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Top Trucking Companies in Norfolk, VA

Top Trucking Companies in Norfolk, VA

People are looking for good trucking companies in the Norfolk area. For the maintenance of this business, you have to use good communication tools for better interaction with customers.

Top Trucking companies in Norfolk, VA include century express, Lolo Express Inc., Eagle transport, Sovereign Freight brokers, BOS moving Inc., Winston trucking, and MV transportation. They are responsible for transporting general freights, automotive vehicles, carrying materials from oceans and coastal areas, and providing furniture shipments from home and offices.

RJR Elite Trucking Inc

It provides its services throughout the day to satisfy the intermodal needs of its customers in a safe and quality control environment.

It has been working for more than 15 years and supplying your Freights from ports of Virginia to your doorstep.

It offers quick transportation, and 97% of deliveries are within time. However, they specialize in supplying hazardous materials like liquids and unsafe chemicals.

Their 70% of fleets are hazardous material certified to gain the trust of their customers. Moreover, for large fleets and custom bonded materials, they are C-TPAT certified.

ContainerPort group Norfolk

It is beneficial for flexible, dependable, and customizable intermodal freight shipping services in different areas and at other times.

They are transporting the materials from ramps and roads across the nation, and you should have only to cooperate with their team for trustful transportation needs.

They have the facility of intermodal integration and drayage container for carrying of international and domestic bulk materials.

The facility for domestic transportations includes local, dedicated, and brokerage services. In addition, they are also giving the opportunity of warehousing and distribution.

Their warehousing and distribution services include Trans loading, cross-docking, and container Trans loading facilities.

Moreover, their logistics solutions include domestic brokerage, bid management, benchmarking, and network optimization.

Century express

They think that their employees and team members are the heart of their team and the door to success.

They are primarily dry and refrigerated carriers with expert labor and ocean carriers. They also provide rail drayage services with rail connections and well-run rail ramp operations with reliable time.

They have different terminals with fenced acreage for the storage of loaded and unloaded containers and trailers.

They have ample space to store more than 200 containers and trailers. Moreover, their yards have entry points from all major roadways of the city.

Best way transport Inc

They are experts in the transportation of general and expedited freights throughout the eastern board of the United States.

They completely understand the customer’s needs applying the latest technologies and operation methods to deliver material at low cost and in less time.

It is continually adding dedicated and innovative management to increase the growth and success of its company.

They have 50 feet flatbed trailers, reefer vans, drop deck trailers, and 55 feet dry vans. They are also responsible for the delivery of air shipments to containers.

It is also suitable for heavy hauling to oversize hauling of shipments. Moreover, container handling, warehousing, and over-the-road trucking are the primary focus of their business.

College Hunks hauling junk and moving

The main motive of a trucking company is to treat its customers with respect and care. Therefore, they provide stress-free junk removal, pickup, and moving services.

It is also famous for local moving solutions with flexible packing, loading, and transportation options. It is also providing moving solutions for seniors and family members.

They have trained team members and professional movers for all aspects of moving to make all customers feel comfortable.

They are also giving eco-friendly services, including recycling and donation of unusable and unwanted materials.

Whenever you are studying in a dorm or apartment, they will transport your belongings where you want.

It is also available for removing different materials, including furniture, appliances, yard waste, carpeting, and trash.

They are giving the donation and pickup services of different items like old furniture, cabinets, office items, garage cleanouts, and storage unit cleanouts.

They are also offering specialized packing services, including full and partial packing of different materials.

Sovereign Freight Brokers

Mark Sawyer was the company’s president and served the transportation and logistics industry for more than ten years.

It works with various industries and serves customers from different areas to transport one to hundreds of truckloads.

They satisfy the customers by providing 99% on-time pickups and deliveries with custom reporting.

It also ensures cargo safety with facilities including fraud prevention, highly vetted carriers, and industry-leading insurance.

They are also moving carriers of all sizes and all weights with safe and secure handling.

Lolo Express Inc

It started in 2004 and serves the industries related to shipping and receiving freight containers.

They have a broad carrier base contract to cater freight transport according to your needs and affordable budgets.

Their superior services are also available at reasonable rates and with less transit time. Moreover, they highly satisfy their customers by proving imports and exports for containers dray.

They also serve different ports, including Virginia inland port, Virginia international gateway, and Portsmouth marine terminal.

SV Trucking Services

It has been working since 2005 with less than five tractors that are hauling containers from ports to the warehouses.

It is a full-service logistics company that is fulfilling your shipment need in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner.

They are using their equipment as well as they also have a contract with motor carriers that are safe and expert for on-time delivery of products.

They are always following their three main principles, including communication, integrity, and dependability.

Moreover, they are also experts in the transportation of your freight both nationally and internationally. Its FTL services include vans, lowboys, step decks, and flatbeds.

In addition, LTL facilities include dimensions hauling with transport system management and storage yard for containers.

Eagle Transport

It was established in the 1990s with more than 450 power units and approximately 25 terminals in different cities of the United States.

After their continuous struggle, they are now recognized as the most prominent privately-owned petroleum-carrying trucking company globally.

They are providing customer-specific reporting based on the requirement of customers. In addition, they are also supplying dynamic dispatch and robust inventory management systems.

TMX Intermodal

They are offering drayage services in several locations, including East Coast. They are trying to provide reliable and timely services to their customers.

They also have their terminals at Houston, Savannah, Charleston, Jacksonville, and Atlanta. In addition, they are ensuring roadside safety because all of their drivers have Hazmat certificates.

It offers delivery of liquid materials with careful handling. The other prominent services include reefers, warehousing, and out-of-gauge drayage services.

BOS Moving Inc.

It provides services all day; you have to book your appointment in advance before contacting them.

It is among the top trucking companies in Norfolk because it is fully licensed and insured according to the rules and regulations.

Moreover, they have also affiliated their business with better business bureau and American moving and storage association.

All people can benefit from them by transporting their materials because their services are reliable and everyone can afford their charges easily.

MV Transportation Inc.

Alex and Feysan Lodde started a traveling business to serve disabled persons. They are offering non-ambulance transportation to and from hospitals and dialysis centers.

It offers private and public airport shuttle services for employees, students, and passengers to reach their destinations or workplaces.

They are also offering transportation services for school children from their home to school. In addition, they have strategic partnerships with transportation software platform providers.

They are also adjusting the routes for on-time delivery due to seasonal changes and natural disasters. In addition, they have more than 100 maintenance facilities to repair the equipment at a reasonable cost.

Quality Carriers Inc.

It started in 1913, and its annual revenue was about $400 million to $2 billion in USD. It is one of the subsidiaries of CSX Corporation, which is the largest transportation supplier.

They are also giving a reliable pay package to their team employees. In addition, they are operating the America most considerable bulk carrying fleets with many trucks and trailers.

It participates in environmental protection agency programs to reduce environmental pollution. 

CFE Equipment

It consists of team members of forklift experts who have experience of more than 40 years. It is a small transportation company that generates annual revenue of about $8 million.

They are trying to provide the correct type of equipment to their clients according to their specific needs. It is also providing a cost-effective solution for your transportation and logistics needs.

Winston Trucking

It was established after 2000, and they have skillful employees and drivers. These trained drivers are ideal for the safe transportation of different materials.

Mainly they are responsible for supplying of general freights in quick time. It is not working on the weekend and on all the day they have specific working hours.

Moreover, it is DOT registered motor carrier in the Norfolk area.

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