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Top Trucking Companies in Virginia

Top Trucking Companies in Virginia

Virginia is a large city with different trucking companies that vary according to their price range and customer rating. 

Top Trucking Companies in Virginia include Rogers trucking, Atlantic bulk carrier corporation, Howell’s motor freight Inc., northern neck transfer Inc., and 495 Trucking Inc. working for shipment of coal, Dry Bulk, Refrigerated products, Cement-based products, and heavy materials.

Hills Coal and trucking

It was established 20 years ago in Virginia, and they have started their business in only a few locations. After their growing competition in the market, they provided their reliable services in other cities for the convenience of people.

It transports aggregates of construction material like sand, limestone, and soil from one place to another or from industry to the construction area.

They also have a contract with the coal industry to move their material from coal mines to the market at reasonable rates.

They have designed their fleets of trailers according to coal transportation. Temperature maintenance is also crucial for them because it is a hazardous material.

It also has an employee team of experienced drivers and loaders for safe and secure material supply.

Coal is a heavy material whose supply is challenging, and it is impossible without experienced staff members. They are coal haulers and truck haulers for sand and limestone hauling.

Estes Express Lines

It is offering non-dock deliveries on a residential, commercial scale and nationwide with the availability of 24/7 and full guarantee.

Estes also gives final mile services for home delivery and non-dock delivery of freight. In addition, it provides international freight shipment for imports, exports, expedited delivery, and value-added services.

It provides the complete tracing of your items from end to end for shipping through air, land, and sea. It also provides the facility of consolidation, material transfer from product to market, warehousing, logistics, and flatbed services.

They deliver food, supplies, and relief to the different communities in case of disaster or in times of need.

It is approved by FEMA and the defense department for the freight carrier. It has its software named My Estes you can install it to track your order’s details.

In addition, they are also using APIs, EPIs, and transportation management systems.

Old Dominion Freight line

It works in about 90 miles within Virginia to the international countries with more than 19,000 employees.

It was founded by two persons named Earl and Lillian Congdon, and they have started the business from a single truck working between Richmond and Norfolk.

It is giving the facility of domestic LTL freight shipping services nationwide. The regional LTL shipping services are quick with less transit time and affordable prices.

Sometimes people need time-sensitive delivery of same-day or day after packaging. It offers expedited shipping in a time-sensitive and cost-effective manner.

They have experienced employees who have maintained their safety record and helped build a strong company with maximum annual revenue.

It works in North America and outside America to provide superior services to its other customers.

J.G.F. Trucking Co.

It gives the facility of repairing and maintenance due to their specific tools, expert team members, and employees.

From 1966 they have been providing their customers with quick deliveries as much as possible with competitive rates.

They have all types of tools and accessories to repair every model and defect. In addition, they are experts in EGR, D.P.F., D.E.F., and various treatment diagnostic and repairs.

They will also help you with transmission and clutch replacement quickly. It also offers roadside assistance for brakes replacement and tire replacement.

They also have heavy haul trailers for towing heavy tractors for roadside assistance. You can trust them for tires replacement because they have wheels with brand names at affordable prices.

Their other repairing parameters include collision repair during accidents and A.C. repair.

Rogers trucking 

Rogers Roe established this family-owned trucking company in 1983 to provide top-notch service to its clients.

They have certified mechanics for the weekly maintenance of fleets. In addition, their trailers are equipped with satellite systems for the communication of drivers and dispatchers.

Their drivers are also experienced and knowledgeable for better communication and safe deliveries. Its truckload services include drayage, regionals, locals, and long hauls.

It is suitable for the movement of refrigerated freights, and its truckload services are available in more than 45 states.

They have specialized in a climate-controlled, temperature and time-sensitive delivery of products.

Dawson truck lines Inc.

It has an open-door facility for customers, drivers, and operators to visit at any time in the office. It is a mid-sized trucking company overgrowing due to its reliable services, trust, and integrity.

They are always ready to exceed the ever-changing challenges of the trucking industry. They offer 3PL services to their customers in 45 states with standard quality.

They provide both services, including truckload and less than a truckload, with a fleet of equipment including the dry box, reefers, step deck, and flatbed.

They also offer refrigerated solutions for fresh, frozen, and perishable food commodities. Their temperature-controlled parameters include safe and sanitary transit requirements, salvage control, contamination control, and equipment knowledge.

Atlantic Bulk Carrier Corporation

It is a family-owned and family-run company founded by Gary Short in the 1970s. They primarily work on the east coast, but their services are also available in the United States and Canada.

Most of their vehicles are of Class A, so they hire drivers with experience of at least five years in driving Class A vehicles and have a license. They also have a trucking business in Columbus, OH.

They have fleet equipment for both liquid and dry bulk. Its liquid equipment fleet transports liquid products, including lime, acids, and chemicals.

Dry bulk fleets carry building material, plastics, resins, and cement aggregates. Moreover, they also operate vacuum tankers to load and unload materials from railcars and boxes.

Their dry bulk fleet is also available to supply non-corrosive dry products.

Carry on trucking Inc.

Billy Singh. C.T.I has been the founder and president of this organization since 2006. It is a family-owned industry that always prefers safety and family on the first number.

They are continuously struggling to maintain their safety parameters, so they keep and clean their trailers with the help of mechanics by following D.O.T. and I.C.C. rules and parameters.

Their dry van services are primarily available in the Mid-Atlantic region. For awareness and better communication, their trailers contain satellite systems.

Moreover, their services are also available on weekends and all day. They also have the drop trailer capability to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Stepanov Trucking L.L.C.

Firstly, it worked in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in the 1990s, but their business was not there. Finally, after their continuous struggle, they could buy 3 to 4 trucks in 2000. It is an LLC trucking business.

They continued their hard work to achieve more after this; in 2008, they had more than 30 trucks for transportation solutions.

After this time, they hired drivers and more employees in their team due to the burden of work and the increased number of shipments.

Moreover, currently, they have different types of trailers and a fleet of equipment to deliver almost every kind of product, including temperature-sensitive, dry ones, and delicate materials.

Howell’s Motor Freight Inc.

It was developed in the 1950s with five trucks to establish the standard for supplying frozen, dry, and refrigerated products.

Their main motto is caring makes the difference, so they always communicate with drivers, clients, and employees in a good way and always care about their products.

They are available for pool distribution and less than truckload services for small products. They also offer temperature control and freezer storage for LTL and pool distribution.

They have frozen, refrigerated, and dry van trailers with satellite and state-of-the-art technology systems for the whole truckload.

They are also giving the facility of dedicated shipment for your products according to the fleet and time required.

They are also ensuring the facility of warehousing to store your material in a safe and secure environment.

Abilene Motor Express

Keith and Kolen Jones started their business with a single tractor, and currently, they have more than 400 tractors running in different cities.

They are the leader in providing expedited, time-sensitive, and cost-sensitive services to their clients. They are always adding innovations to the long haul and truckload according to changing demands of people.

They use the latest technologies, including Transflo and Mobile Plus, for receipts scanning from mobile phones.

They also have a large team that operates fleets for in-time expedited delivery.

They also have dedicated contract carriage services available for dry and refrigerated commodities.

Carroll Trucking Inc.

The Carroll family has been trying for more than 30 years to develop a service for satisfying people’s transportation and logistics needs.

Finally, it started in the 1970s after this family’s hard work. It also offers short-term and long-term storage solutions in Norfolk at a space of about 130k square feet.

It also offers a safe and unique way to supply your materials at minimum transportation cost from one place to another.

They also offer the intermodal shipping facility where your freights have to move from containers to boats, trucks, and trains.

It also provides the cartage service for moving packages from your town to home, moving material over short distances.

Northern Neck Transfer Inc.

It is second generation transportation industry that has been serving people for more than 60 years. Captain William H. Edward established it after World War 2.

Dedicated fleet services are the significant need of people nowadays in this fast World. They provide this service in a cost-effective, safe, and secure manner.

It also has the latest cargo van trailers with 4 to 6 roller tracks placed on the trailer’s floor.

Pneumatic system is also available for heavy hauling like Unit Load Device like LD-1 containers. They have different equipment according to the type of material for safe delivery.

They also have temperature-maintained warehouses with an adequate handling of products. The size of their warehouses is about 400 to 480 acres.

I.D.M. Trucking Inc.

Their main motive is to extend strong relationships with people to grow your business. It was established in about the 1980s, and at that time, it hauled approximately 11,000 loads per year.

In addition, they are also using high-quality equipment to meet the requirement of people. They have an on-site shop to maintain their fleets to provide quality services.

They are safe for the transportation of alcohol because they have the license for their delivery. It also helps in the movement of scrap metal and container Freight.

Thunder Trucking Inc.

It is a newly growing company in Virginia that was established in 2017. They have maintained their place in the industry in this short time due to their continuous struggle and hard work.

They are offering transfer of General Freights in limited regions due to fewer trucks and trailers.

Moreover, these are not available for dry bulk or refrigerated foods because their trailers are not equipped and latest.

495 Trucking, Inc.

It transports stones, sand, and aggregates that constitute a significant part of construction material, asphalt, landscaping, and construction material. It is a self-insured trucking company.

They have designed their trailer and containers according to this material because they are heavy products and difficult to haul.

They also provide the proper training to their loading, unloading team and drivers to ensure their safety during the movement and loading of shipments.

They are transporting this material from industries to the construction site in a specified time and with minimum cost.

Nukmers Logistics LLC

They have started their business in 2009 and providing the services of hauling, construction, and excavating.

It was established by Maurice A. Lewis, who has always maintained the reputation of top trucking companies in Virginia by giving reliable services.

Their hauling facility includes dump trailer, wood, and dump truck hauling. It is also solving the excavation needs of people, including land clearing and land grading.

They also offer truck repairing facilities, especially diesel truck repairing from bumper to other parts.

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