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Where to Hide a Safe in an RV?

Where to Hide a Safe in an RV?

Here are 12 great ideas to hide a safe in your RV. All of these methods are easy and you can do it on your own.

Where to Hide a Safe in an RV? Hide a safe in an RV by placing it in the closets, shelves, door compartments, or in the pet food containers and under the stairs. It will keep the safe out of other’s sight and keep it away from anyone’s approach.

Where to Hide a Safe in an RV?

Follow these techniques and you can hide your safe in the RV. We have also mentioned the required tools in this detailed guide.

Hide safe in the RV wall

People want to protect their safety devices in an RV. You can hide it far away from the sight of any passenger or other people.

These devices are portable in few situations, and you can install them anywhere in this vehicle.

The walls are the best choice to hide the equipment with expertise. Make a specific spot to install the tool and adjust it with screws. Add a beautiful painting on the front side. It keeps the device safe and out of sight. 

The wall-mounted safe is convenient to install due to its slim structure. You can install it with little effort and secure it.

There are minimum chances that someone with finding them out. The money and valuables remain safe in this equipment. 

Under the floor

The RV floor is another beneficial spot to hide the safe. It is a tricky procedure, and you can consult the professional guidelines.

It is a technique in those vehicles that have wood floors. Make a separate compartment beneath the floor surface.

Adjust the safe in this compartment and tight it with screws. Cover the top surface with an accurate lid, and adjust it without any error.

You can add screws to the top covering and always select small-size screws. The floor becomes the same as before after such additions, and you can protect the valuable things inside it.

It is a secret place to hide all those things that you consider worthy. These spots require an effort, but you can perform them with accurate instructions. 

In a venting equipment

The venting equipment of the camper is usually present in the roof area. There is a vent cover that protects this device with sides and corners.

You can hide the safe in this venting equipment with modifications in the internal structure. Add and adjust the safety container in the venting section.

The vent cover can hide the container in one of the best possible ways. You can add small hiding structures in such locations because they have less space.

Add the safety equipment without any fear of theft. You have to cover the venting section for the outer control and safety features. A person from outside should never access the vent, and it keeps the valuable things protected. 

Hide the safe in the pet food containers

It is one of the safest and different methods to adjust the safe in a camper. There are minimum chances that a thief can access such hiding compartments. 

Pet owners love to keep the steel packaging of their pet foods. They are usually in the form of steel containers of accurate size, and you can mount a safe in this small box with modifications. 

Add those hiding tools in such compartments that have touch panels. They are small and easily adjustable, but the process is tricky.

Install the safe with different tools like screws in the container. You can cover the box with its original container.

Turn the container towards the dead-end and hide its open section. You can adjust this pet food container anywhere in your RV. The shelves and cabinets are the best options for safety and control mechanisms. 

Under a bed

The beds are a beneficial place for the thieves to find out the money and other such things. You can hide the safe under the bed but in a different manner.

There are new designs of beds that comprise a storage compartment. They have built-in structures that can store and settle small containers. You can lift the mattress upward and find out these storage surfaces. 

They have bounding qualities with the frame of the mattress. You can adjust the small safety device in this storage compartment.

There are minimum chances of safe findings in such situations. They remain hidden in their storage sections without any visibility. The safety containers do not produce any sounds when you move the mattress. 

Use a book

These book safes are available online in different sizes and colors. You can add the book safely to the shelf without any fear.

They interact with all other books on the shelves, and no one can differentiate between them. The titles of the book safes are similar to other books on the shelf.

They have locks and comprise digit patterns. There are minimum chances of any error during the opening and closing of such tools.

They are slim and convenient, and you can adjust them as near as you desire. They are easily adjustable on the side tables and other such piece of furniture. 

In the RV stairs 

The technique is all about changing the stair section into a safety process.

It has alteration techniques to modify a middle stair into a safe. You can utilize the central space or remove the external wood area.

Slip and adjust the safety tool in this space and reinstall the stair structure, and it is a moveable safety mechanism with some effort.

Make the treading section moveable for easy and convenient use of the safety device. Always cover the stair compartment after such installation.

The roof area can also indicate the presence of safety tools. It is not a safe way to hide such things, and you should follow accurate instructions. 

In the heating section 

The heating sections of the camper have the same designs as the home device, and they have door compartments for better utilization and control.

You can install the safe in this area with expert guidelines. Remove the hinging door of the heating mental. Make accurate space for safe according to its size.

Adjust the safe in this area and cover it with a closed door. Never utilize the heating tool after such installation. 

You can perform this method during the summer seasons. The heating of the device can destroy the safe and all other internal things.

Keep it off during the time and protect safe from external hazards as well. The thieves cannot find such safety spots easily. They cannot open the structure within few minutes due to complex internal connections. 

Use the Shelves

There is a vast range of those shelves that have bottom drawers. They have free-flowing properties in terms of design, and the owner may know about this hidden compartment. It is not easily accessible to every person due to the structure. 

The bottom shelf combines with the upper structure, and there is a hollow space between them. It comprises a compartment with enough space to occupy a safety device.

These sections have screws and moveable handles to adjust the bottom of the shelf. These compartments have control panels, and there is no keyhole.

Adjust the safe there and then add the worthy things. You can open it by sliding a card or push the relevant keys.

They are floating devices with little or no resistance. The opening movements are slow and keep them safe in their firm position.

Use the Door

You can perform this method in such circumstances when you do not have enough space in the cabinets and other compartments.

The plain door must acquire the sliding properties for convenience. Install such RV doors to the living areas of the RV.

You can also utilize an already existing wood door in the massive vehicle. It completely hides the presence of such devices due to its wood structure. 

The sliding capacity depends on the installation techniques, and you can also set a pattern. It helps in the non-movement of the door without the owner’s concern.

It is a safety technique that is far away from everyone’s sight. The thief can never estimate the presence of a safety device behind such permanent doors.

The door never slides through an unknown person, and he might consider it fixed. You can protect valuable things in the safe with this method. 

In the Store compartment 

The store is also another safe spot to install the safe. You can add the device with all other boxes of the store.

It mixes with all other structures, and it is suitable in terms of safety. There are minimum chances of any differentiation between such things.

You can also mount the safe in the wall of the store with the same adjusting techniques. Cover the wall cover to hide the safety device complete. It becomes out of sight, and the thieves cannot approach it. 

The thief can’t find the store in such a massive vehicle. You can hide all the worthy items in this safe without any fear. Adjust fingerprint locks or other techniques to prevent their opening. 

Use the RV closet

The closets are beneficial places to hide such safety equipment. You can make modifications to the internal cupboard and shelves of the RV closet.

Adjust the safety device inside this structure and hide it with various things. Add a similar door in front of the safety equipment, and make it a part of the whole system with changes.

Adjust the clothes and other such items to hide the safe. You can also adjust the safe in the shoe compartment of the closet.

It has less space than the clothes section. You can hide safely in its place with the shoeboxes. Make them portable and install tricky techniques. Never leave them open and hide their presence as much as you can.

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