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How to Keep Food From Falling Out of RV Fridge?

How to Keep Food From Falling Out of RV Fridge?

Here are 11 easy methods to keep the food from falling out of your RV fridge. All of these techniques are easy and you can do them on your own.

How to Keep Food From Falling Out of RV Fridge? Keep food from falling out of an RV fridge when driving by reducing the internal load and use of protective shelves. Add organizers and storage bags to reduce the space. Prevent the free-falling of food with high boundary door shelves. Add springs to its door and reduce the size of containers. 

How to Keep Food From Falling Out of RV Fridge?

There are various ways to prevent food from falling out of the RV fridge. All of these methods provide stability to the food items, and they remain firm.

The procedures are cheap, but few of them cost you a bit more. The repairing cost of the cooling equipment is far more than these methods.

Add Boxes inside the RV fridge

The RV fridge is massive enough to comprise the small to medium boxes. It has accommodation capacity for such storing devices.

The boxes are usually plastic material, and you can buy them online. The sizes and shapes are different, and you can select them according to your demand.

These boxes are like the separation between various food items. They have a stable capacity, and you can also arrange them in the best layouts. 

Adjust them near each other for control and firmness, and they can never move inside the fridge due to such techniques.

Add the heavyweights in every box to offer stability. Adjust things in the corners and then in the middle of the storage container.

They do not acquire enough capacity to open the door of the fridge. All of these boxes are lightweight with maximum storage and efficient performance. 


The organizers of the Fridge are separations with steel rods. They are available online, and you can also buy them from fridge stores.

They have enough capacity to keep the food in its place. These organizers prevent the mixing of food and store it properly.

All of them have steel rods with thin structures. These work as a door behind a fridge door. The food remains on the backside, and they cover the front portion.

You can add these street organizers between the food items and in the front section. The door collides on the organizers, and the food remains safe.

There are minimum chances of food falling in such conditions. These tools have tolerance against road jumps and other such conditions. They are stable and keep the internal items safe in all dangerous situations. 

Arrange according to size

It is another technique to prevent the falling of food out of the fridge. Arrange the food items in terms of their weight. Never add the heavyweight on the front side because they lack stability due to road jerks. 

You can store and protect the food items with proper organization property. Always add the heavy food materials in one pot and keep them in one corner of the fridge.

Adjust the food with the pattern of demand, and it helps the mixing of food items. Use those items that you can trim and cut into small pieces.

Fill them in a small pot and adjust them to different sides of the fridge. You can protect the free-falling of food in this way with tiny techniques.

Fewer loads 

The load management of food in the fridge removes the danger of falling food items. The condensation of food items leads to pressure conditions.

It pushes the door in the road jerks and other unstable conditions. Few food items get rotten, and they also generate different gases.

The pressure of the gas can open the door of a fridge with a tiny unfavorable change. 

Purchase that food item that can remain safe without even the coolness of a fridge. Maintain the food items based on their storage capabilities.

Change the massive packaging of food items and empties them into small containers. It reduces the internal mass of the fridge and lowers pressure conditions. 

Protectors of fridge

The protectors of the fridge are like shelves, and you can buy them online.

They work as trays and racks in the internal section of the cooling device, and you can adjust them without any tools or holes.

They have food arrangement capacities with external coverings. The structure of the shelves is high, and it never allows falling of food due to road bumps. You can adjust 2 – 3 protectors and install them without any error. 

The shelves with sides and corners inside the ridges, and these sides prevent food when they try to fall.

They are safety techniques to keep the food safe in one position. 

Add springs to the fridge door

Add springs to the door of an RV fridge with great power and stability. They keep the door firm in its original position in case of unfavorable conditions.

When the food generates internal pressure and pushes the fridge door, then the spring provides protection.

They have automatic movements to control the food items from free falling. The door shuts automatically after its opening up to 2 to 3 inches.

These tools are tiny but are efficient in their work performance. You can buy them from any mechanical store and select them according to the size of its door. 

Add More plastic jars

The plastic and glass jars are suitable to reduce the external mass of the food items. They also keep the food refreshing and safe in the internal compartments.

They have various sizes and shapes, and you can adjust them properly. Add more jars than the original packaging of food items. 

Remove the foods in the massive containers and then adjust them in jars to the fridge for excellent stability.

Carry out this procedure with expert guidelines of fridge arrangement. Never add the glass jars in the front portion when the massive vehicle is moving.

It can break the lights and internal compartment of the fridge. These jars prevent the mixing of food items in all possible conditions.

Use Polythene bags

The polythene bags with the zip ties are one of the best solutions to prevent food falling hazards. They acquire minimum space inside the fridge and have excellent storage capacities.

You can add raw vegetables in the zip bags without any fear of rotting. You can align the polythene storage tools on each other to reduce space.

The stacks of food items never leave their position due to road jumps and other harmful conditions. There are cheap, and you can buy them from any store.

They are reusable, and you can move them in the form of stacks. All of them are lightweight, and they never harm the surrounding food. 

Remove extra food

Removal of extra food items can also control the falling of items from the fridge. Observe the internal arrangement of the fridge.

Check and identify those containers that lead to the falling of food. Remove them instantly to secure the other items from such hazards.

Replace their containers or store them somewhere else. Reduce the food materials that are not in use, and you can discard them in case of rot.

It is an effective way to remove the food from falling instantly. 

Settle things on fridge shelves

The doors of the fridge comprise shelves with high boundaries. The internal accommodation space is lesser than shelves, but you can adjust bottles in them.

The elongated containers and small jars have the best adjustment capabilities on these shelves.

The high sections are suitable to prevent the falling of food. These shelves are usually 2 to 3 and all of them have high edges. 

The plastic sections have protection properties with minimum damage, and they also support the door from unnecessary opening.

The weight of the items keeps the door firm and stable. You can also add trays and small boxes in these sections. 

Why should you adjust the food from falling out of an RV fridge?

The food trembles when the RV moves on roads, and the road jerks have a direct effect.

They lack their original position and moves towards doors. It leads to disasters because the food gets too mix.

There are chances of dirtiness of the shelves and other parts of refrigerators. Few heavy pots can break the internal lights of the fridge.

It prevents the free-falling of food in the fridge and out on the floor.

If you do not carry out the preventive measure, then you can end up losing the door of the RV fridge. It can break due to the constant striking of heavy things.

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