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What is Wind Chill Pearl Toyota Tacoma?

What is Wind Chill Pearl Toyota Tacoma?

Tacoma is a pickup truck with white pearl color manufactured by Toyota. Wind chill pearl is a popular color, and all the models of the Toyota are available in it. 

What is Wind Chill Pearl Toyota Tacoma? Wind chill pearl Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck with white pearl shade launched in 2005. The code of the color is 089, and the code sticker is present on the driver’s side door. It has many benefits as it can hide scratches, is available at affordable prices, and protect the vehicle from humidity and moisture. However, it has many disadvantages like you have to apply many coats, scrapes off quickly, and becomes dim after a few days.

History of wind chill pearl Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup available in different models. Wind chill pearl is an elegant color launched in second-generation trucks among its various shades.

It was launched in 2005 and is still present in third-generation Tacoma. It is also called platinum white and gives a glittery look to the vehicle. Pickup truck of this color is high in demand in different areas of the USA.

Code of wind chill pearl color

When you want to buy Toyota Tacoma in platinum pearl shade, you can confirm it by looking at the paint code.

Each color has a specific code used for matching the paint shade. It is present at a particular location in every model of pickup.

The wind chill pearl code is 089, and it is present at the driver-side door jamb. So when you want to buy the paint, check the code sticker and purchase the same shade for a touch-up.

Pros of wind chill pearl Toyota Tacoma

Buying a Tacoma with this color has many benefits than other ordinary pickups. Here is a brief list of all the advantages of it.

Repair scratches

If you are driving on rough or rock areas, your vehicle can get many minor scratches.

This color provides an easy solution to your problem in such a situation. Furthermore, it can treat scratches by covering the defective part with elegance.

It is present in various forms like foams, brushes, paints, and paint pens. Therefore, you need not spend a lot of money to repair the scratches from the repair shop.

Just bring the color by matching it with truck paint and applying it to the scratches. It has good flow properties and spreads evenly on the surfaces.


Wind chill pearl paint is available at a very reasonable price in the market. Toyota Tacoma with this shade is less expensive than other models. The paint pens of this color are excellent for minor defects where you need not buy a bucket.

It is a cheap tool; you can easily control the paint applied to the defective areas. It is also water-based, which is more affordable than other forms of color.

Protects from humidity and moisture

Pickup trucks paint damaged when exposed to dust and moisture. It can make the color wear out, and the truck loses its charm and elegance. It protects the vehicle from moisture and dust by using a barrier.

It has minimal capacity to absorb moisture from the environment and keeps the vehicle corrosion-free. It will increase the life expectancy of your Tacoma longer to many folds.

Cons of wind chill pearl Tacoma

Despite all the advantages it can provide, it can cause many problems to your pickup truck.

Fades quickly

It is the main issue you can encounter while driving your truck with a wind chill pearl color.

You cannot drive the vehicle in extreme heat because it is not heat resistant. It fades quickly and loses its radiance due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

You have to apply fresh coats of paint every two months to maintain the color of the vehicle. A humid environment also makes it grow dim slowly.

Takes more time

It is a lighter tone of pearl shade, and to get the required shine and radiance, you have to apply multiple coats. In addition, you have to use a minimum of three coats on your truck to get the desired result.

It is a tedious process because multiple coats require more time for application. It also takes a long time to dry in the open air. You have to keep the truck safely to avoid any damage in such conditions.

Scrapes off quickly

This color is present in water-based paint that does not adhere properly to the surface. With slight contact with any sharp object, it scrapes off.

When the paint is scraped off, the metallic body is exposed to the external environment. As a result, it will make the pickup more vulnerable to corrosion and damage.

Otherwise, you have to apply many coats of this color to make a thicker layer to protect the vehicle’s body.

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