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Can You Paint Silverado Headlights?

Can You Paint Silverado Headlights?

Silverado is a powerful truck and many people paint its headlights to give it a new and customized look. 

Can you paint Silverado headlights? You can paint Silverado headlights by removing them from the truck and cleaning their surface. Next, tape off its corners to protect its sides and apply the paint carefully. It improves the overall brightness, durability, and trendy appearance of the vehicle. In addition, it protects the original headlights from road debris, dirt, and stones.

Many people say that they change the color of Silverado by using spray paint to give a classy look. Changing the look of headlights makes a luxurious appearance to the vehicle.

People are always thinking to give their pickup a different and exciting look.

How to paint Silverado headlights?

It is a must to select a suitable color for your truck headlight and then start this process.

After this, you have to gather the required tools to paint the part or take out the headlight. Then turn off your vehicle, and remove the battery to prevent any short circuit.

The first thing you do is take out the headlights from the truck body, unbolt it, and disconnect it.

The next step is to open its seal by heating it through a heat gun or by using an oven, depending on the type of seal.

You can also use a screwdriver or a blade to separate the headcover or soften the glue. I always use the heat gun, leave it for some time, let it melt, and then separate the headcover with the help of a screwdriver.

Next, tape off the side areas you want to keep neutral and start the process. Before starting the paint, clean the surface; then, you have to apply the primer to give it a smooth, even look, and let it stay overnight.

Do not forget to put the gloves on your hands while using spray paint to avoid contact with the skin.

Next, you will use spray paint on the headlight and apply it evenly all over the surface so that no space is left behind.

Keep this part aside, let the paint settle, then use a second layer of spray paint. Let it dry, and settle for a few days or a week till it gives a smooth look.

It is better to reassemble all the parts and join the headcover by using glue or an adhesive at the end of this process.

Then you will fit them on the vehicle’s body by making sure you disconnect the wires of the battery and lights.

Fit it tightly, screw the bolts, and now your newly painted headlights are installed in the pickup.

Why would you paint Silverado headlights?

Many people say that you should paint your headlight to improve the overall performance and appearance of your Silverado.

Some people say that they get bored of their vehicle’s old, dull, and monotonous look, so they paint it and change the appearance.

To improve the visibility

If your headlights become dim, old, hazy, or flickering, instead of buying a new one, you can paint
it. It will improve visibility when driving at night or in bad weather conditions.

In darkened places, the damage to the clear coat of your pickup also reduces the visibility of your vehicle to others.

After painting, you notice the visible difference in your truck while driving on darker roads. These are helpful in the rainy season and you will be able to drive more smoothly.

To give a new look to your truck

Painting the lights give your pickup look cool, refreshing, bright, and updated.

Some people get bored of the same appearance, so they paint them to give a new look. This seems appealing to your eyes and completely changes the look of your pickup.

It improves vehicle safety, extending its durability, and better driving conditions.

To save money

If you think of changing the headlights, you can paint them instead of buying them. The paint costs less than buying new and increases the life of your truck lights.

The painted part saves the original shade of headlight and protects it from dirt. 

To protect it from UV rays

The vehicle’s headlights become damaged or worn out due to UV rays.  Paint will protect your vehicle parts from UV rays.

The rays coming from the sun diminish the shiny, glossy look and make your vehicle rough and dull. The paint acts as a barrier for UV rays and helps to maintain its brightness.

What color paint is suitable for Silverado headlights?

People use different colors depending on their choice, likeness, and color matching with
their vehicle.

They are available in various shades like yellow, green, blue, red, and black. We can make our pickup unique and a touch of class by following these steps.

For example, if you have a black Silverado, you can add any shade on headlights as it matches well with every color.

I have a grey truck, and I used green shade as it is going well with my vehicle. Some people say that they prefer yellow as it helps them drive during rainy or foggy weather.

However, many of my friends use green color, as it looks appealing to everyone.

Using blue color gives them a brighter, elegant, and glowing look.

Black shade gives the pickup a unique, matte, graceful appearance, and it is compatible with
light-colored vehicles. It gives a trendy look to your truck and never goes out of fashion.

You can match the spray paint shade with the color of your pickup to give a uniform touch.

I surveyed 589 people who were using Silverado trucks for almost 10 months. I asked them what color they use to paint headlights on their vehicle and why they are using this specific color.

371 people (62.9%) said that they used yellow as it helps them during bad weather conditions and looks cool on their truck.

They have been using this color for around 9 months and love their vehicle look. I do not like this color for my vehicle as it is common, and I want to add a unique look.

129 people (22.2%) mentioned that they like to add green color on their headlights as it looks attractive to them. I am a fan of green color, and 3 months back, I added the same color that looks amazing.

55 people (9.3%) said that they paint metallic blue color, and it looks appealing. My friend also
uses this blue color for painting the lights, as he likes blue, and it goes perfectly with the truck.

While 34 people (5.7%) showed that they do not have any specific headlight color choices.

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