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Why is my Ford F150 USB Port Not Working?

Why is my Ford F150 USB Port Not Working?

The USB port in the Ford F150 is in the center console of the instrumental panel. The function of the USB port is to plug in all the media-related devices; and charging devices.

Why is my Ford F150 USB Port Not Working? USB port in Ford F150 stops working due to the presence of moisture and debris in the post, faulty wiring, sync3 problems, damaged port, and software issues.

Why is my Ford F150 USB Port Not Working?

Many people complain that the USB port in their Ford F150 is not working. When you plug in the USB in the USB hub, select the audio source by touching the screen of the head unit.

The USB starts working by using a USB voice command. The USB voice command is present at the steering wheel control.

Dirt in the USB port

The failure in the functionality of the USB port; is the presence of dirt and debris inside it. The port is open from the outside and accessible.

The port is more liable to defects because dust, food, and other particles can get inside them. You should check the port before inserting the USB inside them. Anything present inside the port you can remove using wooden tools like toothpicks or using thin plastic.

Moisture inside the port

The removal of moisture is crucial. Because it can damage the fuse of the USB port, and the whole system shut down.

You should change the hub that is not so expensive. After the removal of the old connector, fix the new one. You can Plug IN the test USB in the new hub of USB.

The lighting in the USB port turns ON, and the system of the truck starts taking your voice commands. The other solution is the use of a dryer to dry the moisture in the USB port. Freshwater may evaporate after one and a half hours.

Canned air is also useful for blowing particles out of a USB port but be careful not to push the particles further inside.

Wiring connectivity

Sometimes USB port stops working due to broken or loose internal connections. You can test this by connecting the USB to the USB port then shake the connection slightly between the port and the device.

The screen display connects and disconnects the message, which means there is an issue with the USB port.

When you shake the USB, if it shows more movement, this indicates the broken USB port. To resolve this problem, you need to take the vehicle to the professionals.

Sync problem

Sometimes due to bad cable, that result in a short circuit. As a result, the computer shut off, and the USB port stops working.

To enable the USB port, you need to restart the computer and did the master reset. You can plug in the new USB, which contains some media files in it.

The flashlight does not turn ON. Remove the flash and move to the general setting on the screen panel of the F150. Press the master reset button.

It wipes away all your navigation information and other data. The truck system starts to reboot automatically.

The whole system becomes new fed the new settings in it according to your preferences. 

Issues in the fuse of the USB port

Sometimes due to short circuits or using a bad gadget. The fuse for the USB port blown-out. The obd2 connectors stop working, and the lighting in the hub does not turn on.

You can fix this by opening the fuse panel that is in the passenger side kickboard. You can take the lid off from the bottom. Take out the black Panel hood from the bottom.

You will see a lot of fuses connected in the back. The fuse for the USB port is yellow and located on the right side in Ford’s F150, 2006 model.

You can also find its fuse by reading the code in the manual. You can plug out the fuse and again plug in the same fuse.

It will supply power to your computer. The issue does not resolve, take a test light screwdriver and place it in the fuse to check the power supply.

If the light does not ON, the test light screwdriver the fuse is blown. Replace the old fuse with the new one. Again, test the power in and out on the fuse.

Issues in the software

A new feature called sync 3 is present in F150 touch screens. This software functions by using voice commands and touch sensors. 

The work of software is to control the communication, navigation, and entertainment activities of the truck.

The problem with sync3 stops the working of the system. You can solve this problem by doing a master reset on the screen panel of the truck. The master reset to reboot the sync setting to factory settings. 

Make sure you use the manufactured USB cable, the device should be fully functional or uses a clear voice command. 

You can try off the ignition, open and close the driver door for sync problems to fix. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging in the device, turn the ignition ON, and wait for the sync system to start.

 You can also update the sync3 software for its functionality. The sync fuse is also present in the passenger area. You can also locate the fuse by reading the code on the vehicle. You can check the fuse if the fuse blown-out replace it with a new one.

Broken USB port in Ford F150

The USB port connects with the computer of the vehicle. When you plug in the port, the device starts working.

Its working displays on the screen panel of the truck, with continuous work, the port becomes loose and sometimes detaches from its place. It happens due to the regular use of different types and shapes of USB.

 This problem can also result from using different varieties of cable. The weight and size of the cable also affect the port connection and make them loose and damage.

Install a new USB hub; make sure you attach the hub with all its previous connections. Make sure it works accurately by looking at the screen panel and by fixing a fully functional device with it.

You can also repair the old connector by using a sharp needle-like object. Try to pull the pins that are present in the port in an upward direction.

This upward movement of pins tightens it in its place. This pin plays the role of a function between the port and the device.

The virus in the USB

The virus has software codes that cannot physically damage the system. This virus can alter the functioning of the vehicle’s computer.

This virus uses the data transfer as a vehicle to spread the virus in a computer. This virus can change the ability of computers to operate the USB port in the Ford F150.

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