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Toyota Tundra Power Seats Not Working

Toyota Tundra Power Seats Not Working

The power seats in Toyota Tundra are electrically powered with push buttons and small motors. 

Toyota Tundra Power seats stop working due to a faulty switch, blown-out fuse, and broken seat electric motor. Also, it does not move due to the inadequate performance of push buttons and stretching of electric wires. Furthermore, it happens when something is stuck under the power seats on its recliner and blocks the movement. 

It can happen in any model of this pickup truck, but 2004 to the 2006 year variants have maximum reported seat problems. 

The power seats have no standard lifespan, and the internal machinery fails with excessive use. In addition, one of my friends faced a lodged coin problem under the power seat last year. 

A few problems are negligible, but monthly inspection is necessary.

I have surveyed 400 Toyota Tundra users across the United States of America, and around 80% to 87% of people have faced the power seat problem.

Also, around 45% to 55% of the users were satisfied with the seat performance. But, approximately 15% to 17% of people claimed it was a manufacturing flaw. 

Faulty switch

The switch of a seat facilitates free movement, and the user can adjust the seat according to his preference. 

But, these are small gadgets that are vulnerable to pressure damages. However, the switch has a side shield that prevents it from being damaged. 

But, a few people apply a lot of pressure on the side protection shield that damages the switch and related electric wiring.

It is an indirect pressure from the side shield seat area to the electric switch. 

As a result, it does not perform sufficiently, loses the electric current, and the driver cannot adjust the seat. As a result, the seats stop working and require immediate troubleshooting and repairing. 

The seat cannot move forward or backward after such faults and indicates a problem in the switch. 

Several people prefer the replacement of switches rather than repairing them. 

The type of power seat switch depends on the internal layout, built-in design, and year of the pickup truck model. However, the overall procedure takes less than 5 to 10 minutes.

You can remove the side shield, detach the electric wires and remove the old and damaged switch. Then, add the new gadget, connect it with the battery through electric wiring and check the seat performance.

In those situations, drive the pickup truck to the nearest workshop while you lack the skills. The procedure costs you around $20 to $350 with the labor charges. 

Blown-out fuse

Typically, the power seat comprises the fuses like many other electrical passages. Also, they tolerate the electric surges and facilitate input signal circulations. 

These are usually 30 amp fuses that cannot tolerate the high voltages or continuous electric changes.

Faulty electric ground connections can damage the fuse because they provide a higher load than 30 amperes. 

Access the pickup truck manual, and reach the fuse box near the dashboard. 

Check the fuse panel and remove the blown-out fuse. Replace it with a new and effective fuse and repair the ground connection.

Provide the standard electric current, combine it with the electric wiring and turn on the system. 

Check the movement of these seats according to the fuse. Replacement of the blown switches is advisable because repairing does not provide accurate results. 

Broken electric motor

It’s electric motor is an essential part of a power seat on a Toyota Tundra because it helps in the movements. The electric motor gets the signals and power from the electric circuit.

The battery facilitates the voltages to the motor directly and empowers the seat. The switch also connects in a similar circuit. But, any fault in the electric passage or inadequate voltage supply destroys the seat motor. 

Moreover, excessive usage, moisture penetration, and corrosion result in motor damage. In such conditions, the motor cannot support the lumbar system. Also, you cannot change the seat height. 

Access the power motor under the seat or check the manual for better guidance. Then, identify the problem and replace the damaged components.

In those conditions, while the entire motor breaks, replace it. Then, take the pickup truck to a professional person and spend a few dollars.

Damaged power control buttons

The power controls buttons are signal devices for these seats. They are push buttons that immediately send signals to the electric motor. Moreover, the electric wires are supporting systems. 

They get the power from a battery, and all-electric seats move. You can push these buttons according to your desired seat movements, and the entire process takes a few seconds.

But, excessive use of these pushbuttons can damage them.

Also, moisture gets inside these power control equipment. The gadgets cannot send signals to the motor and recliner. 

The power seats do not move in any direction. It happens without any notification but requires proper troubleshooting.

Take the help of a skilled person to repair the tiny buttons. 

Replacement of these gadgets is an excellent option, but you can also repair the damaged areas.

Allow the mechanic to remove the old gadget and alter it with new equipment. Then, connect it with the switch directly and provide instruction signals. 

Electric cables stretching

The seats get electric signals through the electric wires that directly connect with the pickup truck battery. 

However, the frequent and non-skilled use of these seats results in the damage of electric wires.

A few of them lose their insulations and lack standard performance. Moreover, during movement, the stretching of electric wires breaks them from an edge or middle section.

The signal passage ripping leads to the failure of this equipment. 

The wiring harness supports the entire system, but damages result in several technical faults.

All problems require immediate solutions, and you must drive the truck to a skilled person. First, take the help of an expert, identify the electric wiring issue. 

Pull the seat up, access the wiring, troubleshoot the fault, and repair them. Replacement of electric wires is a complex activity, and a professional mechanic can perform it in a few hours.

The repairing and rejoining of electric wires is advisable until you face significant damage.

Things stuck under the seat

The power seats require a clean environment for standard performance, movement, and precision. They have enough open spots and spaces through which different objects penetrate inwards.

In a few circumstances, a kid toy rolls under the seat. As a result, it restricts the movement of the recliner under the seat and affects the performance of the electric system.

It suppresses the electric wires and modifies the switch activities. As a result, the seat cannot move in any direction. 

People have water bottles under their seats. In such situations, water and moisture penetrate inside the machinery. Therefore, it does not allow the free movement of reclining objects.

Also, corrosion layers form over the electric motor and connectors. All of it leads to the non-working power seats.

The stuck object may produce a ticking sound with the toy. The corroded recliners generate cracking sounds of friction.e

In such situations, get under the seat and approach the object. Remove the toy or any other stuck item.

In addition, clean the rust with a vinegar solution or use commercial cleaners. You can perform these activities without professional help but follow the precise cleaning patterns.

Dry the electric wires, motors, switches, and fuses after cleaning. Prevent moisture and dirt accumulation. 

Keep the objects away from this electrically empowered system as a preventive measure. 

Follow the failing sounds in the initial stages and restore the activity before irreversible damages. Negligence leads to high repairing costs, and you can end up losing your power seat.

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