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Ford F150 X-Plan Pricing

Ford F150 X-Plan Pricing

Here are all the details about the Ford F150 X-plan pricing. Buying a new truck can be tricky sometimes if you don’t know about the pricing, its various components, and the discounts offered by the manufacturer.

You can check your eligibility for the Ford F150 X-Plan pricing by verifying it on the Ford partner website or from the HR department of your organization. You can buy 2 vehicles per year by generating a unique 7-digit PIN through the Ford partner program. You can get a discount of $1000-$4000 through this program to purchase F150 other than dealer incentives and special rebates. However, it can vary according to the trim level and manufacturing year of the truck.

What is Ford X-Plan?

It is a particular program on purchasing new vehicles by Ford and its luxury vehicles manufacturing division Lincoln motor company. It is also known as a partner recognition program.

It includes its partner organizations, various suppliers of its parts, and other organizations that use Ford vehicles to run their routine operations.

Any organization can isolate itself from the contract by serving a month prior notice to a second company by fulfilling all legal proceedings and documentation.

Eligibility criteria of the Ford X-Plan

The first requirement to become eligible for X-Plan is that your employer, firm, or organization must partner with Ford or Lincoln regarding the purchase of new vehicles for its employees.

Regular or contract employees of the partner organizations and their spouses are eligible. They have to show the recent salary slip, identity card, or any other valid document issued from their organization.

Retired employees of these firms can also avail discounted vehicles through this program. Other family members of the employees, including parents and siblings living in the same house, are also eligible.

However, they have to submit their driving license to verify their living address. Not all suppliers or their business partners are by default members of this program as it requires a special agreement between the two parties.

Partner companies of Ford X-plan

The number of partner companies with Ford X-Plan can keep on changing according to the addition of new organizations and termination of agreements with old ones.

At present, more than 3000 firms or partners have AXZD-plan pricing agreements. A few of the famous brands or names in the list include American Medical Women’s Association, Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, Ford Asian Indian Association, Keller Williams, Mustang Club of America, IBM, MIT, Liberty Mutual, Cisco, Walmart, Sherwin Williams, and Lowe’s.

This list can change according to the relationships of Ford with other organizations. Therefore, you must ask the dealer your institute or firm’s updated status before applying.

Incentives in Ford F150 X-plan

Ford and Lincoln offer a fixed percentage on the dealer invoice price for customers buying it under X-Plan pricing. Usually, it remains the same that is 0.4% of the dealer invoice irrespective of the model and type of vehicle.

However, it is prone to vary according to the various pricing plans by the manufacturer. It does not include the other incentives that dealer or manufacturer offers for non-X-Plan customers. However, it will always be greater than the cumulative sum of all those rebates and discounts.

You can confirm the partner recognition price on the factory invoice from the manufacturer with the label X-Plan price, and the dealer is bound to show you or provide a copy of the invoice. In case of any negligence, you can report it to the manufacturer, and he can impose a penalty on the dealer.

Moreover, dealers should refund any increase on factory invoice price after booking of order and before shipment for customers. The company will pay that price to the dealer.

Additional packages, extended warranties, and gifts worth more than $50 are not admissible to the customers under X-Plan pricing. However, you can negotiate with dealers for a reasonable rate on these items.

How to get the Ford F150 X-plan price?

There are several ways to get the exact X-Plan price for Ford F150. The easiest way is to visit the Ford dealership in your nearby area and ask for a factory invoice. 

You can also check it on the Ford partner website under the vehicles and pricing tab. You can log in by providing your PIN on the website and selecting the F150 trim level, model, and manufacturing year.

It will show you the X-Plan price along with MSRP in separate columns. You can calculate the saving you can get by taking the difference between the two prices.

How to generate PIN for X-Plan?

Personal Identification Number (PIN) generation is essential to ensure your eligibility for the X-Plan pricing. You can generate the PIN by entering the PIN tab on by visiting their website. First, enter your exact name and basic information.

It will also ask for the last 4 digits of your social security number to avoid any misuse of the PIN.

Next, enter the vehicle you want to purchase and your contact information. In the end, the website will prompt you to verify and agree to the terms and conditions of the plan. As soon as you confirm it, you will get a 7-digit PIN. It will be unique for every time you generate it.

Ensure that you should provide the exact name and address as it is on your driving license. Once entered, it will remain there for further use to confirm your identity and eligibility in case of non-family members of the employee who wants to avail discounts.

How many vehicles can you purchase in a calendar year under the X-plan?

The Ford motor company limits the number of vehicles a person can buy under the X-Plan.

However, you can generate 2 PINs per year and use them to purchase the pickup trucks for the eligible persons for the partner recognition program.

Each pin has validity for a year and is usable for a single vehicle for a single person. It means employees, spouses, and other family or non-family members residing in the same house can buy 2 Ford F150 models, including their desired trim levels.

Which Ford F150 Trim levels are eligible for X-Plan pricing?

All F150 trim levels from Basic to King Ranch are eligible products for X-Plan pricing, and you can buy 2 of them for a year.

However, the F150 Raptor is amongst the list of ineligible products. You can buy it under the regular pricing scheme available with Ford dealers.

Is there any price difference between MSRP and X-plan price?

Yes, there is a difference in manufacturer-suggested retail price(MSRP) and X-Plan price. MSRP is the regular price that dealers show you or demand while buying F150 as a general customer.

This price is a specific percentage of dealer invoices that is less than MSRP. Dealers often use it as a reference point to show how much amount you have saved by buying.

The difference between the two can increase with an increase in the base price of the vehicle. However, it means you will get more discounts through this offer while opting for high-end trim levels of the truck.

Can a dealer sell Ford F150 less than the X-Plan price?

Usually, the X-Plan price is the lowest compared to other discounts or rebates by the manufacturer and dealer.

However, in some exceptional cases, a dealer can sell a vehicle below X-Plan price as an advertising gimmick to attract more customers.

It can also be a strategy to clear the stock or any model with bad market reviews or sales figures. However, it usually occurs in rare scenarios, and X-Plan is the best price you can get for a vehicle without negotiations.

Are X-Plan buyers eligible for additional discounts and offers on Ford F150?

Yes, X-Plan eligible customers can avail the discounts and rebate offers by the manufacturer and dealer on purchasing its popular truck Ford F150.

However, there can be few offers not compatible with the partner recognition program. Therefore, you should ask dealerships regarding other incentives or available offers to get the most benefits.

Moreover, you can subscribe to special offers notifications on the website by providing your name, address, and email id. Once enrolled, you will get an email whenever Ford offers special incentives.

Can a consumer not related to a partner company avail of X-plan discounts?

Yes, an eligible employee of the partner company or organization can give his generated PIN to his spouse or other person living in the same house.

They will verify the address of the applicant from his driver’s license. The address of the eligible employee and applicant driver’s license should be the same; otherwise, respective dealerships can cancel or refuse to book your vehicle.

Ford F150 X-Plan calculator

Ford uses the same formula for all F150 or other eligible vehicles to calculate the X-Plan price. It subtracts 0.4% of the dealer invoice price from its invoice price and adds a fixed administration fee for all vehicles.

It is $75 for F150 having the manufacturing year 2009 or older and $275 for 2010 and onward models.

For example, the 2021 Ford F150 basic model has a dealer invoice price of $29,000. Its 0.4% is $116. Subtracting it from the invoice price and adding a $275 administration fee can give an X-Plan price of $29,159.

With an MSRP of $30,000, you can get a saving of $841 on the purchase of this base trim level through X-Plan. You should also know about the dealer cost of a new F150.

Can you buy used F150 models under X-Plan pricing?

X-Plan is valid for the purchase of new vehicles only irrespective of their manufacturing year.

Therefore, you cannot buy a used F150 model from any dealership under this scheme.

However, you can sell your older pickup truck model to adjust its value in the invoice while buying. The dealer will subtract its amount from the total price of the vehicle.

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