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Can You Use Fender Flares to Cover Rust?

Can You Use Fender Flares to Cover Rust?

Many people use fender flares to hide rust on their pickup trucks, preventing further exposure to moisture and dirt.

Typically, the truck’s wheel wells generate rust due to excessive driving on dusty roads, constant dirt accumulation, and moisture build-up. 

Can You Use Fender Flares to Cover Rust? You can use fender flares to cover rust on a pickup truck by selecting the right-sized customized item, then clean the rusting surface, apply paint in the holes, adjust the fender flares, and secure its bolts. However, they are effective due to maximum coverage, quick to install, protect with convenient cleaning. Furthermore, Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Tacoma trucks have fender flare to cover rust.  

Also, these are economical and instant repairing tools with maximum advantages of quick cleaning and making the truck attractive. 

Also, they repel rusting, but the already existing moisture destroys their surface. In such conditions, clean and dry the rusted wheel well with natural heat before adding new items.

How to add custom fender flares to cover rust on a pickup truck?

Adjust the right-sized fender flares to cover the rusting material on the truck. Also, follow the below instructions and hide the corrosive surface entirely. 

These aftermarket items are available for several vehicles, but you can get customized products. Also, the authentic online portals sell them according to the customer demands, size of wheel frame, and other specifications. 

The rusting material makes the surface uneven that cannot hold the new items. Also, the adhering material of the flares does not connect on the bumpy and dented surface with several holes. 

Next, clean it with the thinner or any other solution. It provides a smooth consistency and fills the holes slightly. 

The customized, high-quality flares are the plastic or metal material that covers the truck fenders temporarily. 

They have cosmetic features but can hide the damaged surface on a vehicle.

Connect with an auto part store, provide data about your requirements and get customized flares. 

Access the wheel well, check their fender flare attachment system, count the bolts and gather tools. 

Then, use a right size socket or wrench, adjust it on the bolts and remove them one by one. Now, pull the old item and remove it from the surface. 

A few of them have fasteners and clips for holding these covering items. Use the screwdrivers to remove the screws and open the clips. In addition, you can pull them with pliers. 

Moreover, use the wrench for additional fasteners and volt removals. Finally, prepare the surface for the addition of customized items with a maximum spread. 

Hold the item, adjust it on the wheel well, follow the factory arch and fix it on the pickup. Then, line the holes of the fender flare with the truck frame holes. 

Then, push it inside and fix it in one particular position. Now, insert the bolts in the holes and rotate clockwise manually.

Then, use a wrench and tighten all the bolts and nuts. Also, take the help of a friend for handling these tools. 

A few of them have dual tape on their backside. Next, remove the top cover and attach it to the truck frame. Then, add screes in the holes and tighten them with a screwdriver. 

Why would you cover rust with fender flares on a truck?

They have several benefits for rusting surface, and a few of them are as follow. 

Maximum coverage

They have a specific design for covering the wheel frame and expanding on the vehicle body. Also, the coverage is enough for hiding the rusting material and all holes. Therefore, it attracts truck users because they get immediate protection for their truck frame. 

In addition, they have a specific design with an arch that covers the upper section of pickup wheels without leaving a corner.

Also, it fixes on the edges without any problem, but these vehicles require an accurate size of these tools. Many people add Raptor fenders to the F150.

Protects the surface from rusting

They are resistant to road debris, rainwater, and other environmental effects. Also, the top layer of these tools does not allow the accumulation of water. In addition, they hide the overall surface, and water droplets cannot reach the tip section of the wheel frame. 

As a result, there is a minimum probability of corrosion over the surface. In addition, truck fenders work as guardians and keep the vehicle body stable for long years. You can also hide a GPS tracker under its surface.

Quick installation

They have adhesive material and dual end tapes and bolts patterns. It makes the installation comfortable for everyone. Also, they are lightweight, and anyone can handle them. The overall adjustment procedure takes around 8 to 12 minutes. 

In addition, you can install fender flares without any professional help. Also, the manuals help in the entire procedure. Moreover, they have a quick and effortless adjustment procedure to fix bolts and holes together. 

Easy to clean

The cleaning of surrounding spots is convenient due to their design and edges. Also, you can use cleaning agents, rub them over the edges and keep the truck body rust-free. 

In addition, use bristle-free fabrics because excessive cleaning with fibrous cloth leads to other damages. The cleaning process takes 5 to 6 minutes approximately. 

Is there any disadvantage of covering rust with fender flares?

The only drawback of these fender flares is that they cannot resist the combination of water with dirt. In addition, due to the non-identical size of these items, the coverage becomes inadequate. 

As a result, it exposes the bottom side of its frame towards the environment. However, the problem is resolvable, and you can solve it by taking the dimensions of your wheel frame. 

Also, take dimensions from the arch corner and measure it towards the other end. 

What are the pickup trucks that use fender flares to cover the wheel frame rust?

Typically, the Ford F150 old models have bubble rusting problems on the wheel frame section. Also, the owners prefer an extended fender flare that hides the entire rusting spots.

However, it is a temporary treatment because rust can destroy the bottom side of these items. Therefore, permanent repairing solutions are essential for resolving these problems. In other cases, it prevails on the overall top surface and destroys the appearance.

In addition, Chevrolet Silverado goes through the rusting over the wheel well. Also, it requires an immediate covering maintains a stylish appearance. 

In addition, the application of primer and paint is essential for surface smoothing. As a result, the installation of equipment becomes quick. Moreover, the old models of the GMC Sierra have several rusting issues on the upper section of the wheels. 

A few people rub the damaged surface with a wired brush, but it does not resolve the problem. Also, the constant exposure of wheel well to road debris and environmental hazards leads to corrosive conditions.

However, the adjustment of customized truck fenders helps in hiding the rust on Toyota Tundra. Also, the expanded flares hide the overall upper tire section. 

In addition, the 2005 to 2010 Toyota Tacoma models have more rust issues than the new variants. Also, they have corrosion layers over the wheel frame and destroy the overall surface condition. 

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