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Chevy Silverado Android Auto Not Working

Chevy Silverado Android Auto Not Working

Chevy Silverado has unique features like Bluetooth audio streaming, voice command pass-through to phone, Android Auto, and Wi-Fi hotspot capability.

Chevy Silverado Android Auto stops working due to the absence of the Android Auto App, software glitch, and troublesome infotainment system. Also, it does not work due to Wi-Fi problems, defective Bluetooth connectivity, faulty USB cable, non-supportive USB port, and older model of your vehicle.

Android Auto is an app used to coordinate your vehicle with your android device, and you can use a navigation app, WhatsApp, and messaging apps.

In addition, you can have weather updates, remainders, sound control, and an address book at your hand while going on the roads.

It allows you to enjoy the compatible apps only by using Google assistant and wireless android auto is also in use in the latest models of big pickup. 

Absence of Android Auto App

This app provides a connection between your smartphone and the vehicle in which you are traveling.

Download the latest version and enable it in the infotainment system settings, and start to enjoy this feature on your vehicle.

The old version of the app

Some people were facing the problem that their head unit was not working, and by consulting, they came to know that the old version of the app was the reason.

If you have an old versioned android auto app, then it will not work properly.

There is a need to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow or an upgraded version on your smartphone to run this device.

Install the app by downloading from Google and activate it in your vehicle’s infotainment system that has the settings to use this properly.

Update it regularly to have a better performing part in your modern truck with a large size.

Software glitch

The errors in the software result in crashes and freezes in the dashboard of the infotainment system.

Freezing of the screen of the infotainment system occurs due to the non-updated or old versioned software.

Android auto with an original USB port and better Bluetooth connectivity also faces the problem of working. So there must be a problem with the software, either it is not updated or some issues with the software itself.

It functions as a stand-alone app which can be a reason for the problem in working of the device.

If you are okay with your app, you should not update your device for the new versioned software until Google removes the errors because sometimes updating your device can also harm this system.

Problems in Wi-Fi

Wireless Android Auto is in use in the latest models of the truck and the latest and updated devices.

The 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are the main requirements for its functioning. Enabling the Wi-Fi and connecting the Bluetooth of your device to your vehicle will help you to enjoy the youtube videos on the screen of the dashboard.

WI-Fi connection with less than 5 GHz range will not work best with your android auto.

Make your that you should have 5 GHz Wi-Fi for connecting it to your truck by which you can navigate.

Defective Bluetooth connectivity

The wireless system needs appropriate Bluetooth connectivity for its operation in your Chevy Silverado truck.

Enable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect it with your pickup to take urgent calls when you are on a long journey and cannot use your phone.

Merging your smartphone with your truck requires a Bluetooth pairing between your phone and the truck’s infotainment screen.

A problem in Bluetooth pairing between your smartphone and your vehicle’s dashboard screen results in the non-functioning of the Android auto system.

It is better to access the settings in Bluetooth and manage an accurate pairing between your device and truck.

A defective infotainment system can also cause the problem because all the settings are present on its screen. Make sure that it should remain functional because Bluetooth settings are available in it.

The old model of vehicle

This app has the latest features and is present in the new and upgraded models of the pickups.

A few of the vehicles have this feature fixed in their infotainment screen. However, not even all Silverado’s trucks have this feature, and only the latest models have compatible apps of Bluetooth connectivity.

Damaged USB

Non- working of android auto is also related to a problem in the USB port and the USB cable used to provide a transmission channel between phone and pickup. Data cable creates a link between your smartphone and the Chevy Silverado.

If this cable is worn out or defective, and the pins in the USB port are full of corrosion that can lead to a bad connection, then the system will not work.

Loose wirings and a cramped connector on the bottom make the USB port, the data cable, and the auto system non-functional.

You should make sure that the cable should be original and free from any damage and the pins are not covered with rust.

In addition, you should take care that the wirings to the port and the connectors on the button are tight and in their original place.

Replace the damaged and off-branded cables, wirings connectors, and pins with the new and good quality cables, wirings, connectors, and pins, respectively.

Non-supportive USB port

If your USB port is not working, it can be a problem that you are not choosing a precise port to connect with your dashboard.

This happened to me last year when I purchased this truck and Android Auto stopped working.

Frequent plugging in will destroy your port and can cause damage to the infotainment system because this port is not for your vehicle.

Make sure that you should use a supportive port that exactly matches your vehicle dashboard settings, and remember that different models take different ports.

Troublesome infotainment system

Problems in the infotainment system are the most often the reason for the non-working of the app in the new models’ trucks of Silverado.

The navigation system fails to give correct destinations, and the sound command system becomes faulty due to the problems in the infotainment system.

Common problems are slow responding touch-screens, blank and broken screens, issues in sound commanding operator, a refusal to proceed in the desired course of action in winter.

Complex and difficult-to-use systems can be the reason for non-working because it takes a lot of skills and time to understand it and to be a master of it.

Replace the old and off-branded infotainment system with a new one, and it should be easy to use and understand its technology.

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