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How to Repair RV Toilet Foot Pedal?

How to Repair RV Toilet Foot Pedal?

If your RV foot toilet pedal is broken, then avoid using the toilet. With the water flush, the wastage also releases out and it can cause a foul smell.

How to Repair RV Toilet Foot Pedal? You can repair the RV toilet foot pedal by first stopping the water supply and check for any leakages, rust, and sediment accumulation. Replace its cable and springs and fix the broken parts of the foot pedal. 

The toilet functioning depends on this part. There is a variety of an issue that arises due to wear and tear problem. You can check, inspect and maintain it properly.

How to Repair RV Toilet Foot Pedal?

It is a new invention used for toilet flushing. It is easy to install by removing the pull chain, which links with the toilet tank flapper.

The foot pedal installs the inflatable ball in the middle of the toilet. The ball actuator passes the airline to the floor from the tank.

Install the spacer to avoid hose crushing and then uncover the lid. When you put pressure on the ball inflated, air forced it into the line.

The valve gate opens, which turns ON the water supply and delivers the wastage to its tank. The toilet foot pedal function depends on the type of RV.

Foot pedal assembly includes a 2-foot pedal flush, actuation cable, solid wire members, flange, spring, and pedal return mechanism.

RV toilet foot pedal working

It has two-foot pedal flush control having different functioning like open the toilet wall discharge outlet and another deliver the flush water to the tank.

It operates by the actuation cable, which contains the detachable wire member inside the conduit.

The water fills in the toilet, half or maximum controls by the closure member pedal before the flush. It combines with the water pedal to actuate it to provide water for flushing.

When the pressure on the foot pedals release, the spring assist in return the control lever’s position. The spring is a part of the flushing mechanism.

Water valve issue

The toilet water valve is a device that controls the freshwater flow into the RV toilet tank. It is present on the left side of the toilet.

It is present on a water supply pipe. The tailpiece connects to the supply tube, which links with the fixture shutoff valve is known as the ballcock.

During flushing, it can open and close to maintain the water level and its proper supply. 

The leakage occurs when any damage occurs, so replace it with a new advanced model.

It is best, but the kit contains both fill and flush valve assemblies. The essential items required for its replacement include a sponge, buckets, and pliers. 

First, stop the water by the clockwise spinning of the shutoff valve and empty the tank. Remove the toilet fill valve with the pliers or wrench.

For this, disconnect the water supply tube and unscrew the bottom flange. Then, lose the mounting nut of the fill valve. 

Arrange the new water valve assembly and reconnect all the parts. In the end, connect the fill valve with the water supply tube.

To check the water supply, turn ON the valve. Inspect all adjustments and observe if any leakage occurs or not. You have to lubricate or grease the water valve that increases its life span.

Foot pedal breaks off

 When you apply pressure on the RV toilet foot pedal, it starts its functioning. Sometimes high pressure disturb its proper functioning and damage its all components.

The spring tolerates the high strain but can damage due to extra force and cannot return to its normal position resulting in pedal breakage.

Foot pedal falls off

After a long time of its use, it can lose and fall off, or the plastic worn out of it cannot hold on to its position.

Inspect that the flapper actuator is present in the proper slot. You have to resolve this problem so that cannot face further complication. You can replace the flapper actuator.

Worn out cable

In the toilet foot pedal, two cable brakes connect it with the valve assembly. The foot pedal cable secure by the small ball that passes through it.

Sometimes, the ball will break off, resulting in the worn-out or rusting of this cable.

The tools required for its replacement include a screwdriver, pliers, wire cutters, and Allen wrench. Read the given manual instruction properly before installing it. 

In this case, you must stop the water supply and drain the water out by a flush button.

From the water module, disconnect its supply line. Unscrew and remove the flange closet cover, bolts and separate the seal from it. 

After separate out the cable, you have to replace it. Install it into the lever arm through the screwdriver assistance.

Put pressure on the pedal and fix the wire into the slot, and release the tension.

Tighten the assembly by the screw and check the proper functioning of the foot pedal toilet. Cut the cable extension after confirming the operation. 


The toilet foot pedal is sensitive to both low and high water pressure. Sometimes O-ring in the valve causes the leakage problem. Flush valve open by the rotation of valve in the O-ring after the footstep spinning.

The leakage occurs when it remains open and the flush valve also unable to close. For the smooth functioning of it, you can apply the lubricant spray.

The water pressure around 39-42 psi is normal for it. Domestic 310/320 is the ideal option having the best flush mechanism to avoid the entire problem. 

If the toilet is plastic in nature and a crack appears, water leaks likely to occur.

Sometimes the inlet hoses connection loose lead to spinning in all direction which also a reason for it. If you neglect that problem, it may cause damage to your RV toilet floor.

Broken springs

The foot pedal spring puts pressure on the pedal to return it to its original position when the water tank fills or flush out.

For its replacement, you need the essential tools, like a screwdriver, pliers, and others.

Place the toilet on its sides and rotate it to remove the existing part. It is difficult to repair, so purchase the new, which is around $70-$80.

Toilet flange issue

The flange has plastic or wax material that links to the floor to the toilet and wastage tank. The most common problem occurs due to this part failure.

The leakage occurs from the floor after flushing the water. In this case, repair the flange or replace it with a new of the same quality. The foul smell, leakage due to cracks, or incorrect size are all signs of this failure. 

You will need a screwdriver, flange seal, putty knife, angle driver, and other essential items. First, find the flange and unscrew it.

If fix and cannot remove, use the tool or detach the seal with the chisel. It is present 1-3 inches below the tubing that runs to the black water tank. 

Purchase the new flange and install it by screwing or using the sealant like waterproof marine adhesive. It is cost-effective to pay around $10-$30 for it.

How to replace RV toilet foot pedal?

it is easy to replace, but you should use the manual and instruction guidelines properly. In this way, you can avoid any mistakes during handling. There are the following steps necessary for the toilet foot pedal replacement.

Items needed

Pedal, closet flange seal, manual, towel, wrench, and a trash bag are the essential items.

Disconnect water supply

According to the manual instruction, stop the water supply and empty the water tank to prevent leakage.

Use the towel to avoid water leakage from its connection. You can wash the toilet, which protects the foul smell.

Remove the toilet

The closet toilet flange cover fits with the nuts, so unscrew it if needed and isolate the seal by the scraper and discard it.

Lift the toilet and put it in the trash bag. Through the towel cover the tank opening.

Remove the toilet pedal

Put the toilet on its sides on the floor the foot pedal directs in an upward direction for its easy access.

Hold the bowl, then tightly grab the pedal from its down position. Remove it by the rotation, and it will come out.

Install the new toilet foot pedal

The pedal must well-aligned on the pivot. However, ensure proper adjustment of pedal return spring first pocket.

These are known as 1 or A. Then, circulate the pedal until the pin of the drive arm well align with the second pocket. It is also known as pocket B. 

In the end, press the ON outer side of the pedal while holding your newly installed pedal down.

Reinstall the toilet

After installing it, you have to reassemble all the parts. Use the best silicone sealant to attach the closet flange and screw it tight.

Next, uncover the tank opening and set the toilet on the floor in its original position.

Turn ON the water supply connection and ensure the proper flow of it. In the end, do the inspection to test any leakage appear or not.

The most common cause of its damage is the cold environment which causes cracks, so protect it by the shelter. The toilet valve is a metal kind that corrodes avoids it by water accumulation.

Sediment build-up on the foot pedal affects the water valve, so replace it with the new part.

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