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What Are The Worst Pickup Trucks?

What Are The Worst Pickup Trucks?

Here are the 32 worst pickup trucks of all time. Around 78% to 80% of people reported complaints for these models in the past 3 to 4 years. 

What Are The Worst Pickup Trucks? In general, the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado is the worst pickup truck due to frequent engine failure, rusting, and high oil consumption. In addition, the lack of standard height, bed size, and inappropriate hauling conditions make them worst among all. It weighs up to 5500 pounds and has an average size of 229×78 x81 inches.

The contributing factors to making it worse are poor design and frequent engine failure. In addition, they lose their reliability due to these factors because no one prefers such vehicles for any purpose.

Few of the listed models have resolvable technical downsides, but the repairing costs are beyond a commoner budget. 

32 Examples of worst pickup trucks with their weight, size, cost, and horsepower

Worst Pickup trucks





Mazda rotary

3200 pounds


171 x 72 x 51 inches

105 hp

Mazda B series

3150 pounds


205 x 73 x 70 inches

210 hp

GMC Canyon

4700 pounds


215 x 76 x 72 inches

202 hp

Nissan Navara

4800 pounds


209 x 73 x 76 inches

170 hp

Ford Explorer Sport Trac

5700 pounds


208 x 74 x 73 inches

215 hp

2005 Dodge RAM Daytona

4900 pounds


210 x 81 x 77 inches

347 hp

2008 GMC Sierra

5000 pounds


223 x 83 x 76 inches

317 hp

Dodge Ram Rumble Bee

5300 pounds


210 x 81 x 79 inches

347 hp

RAM 3500

6900 pounds


263 x 79 x 82 inches

415 hp

1997 Ford Ranger

3200 pounds


190 x 73 x 91 inches

115 hp

2004 Titan Nissan

5500 pounds


225 x 78 x 81 inches

307 hp

Chevrolet K2500

8900 pounds


234 x 79 x 78 inches

257 hp

2006 Honda Ridgeline

4900 pounds


209 x 72 x 74 inches

258 hp

2002 Lincoln Blackwood

5800 pounds


224 x 71 x 79 inches

260 hp

2018 Mercedes Benz X –class

5000 pounds


213 x 78 x 75 inches

259 hp

1976 Dodge Ramcharger

4300 pounds


210 x 77 x 76 inches

105 hp

2013 Toyota Tacoma

3600 pounds


211 x 74 x 73 inches

238 hp

2004 Ford F150

4300 pounds


211 x 75 x 76 inches

285 hp

2005 Ford F150

5300 pounds


230 x 81 x 79 inches

235 hp

2005 Chevrolet Silverado

5500 pounds


229 x 78 x 81 inches

296 hp

2001 Toyota Tundra

4000 pounds


221 x 82 x 74 inches

247 hp

2005 Toyota Tundra

4100 pounds


233 x 76 x 78 inches

285 hp

2012 Ram 2500

7000 pounds


262 x 83 x 81 inches

386 hp

Hummer H2 SUT

6600 pounds


211 x 79 x 82 inches

298 hp

2005 Nissan Frontier

3900 pounds


209 x 74 x 83 inches

267 hp

Chevrolet Colorado

4700 pounds


215 x 79 x 84 inches

335 hp

2002 Subaru Baja

3700 pounds


197 x 74 x 69 inches

168 hp

Suzuki Equator

4900 pounds


222 x 75 x 71 inches

175 hp

Chevrolet Avalanche

6200 pounds


225 x 83 x 80 inches

325 hp

Dodge Dude

4900 pounds


211 x 79 x 84 inches

224 hp

2006 Dodge Dakota

4990 pounds


212 x 75 x 71 inches

215 hp

Chevy SSR

5000 pounds


200 x 83 x 79 inches

400 hp

2013 Toyota Tacoma

It is one of the lowest reputed models by Toyota Tacoma because the manufacturing company rushed in the launching process. Several drawbacks are as follow,

  • Acceleration problems
  • Turbulence in rides
  • Inappropriately working windows and sensors
  • poor condition of the windshield
  • Non-working engine light
  • Technical issues in the drivetrain

2001 Toyota Tundra

I suggest you avoid this truck due to its low-quality design and lack of performance at different speed conditions. 

  • Frequent accidental conditions
  • Poor interior
  • Prominent corrosion stains
  • Unstable spare tire
  • Broken parts 
  • Low performance of the engine
  • Poor design of roof and doors
  • More complaints about the service

2005 Toyota Tundra

The 2005 Toyota truck has low prices that are appealing to multiple buyers. Once you buy this model, it turns into a disastrous deal. 

If you want to look at the negative features of the truck, then have a look at the data below, 

  • Poor exterior
  • Non-functioning machinery
  • Low engine performance
  • Worst driving conditions
  • No hauling
  • Inappropriate performance for heavy loads
  • Complaints and lack of demand
  • Low wheelbase 
  • A vulnerable glass of windows and windshield

2008 GMC Sierra

The manufacturing company made it without concentration, and it appears clearly in the design and frame. The sierra made few significant mistakes during the development of this model. 

  • Failure of automatic brake system
  • Battery drainage
  • Leakage of oil from the engine compartment
  • Failure of fuel sensory gadgets
  • Faulty engine lights
  • Vulnerable handles on the doors
  • Damages and cracks on the window glass
  • No control on the steering wheel
  • Higher maintenance conditions
  • Oil change after 2 to 4 days
  • Requires high-quality coolants and disturbs budget

GMC Canyon

It is a huge investment to buy a truck, and no one wants to waste money. It has one of the most deceiving looks and lacks all the essential safety features. 

It has all the mechanical problems mostly, and the recalling patterns are frequent. 

  • Poor quality frame and vulnerable parts
  • Broken electric wires
  • Faulty appliances of the cabin compartment
  • Leakage of fuel pipelines
  • Accidents of fire and striking
  • Low speed and failure of steering control

Chevrolet K2500

The cleaning and washing of a pickup is challenging than any other small pickup. These high-speed vehicles work in mud and all type of weather conditions. 

Everyone needs a surface that is resistant to rust and corrosive stains. If you are planning to buy such a truck, then avoid this model at every cost. It has one of the most dominant problems of rusting on the top and sides of the vehicle. 

The disadvantages are listed below, and they have no significant solution, 

  • Require regular cleaning 
  • Maintenance costs are high
  • Prominent rusting of the surface
  • Depletion of paint from the front sections
  • Accumulation of dirt and water in holes
  • Rusting of seats and handles
  • No opening of doors and windows
  • Low-quality tires and brake failure at any time
  • Life-threatening accidental conditions

2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Several Chevrolet models are suitable as trucks, but the 2005 model is not attractive. In addition, it originates several problems in the first month of buying.

One of the dominant problems is the non-stopping conditions of the pickup. It causes multiple deadly accidents and truck damages.

A list of its disadvantages is available in this data for you, 

  • Failure of brake and lack of steering control
  • Rusting on the truck brakes 
  • Frequent engine problems
  • Monthly replacement of brake system
  • Unnecessary sounds
  • High oil consumption by the engine
  • High oil requirements and expensive budgets
  • Moderate hauling and failure of this function any time

Chevrolet Colorado

If you are looking for a truck for towing, never select this vehicle. It is one of the worst options because it cannot tolerate heavy masses. 

  • Inappropriate air conditioning
  • Smaller storage space
  • Minimum towing capacity
  • Non-resistant to high heat conditions
  • Regular repairing conditions
  • High expenses on standard maintenance
  • Engine failure after every 2 to 4 days
  • Faulty lights of brake system

Chevrolet Avalanche

It worked fine initially, but latterly several problems originated. It is full of technical and mechanical flaws. Here is a list of all the disadvantages of this pickup vehicle, 

  • Paint problems
  • No appealing design and appearance
  • Cladding 
  • Inappropriate performance of speedometer
  • Regular striking and charges
  • Vehicle drag conditions
  • High oil consumption
  • Low engine performance
  • No new model due to lack of customer demand
  • Faulty transmission mechanism

Chevy SSR

The whole blame refers to the designing person of this particular model. He made it like a mixture of two vehicles, and in this competition, the truck loses the specificity. 

The model does not fulfill the high-speed requirements, storage conditions, and hauling abilities. 

The significant drawbacks of the Chevy SSR are as below, 

  • Lack of appropriate design
  • Low engine power conditions
  • Less storage space with a short trunk
  • No demand due to a car like an appearance
  • Wheels near the ground and low speed
  • Lack of functions off-road

2004 Ford F150 

The Ford pickups trucks are the king of this vehicle industry with their high speed and excellent design conditions. They are extraordinary in all aspects but, the 2004 model is not as much benefit as others. 

The users complained about the problems described below,

  • Strange uninviting sounds of dragging
  • Vulnerable machinery and high repairing costs
  • Low engine power to support speed and smooth rides
  • Broke spark plugs
  • Surges and electric failure

Ford Explorer Sport Trac

While buying a truck for the first time in your life, never consider this Ford. It is a mid-sized pickup but comprises an extremely low-speed quality. 

Have a glance at the drawbacks of a Ford explorer sport Trac, 

  • Low level of engine power
  • Less accommodation space
  • Small bed
  • Copyright claims and frequent complaints
  • Vulnerable door handles and window locks 
  • Inappropriate seating arrangement
  • Lack appeal and finishing
  • High investment in low-quality 

2005 Dodge Ram Daytona

It is one of the most useless models because it lacks the performance of the front edge. You cannot open the front wing of your pickup, and it generates frustration. Multiple problems lead to the failure of this model. These drawbacks are as follow, 

  • No storage space
  • No opening of the front section
  • High time-consuming hauling
  • Intolerance towards heavy loads
  • Manufacturing faults
  • Low speed with high mass conditions on sides
  • Utilizes maximum effort for dragging
  • High repairing and maintenance costs

Dodge Ram Rumble bee

It was one of the fascinating pickup trucks initially, but its performance decreases with time. The rumble bee model comprises bright colors and contributes to entertainment.

These disadvantageous features are,

  • Less space on the truck bed
  • The flatness of the bed and no luggage security
  • The resemblance with small vehicles
  • No appealing design
  • Failure of engine
  • Low-speed conditions

Dodge Dude

It is a confusing model of a ruck due to its mixed design. In addition, it has similar features to many other dodge variants. 

A list of disadvantages is as below,

  • Lack of standard design
  • Slow speed conditions
  • Faulty brake system
  • Similarities with old models
  • High costs than the specifications
  • Poor excitement in terms of interior

2006 Dodge Dakota

It is a problematic pickup truck due to manufacturing malfunction and other technical problems. Around 89% to 94% of people complained about this truck. In addition, they stated that the accident ratio has increased after buying this model. 

The prominent disadvantages of the 2006 Dodge Dakota are as follow, 

  • Broken and vulnerable brakes
  • Accidents due to non-stopping conditions
  • No replacement parts
  • Oil problems 
  • Hundreds of complaints from one customer
  • Sludge problems
  • Inappropriate shifting 

2004 Titan Nissan

The constant negative reviews and recalls lead to multiple modifications in the design. 

Despite up-gradation, the results are not welcoming. It showed a lot of flaws, and a few of them are below, 

  • Broken suspension
  • Faulty axles with constant loosening conditions
  • Broken seals on the oil containers
  • Leakage of oil and high consumption
  • Overheating and fire conditions
  • Low policies of warranty and on behavior
  • Avoidance of model within 2-3 years

2005 Nissan Frontier

One of the latest models as the 2007 model, works extraordinary in terms of space and storage. However, the 2005 model lacks the quality and functions.

It has various problems, and few of them are irresolvable. I have described a few of the disadvantages, and they are, 

  • Failure of the transmission mechanism
  • Overheating of the vehicle 
  • Broken radiators
  • Several repairing conditions of undercarriage section 
  • Low riding conditions
  • Turbulence during driving
  • No control on steering wheel

2006 Honda Ridgeline

It is one of the worst models the manufacturing company ever made. It has a lot of resemblance with the Hummer, and it destroys the overall design. 

There is no specific significance of this model because it appears like a copy of other models. The vast frame with heavy weight is not suitable for a speedy vehicle.

Following are several downsides of the model, 

  • Low storage space
  • Smaller trunk with sharp edges
  • Growing complaints with every purchase
  • Brake failure and multiple accidents
  • Faulty suspensions and tire dragging
  • Low-quality engine in 2006 model

Mazda B series

Mazda has offered several vehicles with versatile features and qualities. If you want to get a new truck, then avoid it. It is one of the first inventory models of this manufacturing portal. 

There are a lot of flaws and technical problems in the frame. The downside of this particular model are as follow,

  • Failure of the system due to high speed
  • Low-quality machinery in the hood
  • Several complaints

People prefer these trucks for their speedy transportations and loading facilities. The Mazda B series lacks all of these features, and it results in diminished demand conditions. In addition, it lacks the basic design of a pickup.

It has a lot of downsides, and all of them are as follow,

  • No appealing design
  • Low engine activity
  • Low power patterns and oil consumption
  • Not a single exciting feature
  • Poor design of the cabin
  • Low-quality electronic features

How to evaluate that a pickup truck is the worst?

For the evaluation of any pickup model, compare it with the specific criteria. It must fulfill all the specifications and features of that particular brand. 

Also, check the complaints and customer reviews about that particular truck. Moreover, around 2% to 6% of the customer complaints are negligible. 

These problems are due to human negligence and inappropriate usage. If the customer reviews are 78% to 80% negative about any truck, avoid it.

Do these worst trucks break down anytime?

Yes, the Honda and Toyota pickup trucks are the worst in this regard. They have sudden mechanical issues, and the vehicle stops working.

It is not a beneficial condition because there is no notification before these problems. Chevrolet also produces these breakdown problems, but the tendency is lower than the above models.

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