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What is Ford Fuel Induction Service?

What is Ford Fuel Induction Service?

If you are planning for the Ford Fuel induction service, you should what’s included in it and its average cost.

What is Ford Fuel Induction Service? Ford Fuel induction service removes the debris build-up from the engine to increase the vehicle performance. It cleans the clogged fuel injector and dirty throttle body. Take these services to clean the mass airflow sensor, dirty intake valve, and intake manifold. This service improves the gas mileage, acceleration, torque and horsepower, throttle response, and fuel efficiency. 

It is also true that once you fill up fuel in your tank, you need to re-fill it again after a few days or according to the need. With continuous engine use, there’s a chance that incomplete combustion of fuel or carbon will accumulate, obstructing the engine’s performance.

 Fuel induction services can perform by an auto repair center or by you if you have the appropriate skills and tools. 

This service is necessary when you find Ford’s poor engine performance or fuel efficiency. In addition, you can say it is a maintenance activity that brings your vehicle back into its life as new. 

Reasons for using the Ford Fuel Induction Service

Fuel induction service is the Ford pickup truck maintenance procedure that improves its engine performance. 

Clogged fuel injector

Clogged fuel injectors have a remarkable impact on the Ford truck’s drivability. Fuel cannot enter the combustion chamber properly, making it difficult to turn over the engine or stop and start the vehicle.

Increased exhaust emission, poor mileage, and loss of power are signs and symptoms of a dirty fuel injector.

You have to hire to clean it by the expert or professional mechanic with the best experience in maintenance of the Ford truck. Use the best-quality fuel injector cleaner or special additive that cleans the deposition.

If you have a good additive, then you can perform this activity by yourself at less cost. 

Carbon deposition in the throttle body

The throttle body is one of the essential components in the Ford that assist in the air intake in the engine and control the air/fuel proportion for the engine’s efficient performance. 

The gas pedal can use to manage the throttle body position. As a result, fuel burns continuously when you drive your automobile on the roadways. 

Unburnt fuel traces will accumulate inside the throttle and combustion chamber that causing it to operate poorly. 

Poor idling, dirt and debris build-up, and the check engine light are all signs and symptoms of a dirty throttle body.

To clean it, you have to use the throttle cleaner that is preferable by an expert technician. But make sure you are using the best quality and avoid using the carb cleaner, brake parts cleaner, or WD40. 

You can also do it by yourself that is easy and cost-effective. For example, the removal of deposits can clean by you or the mechanic, so remove this component from the engine for this purpose.

Dirty intake valve

There is some overlapping of the valve in various modern engine designs. As when the exhaust cycle is over, the intake valves start to crack open. 

Due to the un-clean burned fuel, there is substantially more carbon deposition on the piston head, the back of the intake valve, and the port. Such debris build-up affects engine efficiency. 

The sign and symptoms of the dirty intake valve can be power loss, running rough, poor engine idle at high speed, and malfunctioning when the engine is in cold mode. 

The Ford induction service is a non-invasive and cost-effective maintenance procedure to overcome this issue.  

First, soak it for 10 to 16 minutes, then scrub it with a toothbrush or other suitable item. The substance crumbles the residues inside, and other remnants expel out by the exhaust. 

All this remove the debris and chemical out. Do this process for all intake valve sets.

These valve cleaners are the best carbon eater that clean the valve to give a fresh look.

Failure of emission test

An emission test can use to check the number of pollutants in the exhaust system. In this way, a smog check can also determine by it. 

The pollutant that causes a problem in engine efficiency check by the emission test can be nitrogen oxides, carbon debris, and hydrocarbons. 

More than 25 states perform the emission test for their registered vehicle that takes less time, around 10 to 15 minutes.

So, Ford induction service by the expert mechanic or auto repair shop can identify and perform the emission test better.

Clean mass airflow meter

In an electrical fuel injection system, the mass air flow meter is the essential part that measures the amount of airflow or air intake into the engine. 

With time it becomes damaged due to contamination and does not perform well. It causes poor acceleration, drivability issues, lack of power, and stalling. 

They will take out the mass airflow sensor and remove the electrical connector. 

You can use the specified cleaner and spray a few spurts around 5 to 15 onto the wire or plates. But avoid scrubbing it to prevent damage. Instead, dry it for a while and place it in its original position.

Rough engine idling

Rough idling is not a different problem but a symptom that appears due to various reasons. It usually happens due to the dirty fuel injector. So, you have to diagnose and clean it that overcome this issue. 

Exhaust system failure or contamination can also cause this issue. It is the best option to have induction services for your Ford vehicle to avoid the primary causes. 

Regular inspection and tune-up of several parts by the mechanic can resolve the poor idling. Then, they perform the diagnostic checkup and code reading device to find the cause.

Is Ford fuel induction service worth it?

A professional mechanic or auto repair business that offers fuel induction servicing should have experience repairing Ford vehicles. As a result, they save your time and cost less to make your truck new. 

Improve gas mileage

When a vehicle component becomes contaminated due to debris build-up, the gas mileage decreases.

When cleaning the throttle body or other component, gas mileage also increase.

Increase throttle response

The throttle body becomes clogged due to the accumulation of the unburnt fuel that causes poor engine idling and affects the mileage.

Removing the air vent and applying a throttle body cleaner this service improves throttle responsiveness.

Improve torque and horsepower

Horsepower and torque are the essential components in powering your Ford truck. A fuel induction service could be an idea for a feature in an application where the users would have to provide their vehicle information to get it tuned up.

 It could be something that needs to be done by the user or may perform manually at times.

Throttle body diameter becomes small due to the accumulation of the un-burnt traces inside. The balance of the airflow was also irregular. 

 As a result, the fuel induction service ensures appropriate cleaning by removing debris to improve efficiency. There is no doubt that these services will play an essential role in the future of the automotive industry and improve torque and horsepower.

Cost on Ford fuel induction service

If your vehicle faces any complications in the performance, carbon deposition build-up needs removal, so using the fuel induction service is the best idea.

You do not require such services if your truck has a smooth engine idle, good gas mileage, and acceleration.

Such services take less time and are cost-effective. Cleaner products that use by the mechanic are also available at less price, around $15. In addition, it takes a minimum time of approximately 15 to 20 minutes. 

For this service, an auto repair shop or mechanic will charge you around $160 to $250. They also use a three-step kit that costs approximately $40. 

Sometimes a shop will make a scam to offer these services as a preventive measure to increase their daily revenue, but you do not need to fall into this trap. Instead, adopt the Ford induction services when you face a problem that mentions above.

Precaution while taking fuel induction service

When you decide to take services, make sure some manufacturers use only specified chemicals and additives for the intake valve and other parts by spraying it to clean the build-up. 

The repair service center that offers such services uses specific tools, chemicals, and guidelines. Find the dealership or a shop that provides brand-specific services.

Is fuel induction service the same as fuel injection service?

Some people mix up the concept or idea of the fuel injection service with the fuel induction and use these as an alternative. 

If your truck runs smoothly, gets good gas mileage, and accelerates rapidly, you will not need such services.

The primary purpose of both services is the cleaning of the engine parts. Fuel injection focuses on the gasoline system, the injectors that deliver fuel to an internal combustion engine.

The focus point in the combustion system is the difference that sets it apart from the others. Fuel injection service takes care of the entire fuel system, from the injector to the lines. Comparison between the fuel induction service and fuel injection service

Fuel induction service Fuel injection service
This service cleans the debris from the engine components, the inlet system, intake valve, throttle body, and intake manifold. This service target the fuel system from the injector to the lines.
Use the fuel induction service kit Use the fuel injection kit
It only cleans the debris accumulation. It cleans debris deposition, removes water entrapment, lubricates the intake valves.
Its benefits include better throttle response, acceleration, torque and horsepower, and improved engine idle. The benefit includes the lubrication of valves, rings, and injectors. Reduce the risk of pollution and increase engine durability.
Cost of this service is around $160 to $250. Cost of it is approximately $60 to $100.

How long does the fuel induction service take?

Ford fuel induction is an offer by the best-authorized dealer and Ford service center. You can schedule their service by making an appointment online or visit at their place. 

The chances of contamination are low in the modern vehicle having port and direct fuel injection. Routine maintenance can also avoid long-term damage.

You do not need to get it regularly, so the best recommendation is to get these services after 55000 miles. 

 If you change your truck’s synthetic oil every 3500 miles and replace the plug every 2500 miles, you won’t require the fuel induction service. However, in such a situation, you can harm your turbo.  

A dirty fuel injector does not take much time for its cleaning. The size of its openings is about half that of a pinhole.

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