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Top Trucking Companies in Tulsa, OK

Top Trucking Companies in Tulsa, OK

The business of trucking companies for transportation, shipment, and distribution is increasing day by day in Tulsa, OK. Therefore, it is a profitable and reliable business to start at a small level, even with only one truck.

Top trucking companies in Tulsa, OK include Old Dominion Freight Line, Bullseye Hotshot, Inc, Willis & Associates, Simba Trucking LLC, Just 10 Time Transport LL, and Sooner Freight Inc. These companies offer services like local shipments, LTL, FTL, and logistics services.

The brokers and transporter call the service according to the requirement and time to deliver the order. The use of new technology and updated features in the vehicles allow the customer to keep in contact throughout the shipment.

Premier Logistics, LLC Tulsa

This company works with the customer by providing the shipment in real-time and by emailing the delivery details.

The workers pay full attention to its transportation service as you are paying for the premier services. Many people rely on same-day delivery, next day, expedite, LTL and logistics.

It also has a small size cargo van to transport the luggage in a closed container. The owner established it in 2012 and served the people in many states. You can trust for a more extended period because it is a family-owned company.

Bullseye Hotshot INC

It is a big company working 24/7 and offering excellent services include hotshots, freight shipping services, oversized load shipping, specialized oversize loads, and LTL in Tulsa, OK.

Furthermore, it also offers LTL freight shipping, oversized load transportation, heavy haul trucking, and specialized heavy hauling.

It has experienced workers and drivers to handle long-distance shipments. Bullseyes hotshot became famous due to its interstate and international shipment without getting negative remarks.

LanMak Delivery LLC

It is always ready to serve the customers, especially in three areas: white-glove service, furniture delivery, hauls off, and disposal.

You can call it for the transportation of other things as well. The workers are experts in packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading. They also have a trucking business in Arkansas.

It decreases the gap between the furniture outlets and the manufacturing area. Therefore, the demanding item will be there within no time if you need it urgently.

The trucks are secure and updated with the new features of security. You can leave remarks and give feedback if you want any modification and improvement in the provided services.

Willis & Associates Logistics Inc

The business hours of this company start from 07:30 am and end at 4:30 pm. Therefore, all the employees, including drivers, laborers, etc., are punctual.

You can call at 7:30 am for shipment in interstate and get the truck or trailer according to the requirement. It has personalized training and guidance for the employees to work diligently.

You can visit the website for more information and services. The company owned large trucks, trailers, and small containers with or without separating wrecks.

You can load the fertilizer, livestock and other grains packed in sacks one after another in closed containers for secure transportation.

Coweta Trucking Inc.

Its service is not limited to interstate only but also the 48 states. It can transport almost every heavy and lightweight machinery, pipe, steel, pre-stressed concrete, and point-to-point oilfield equipment.

The Coweta Trucking has special vehicles to do specific work; for example, RGN trailers can move the tall things like the front of the trailer is detachable. It drips to the ground and makes its ramp.

In addition, the Lowboy trailer has two drops in deck height, and these can haul heavy equipment such as industrial machinery and bulldozers.

The step deck and flatbed trailers can haul the things that need stacks and straps after loading on the bed or floor.

Simba Trucking LLC

The owner founded it in 2008 with two trucks and drivers. The number of vehicles and employees increased with the passage of time and the needs of the company.

It was the only company at that time for milk hauling in temperature-controlled trucks and refrigerated trucks.

It established another company, Ebenezer Truck, and Trailer LLC. Both have been providing the transportation service with the warehouse since 2018 till now.

The customers can have storage, cross-docking, and transloading services at affordable rates. The employees collect the product and store it in the warehouse and redistribute it to the assigned location.

You can contact it online or come to the office as the operator is available 24/7 in the office. In addition, there is a reception area to welcome you with polite and cooperative staff.

Sooner Freight Inc

It has been working since 1982 as Air Freight, truckload services, and LTL, which offer damage-free and on-time shipment. The experienced airfreight department with the best airline proves the excellent service nationwide and around the globe at an affordable price.

The motto of the air freight services is ‘AAA,’ which means anything, anytime and anywhere, on a phone call. Ocean shipment service is one of the best services at a reasonable price and is also reliable.

Moreover, the other benefits include LTK and partial shipment, Truckload Brokerage, and Expedited or Emergency services.

You can use the tools also available on the official website for calculation, for example, Domestic chargeable weight calculator, density calculator, international chargeable weight calculator, and surcharge list.

Jus 10 Time Transport LLC

This company makes the shipment of the products around the state in safe and secure vehicles. It works for 8 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. The working hours are from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.

The small vehicles always remain in a move as it collects the samples from veterinarian clinics present in local areas and deliver them to the veterinarian labs.

The large trailers transfer the vehicles from the showroom and deliver them to the assigned location. The businessmen rely on it to transport SUVs from one state to another without paying extra charges and taxes.

Gem Dirt

The primary purpose of establishing it is to transport the construction material to the construction site. It has a fleet of dump trucks of small and large sizes. The giant truck can hold 13 cubic yards while the smaller truck hauls a 3-yard load.

You can call for the shipment of soil, sand, gravel, rocks, and mulch. Moreover, you can deliver the concrete and bricks on the trucks, haul the heavyweight if the material is in bulk.

The company has special trucks which can dig the soil and put it in the container to make a uniform mixer. Almost every state requires this type of service for plantation, greenery around the roads, and open space.

Miller Truck Lines

The primary purpose of this company is to provide first-class service to the customers on time for a reliable relationship.

It transports frozen goods, manufactured products, non-perishable food products, paper products, industrial air conditioners, beverages, beverages containers, lumber, steel, asphalt, and oil in temperature-controlled trucks and trailers.

You can hire refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and dry services. The company is working on completing the mission to accommodate almost everything from dry van, flatbed, reefer, pneumatics, and tanker.

Miller has modern trucks and truckers for the shipment, compressor package, cooler, heater, processing plant, and tower.

Mark Westby & Associates

It has been transporting goods and materials throughout the United States since 2003. Mark Westby & Associates handle the LTL, full truckload freight requiring specialized van and temperature-controlled trucks.

The first and foremost concern of the owner is customer satisfaction and making long-term connections for reliable shipment and transportation.

The company increased its rates at once, and the customers faced difficulty. As a result, many people switch off their membership and go to other companies for long-distance transportation.

When the owner realized it, he decided to lower the rate than the competitor and come into the market again. As a result, you can select it for additional services such as freight billing auditing, freight consulting, contract management, carrier management, and request quotes.

Melton Truck Lines Inc

It is the leading step deck and flatbed trucking company with a growing business in the state. It is old and has approximately more than four thousand satisfied customers.

It always delivers the 99% shipment on time. You can contact me through email, phone number, and go to the office if you live in the nearby area. The broker hires the service for one day, two days, and more according to the distance of the destination.

The employees are hardworking and responsible; they load and unload sensitive material such as boxes of crockery, glassware, and ductile substances carefully.

It is reliable and safe for the customer. The driver undergoes a rigorous screening process for careful driving and receives safety instruction and new updates regarding the driving rules and regulations.

NS Trucking Inc

Call now for logistics and transportation services, including LTL, truckload, hotshot and regional. In addition, refrigerated trucks, dry vans, flatbed trailers, drop trailers, and long haul are also its services.

It is an insured and licensed company providing the services cost-effectively and efficiently. People transport the meat and meat cuts in refrigerated vehicles to the markets and superstore without spoiling them.

Moreover, you can also take the liquid in tanks and oil in the container in fire-resistant trucks. The customers can trace the path of the shipping vehicle through GPS. The trucks and trailers have large wheels with high traction, with the road can also go through off-road.

Transit Services Inc

This company serves both the logistics and public transport service. It has an air-conditioned luxury business class and economic class bus service, an oil tanker, cargo trailers, and trucks.

The local transport service runs in the state and only stops at its station. Therefore, almost a thousand passengers get benefit from it and reach their work on time.

Knight Transportation

It is one of the top trucking companies in the Tulsa area that is providing multiple truckload services with safety and financial returns. It launched the new customized technology in the trucks to improve the efficiency of shipment.

There is a Smartphone or seamless in-cab connectivity for all-time connection with the drivers. In addition, EDI and API integration enables the drivers for a safe journey.

The truckload services are flexible, customizable, and adaptable with excellent refrigerated and temperature-controlled service, dry van, post services, dedicated logistics, intermodal, expedited, and flatbed trailers.

Moreover, Knight Transportation made a significant investment in the last years in automatic transmission, In-Cab Power Inverters, collision mitigation, sitting-duck alert, and automated hazardous material handling applications.

Mustang Trucking Inc

It is leading in providing professional dump truck services in Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding area. It hires experienced drivers and operators according to the policy of the company.

Besides, it launches the training system almost every year to guide the employees about modifications and give training for efficient work.

Especially the constructors call this during the working hours to hire the dump truck for transporting the construction material such as concrete, machinery, and instruments.

It consists of head administrators, sales, marketing, head mechanic, administrative assistant, dispatcher, and drivers.

YRC Freight Trucking Company

It offers standard, time-critical, accelerated, and regional next-day services. You can select it according to your budget and time.

The company is working day and night to improve the yellow logistics such as intermodal, retail pool distribution, contract, reverse logistics, and residential direct.

YRC Freight is expert in less than truckload LTL, having the labor to load and you load the material. The manufacturer designed the closed cabin trailers to transport sensitive things to protect them from environmental disasters during transportation.

The large and high-quality wheels can drive through the rocks, sand, and gravel. As a result, many customers hire it for the shipment of accessories to deserts.

Art Heavy Haul

It offers a wide range of heavy machinery transportation under one roof. Although it was difficult to handle the hauling services and cover the large area, the owner made it possible.

Mainly the company books the appointment and transport the heavy machinery at night. So it is safe for other people also because it reduces the chances of accidents and damages.

The large trucks and tractors with specialized wheels can go through the snow, slippery roads, mud, and sand. You can call at any time as it is available 24/7 with secure and quick services.

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