moreover, they also give lead pilot cars, chase, and high pole services. Their pilot car drivers are experienced and well trained to satisfy the people.

K & K Trucking Inc.

It started in 1979 from a single truck, and its origin was in California. They have more than 50 refrigerated fleets of size 50 feet.

Their trailers are of air ride and thermo-unit type. It has certification of two primary services, common carriers and contract carriers.

It is DOT registered company in the United States and transports general commodities within the four states of Canada.

Their annual revenue is more than $5 million in USD.

Mike Wacker Trucking LLC

It was established by the Mike family, experienced livestock haulers for many years. They have started their own business at the end of the year 1999.

They have started their work from cattle hauling on a small scale. After some time, they have established their business and have cattle trucks and semi-trucks with trailers for transporting livestock at a different location in Montana.

Due to their safe transportation, they have earned an excellent reputation and fame in hauling livestock. As a result, it has designed its trailers with heavy equipment that can tow more than 60,000 pounds of weight in a single time.

It is not only US DOT registered but also registered in Canada. They also have hopper bottom trailers for the transportation of grains and feed.

Moreover, they also sell equipment like trailers, livestock trailers, silage trucks, and feed trucks.

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