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How to Turn Off Auto Start-Stop on Ford F150?

How to Turn Off Auto Start-Stop on Ford F150?

We have added 6 best methods to disable the auto start-stop on Ford trucks. All of these techniques mentioned are easy and only take a few minutes.

How to Turn Off Auto Start-Stop on Ford F150? You can turn off auto start-stop on the Ford F150 by using FORScan modifications, unplug the connector from the battery, use a jumper wire, and remove the black wire from the box.

How to Turn Off Auto Start-Stop on Ford F150?

It is a feature that is introduced by the manufacturers of the truck to conserve fuel. When a vehicle has to travel a long distance, this feature will save a notable amount of gas.

All the latest trucks have this feature that is liked by the users. You have to pay a massive amount for the fuel while communicating from one part of the country to another.

If it saves some amount, then it will be beneficial for the truck owners and drivers.

Working of auto start-stop feature

It has activated by default settings by the company. When you rest for some time, the engine will close to conserve the fuel.

It will not require any additional steps to turn it off. You can turn it on when you release the brake pedal.

You have to check its working regularly to note any problem. You will save a considerable amount of fuel while using this feature.

To enjoy its better use, you have to install a durable engine and battery that has better abilities to start again.

All the components should be in better working condition that is free from all the problems. You can replace any product if you see any problem with its working. You can use 4 wheel drive on your pickup and adjust the tool.

Unplugging black wire from the box

You will see different wiring connections in your vehicle. You have to check under the dashboard of the driver’s side.

You have to check under the driving steering to note any small box that holds many wires. You have to note the color of all the cables that are present in the wire holders.

In most cases, black wire will set up for the auto-shutdown mode. You have to check it by unplugging it. It will also disable the traction control on the truck.

It may be the wire of another color that the manufacturer has placed to execute this feature. You have to unplug that wire.

You have to check that feature after doing this activity. If it turns off, then it is the most preferred method that you should choose.

If you see no changes in regular working, you have to jump to another technique that may help you in this case.

You have to plug that wire again at the same place because it can affect any other function. This is a good place to add a kill switch on your pickup.

Unplugging the connector from the battery

There is a proper battery management system working in any ford vehicle. You have to check that it is working or not.

When you see that there are two connectors are attached in that battery. You have to unplug one connector and try to execute the same feature.

You must check that the battery should have in proper working condition and free from all the faults. You can change its connectors if there is any rust on them.

If you are using the hybrid technology pickup, you must install the dry batter in your vehicle to save the connectors from rusting and other problems.

When you unplug one connector, you will see the two main connectors responsible for maintaining the battery.

Using a push-button

Few models may provide you the option of the push button just beside the driver’s dashboard. You will get this sign on that button that will allow you to change its status whenever you want.

Using a jumper wire

You have to open the cover above the video screen on the front side of your vehicle. You have to add a few changes in the system that may help you eliminate this feature.

You can use a screwdriver or a plier to open that sheet. There will be three to four screws that will help you go on the wires’ internal settings. You have to open that screws with your toolkit.

You have to open the small box that is working behind this tool. You have to open the wiring behind it.

You should arrange the little piece of the copper wire before doing it. You have to make a jumper connection between the two live wires of that circuit. It will cut off the electrical supply from the battery by adding that wire.

You have to check that which wires are live and which are neutral there. It is better to use the solid core wire to save your system from sparking and other things.

If you use the simple copper wire in that system, you have to use the scotch tape to cover the wires to not interact with any other live cables in the system.

It is the last way that you should adopt when all others are not working for your system. It will take around an hour to adjust this correctly.

It will require patience from the owner so that any problem may not occur in the system. You can quickly reverse this process by removing the tape and jumper wire from the system when you want the feature back.

You can also use eliminator when the jumper wire is not working in the electrical system. You will get that eliminator from the online store or any repair shop of the vehicles. You must take a complete overview after completing it to save yourself from a lot of problems.

Make changes in FORScan software

You can also change the FORScan software of the Ford trucks that will have the set of the entries there.

You have to open this on any electronic device. It is the software that is used to diagnose any problem prevailing in your electrical or mechanical system. You must keep an eye on the entries that you are using.

You can also make any changes in the settings by changing the code of the Forscan.

It is one of the easy ways to keep it connected with your pickup, but you can choose one port from any box.

You will open the software on your personal computer afterward. You have to disable the battery management system by changing its status from the FORScan. You can change any other settings from there that will help you to do so.

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